Nov 24, 2009

Unleashing The Make Up Secret: Celebrities & Their Make Up Buddies

Ever wondered what works for a celebrity when they finalize on their make up partners. Who are the people who make them look the way they do off screen. Starlets get glamorous with a little help from their talented best buds;make up artists who are their best buddies too. Here is quick snapshot of four such duos :

Rebecca Romijn/Monika Blunder

Dominique Swain/Alexis Swain

LeAnn Rimes/Troy Surratt

Kim Kardashian /Troy Jensen

Find out their friendship and style secrets in an exclusive report - Couples Therapy: Celebrities and Their Makeup Artist Friends - by Maggie Bullock, Elle.

Nov 18, 2009

Quick Fashion Dressing For Thanksgiving: Last Minute Picks

Thanksgiving is round the corner. Amidst all Thanksgiving preparations and decorations we hardly get time to think about dressing. So if you haven't thought about your special Thanksgiving dress as yet, here are some quick tips for quick Thanksgiving fashion dressing. The key for Thanksgiving is dressing in comfortable formals. No denim jackets, Bermudas or sexy skirts. Go for formal dresses like gowns, skirts, flare slacks or trousers. Blazers and formal jackets are also a good choice. Read more for tips on last minute picks for Thanksgiving fashion dressing.

Nov 15, 2009

Get Back The Luster In Your Antique Jewelry: 10 Cleaning Tips

So hope you are well read with all essentials for taking care of your antique jewelry. Well in case your vintage jewelry get dirty here are the cleaning tips for your cherished collections.
Am sure all you women there believe that the magic of your antique ensemble is not worth a risk. Gold, silver, diamonds, gems, beads - whatever it is. Pamper each stone the way it deserves to be. Make sure you give each stone the right treatment with our read stone/metal specific cleaning tips. Get your jewelry glistening with these top 10 cleaning tips. Read the complete article here.

Nov 6, 2009

Keep Your Antique Jewelry Looking Beautiful With 10 Easy Steps

Fine pieces of jewelry, gifted to you by your mother, grandmother on special occasions have a unparalleled charm and magic. Undoubtedly the magnificent vintage jewelry assemble is for the keeps. But is keeping it locked in the deepest closet lockers the best way to preserve it? Do you also belong to the lot that's got Antique jewelry in the closet for years? Are you clueless about how to take care of your antique jewelry ? If yes, this article is for you. Tips and suggestions in this article will help you take care of precious antique stones, the right way.

After you've flaunted them in your cousin's wedding, don't more >>>