Jan 19, 2010

Top Five Jewelry Trends 2010 – Bring Back the Dazzle!

Okay, now that the dreaded “R” word (recession that is!) is nowhere in sight, why not go ahead and bring the bling back to your life. It's 2010 – the declared hottest jewelery year yet, and a recent market report says that the U.S. jewelry sales has already gone up by +1 percent! n the International Jewelry London (IJL) trade show that ended in September 2009, Jaana Jatyri, founder and CEO of Trendstop.com, said that Boadicea, the fabled warrior queen of Roman Britain, was the symbol of a new jewelry trend emerging this year. So take her words, and try experimenting with some bold stuffs like “a metal chain with a wooden pendant from India”, or Buddhist beads or......Read on for top jewelry trends of 2010.

Jan 13, 2010

Fashion Apparels & Jewelry: Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Valentine's day is approaching and the buzz is all around. When it comes to choosing a Valentine's day gift, gifting a woman is easier between the two sexes. There is a huge range of gifts for women to choose from. Jewelry is something you can never go wrong with - a simple heart shaped gold pendant, a trendy anklet, bracelet- anything. A nice party dress of your choice would be an adorable gift too. Women find personal gifts very romantic. If she is your wife, or it's an intimate relationship, do not miss the chance of buying her some nice lingerie...

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Jan 11, 2010

Grooming & Fashion Accesories: Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

Image source: thefashionables.com

It's time for the Cupid to be in limelight again ! For all those women who are having a tough time thinking what to gift their boyfriend, husband, fiance, this Valentine's day, hot grooming and fashion are an easy and good choice. Consider a wrist watch, a fine quality, earthy colored,  Gucci leather wallet, deodrants, body sprays, sexy jackets, chains, shoes, etc. If your guy has a fetish for any of these, gift him the best. He would love it. Be thoughtful enough to see what you man needs and likes.

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Jan 8, 2010

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Trends: The Little Black Leather Dress

This is from the Fashion Time editorial. The little black dress has been the highest voted essential in a woman's wardrobe. So what's the underlying trend style for the black dress for the coming year? Well, the whole Fall/Winter 2009-2010 season is operating under the ‘hello, toughie!’ motto, and the leather dress trend is no exception. Angelina Jolie sported it, Kate Hudson wore a Michael Kors number, and Anne Hathaway went edgy in a little black leather strapless dress. Go cool and dramatic by pairing the dress with statement shoes and an over sized blazer.

Story Source : thefashiontime.com
Image source: Style.com

Jan 6, 2010

Poonam Bhagwat's Spring Summer 2010

'A kaleidoscopic palette of abstract designs... on western silhouettes.'
Poonam Bhagwat in her Spring Summer 2010, designed for a woman who's reached the stage in life where she wants to be elegant for real, rather than playing at it, the inspiration evolved into a line of cocoon, tulip and sheath dresses, paper bag pants, jumpsuits and tunics. It was a softening up from past seasons and technically accomplished in its curvilinear lines, traced with embroideries and appliques, even as primary colors took on a vivid slant against the egg white backdrop. "It was", she said, "about trying to find a new creativity."

Story Source: http://www.vogue.in/