May 8, 2012

Denim Jeans : Stretching That Little Bit Further

Denim has a long and fascinating history. Named after the French town Nîmes – de
Nîmes, literally meaning ‘from Nîmes’, was soon shortened to denim – it went on to
play a big part in the history of the USA. From the 18th century onwards, cowboys
and pioneers favoured denim for its tough and durable qualities. Then, in the mid
20th century, denim exploded out of its role as tough, working man’s clothing to
become the world’s number one fashion accessory. Today, jeans are worn in every
country in the world, in countless styles, colours and sizes.

The best fit ever
One particular event in the history of denim stands out more than any other: the
invention of stretch denim. We’re sure that all the ladies reading this will agree that
stretch denim is surely one of the greatest inventions of all time. Never mind the
wheel – the ability to be able to get into a pair of jeans and know they’re going to fit
perfectly is surely mankind’s greatest achievement. We’re all very happy that Neil
Armstrong made it to the moon, but that big white space suit was nothing compared
to how flattering a pair of stretch jeans could have been. If only he’d known!
If you’ve never tried stretch denim before, then you really should give it a go. Geta pair of Firetrap Skylar stretch jeans, available in four denim washes, and see for
yourself how good it can be.
Are those handmade?
That’s not to say that regular denim isn’t great. But it can lose its shape after a
few wears. And once your jeans have been washed, they can be almost impossible
to get back on. None of this is an issue when your jeans simply stretch to fit your
shape. Whatever style or cut you prefer, stretch denim can look great. From flares to
skinny jeans, the stretch around the thigh and knee makes it look like the jeans were
tailored perfectly for your body. It also means that if you’re sitting down you have
greater freedom of movement, which is something that tougher, regular denim can
So, here’s to denim and its incredible history. But let’s never forget how a little bit of
a stretch has made it even better.

May 4, 2012

Trend Alert : Pant Suits, For Both Summer & Winter 2012

They are smart, simple, adjustable, comfy and go anywhere. They go well to parties, dinner or dancing as well as work, meetings or lunch. They don’t define the wearer, but the style can help define the event they are worn to.
 Femininity shines through the fine lines and simple tailoring. To create the main image of a strong women a solidly cut suit is needed. It should be moderately strong, but at the same time beautiful and stylish for work related events in pastel colors.

The secret to keep it dainty and hot is indeed to pair it with high heels that would lengthen your figure adding a lean and balanced flair to your silhouette. Small clutches, being a logical final to complete the overall look.

Already there has been an influx of brights and pastels on the pants suit this season, but as the weather hots up its time to brace ourselves for the awesomeness of the printed pantsuit. Floral prints, sequins and paisley are all part of this new flattering suit craze. Not only do we have to negotiate the right print for our pants, there’s now the added trauma of pairing it with a matching jacket.

Think big and bold prints in tropical hues with tailored jackets that make the look head-to-toe botanical gardens. For fall, keep a look out for more geometric and arty graphics in jewel tones with less structure in the jacket.

Comfortable puckered fabric is a technical rayon/polyester/spandex blend that will not wrinkle, packs to almost nothing, and is great for travel. This lightweight cloth lets air pass through for coolness and comfort. Jacket features a front zipper, stand collar, stretch cuffs, two zippered front welt pockets, and elastic draw cords with toggles to adjust the hemline.

Collections presented by Elie Saab, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo as well as Paul&Joe are considered some of the top notch sources of inspiration when it comes of adopting the minimalist pant suit trend. For spring look for florals from the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Peter Som and Mary Katrantzou.