Feb 21, 2010

High Dress Splits - Versace Collection For Summer 2010

The summer look is all sexed up with the fashion trend of thigh high dress splits. Pull them out on occasions where you really want to turn heads. Show off your tanned, toned, bare legs and create a perfect look in summers. Movement and flow are a big part of the charm of these dresses. So go for lighter or breezy fabrics in color tones of turquoise, gold, silver, white or sea green. Wearing high heels are a must. Get inspired from the Versace Collection for 2010 !!


Feb 15, 2010

Jumpsuit & Playsuit For Coming Summers

Jumpsuits and playsuits in all colors from lighter tones to bright and colorful ones, will be the new hot trend in summers. Do you have one ? If not then get one of the styles for sure.
Overalls: while we saw denim overalls on the Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2010 catwalk, this was really an exception. We don't expect denim overalls to take off as part of this trend in 2010.

Evening: a new take on relaxed glamor, no-one has nailed this quite like Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. Single-shouldered and sequin covered jumpsuits were a striking alternative to the traditional evening dress.

Tailored: smart and sophisticated, a tailored playsuit can be office-ready as well as dressed up for day or night. Look for crisper fabrics, cuffed shorts, and cinched in waists - a la Karl Lagerfeld.

Loose and flowing: the perfect take for Spring/Summer, this look has a dash of hippy - working best when combined with soft floral prints. Fabrics should be free-flowing, legs wide and long. The likes of Roberto Cavalli and Etro produced the perfect examples.

Sporty: Julien MacDonald, Lacoste and Walter all took sportier options, in line with Spring 2010's sports trend; from hoods and zips to simple cotton jersey fabrics.

Basic: while some designers have gone for prints and intricate detailing, the likes of Stella McCartney and Givenchy presented the ideal basic options. A more versatile wardrobe staple, go for black, white or nude colours and simple straight cuts.

Feb 11, 2010

Express Your Love In The Most Exquisite Way With Platinum Rings

"It was a platinum fob chain simple and chaste in design, properly proclaiming its value by substance alone and not by meretricious ornamentation -- as all good things should do” ~ Immortalized by O. Henry in his timeless love story “The Gift of the Magi,” platinum still stands as the priceless token of love when it comes to expressing your love to someone.

There are several popular gift items like flowers, books greeting cards, chocolates and dresses, with which to woo your special someone, but nothing matches the charm of platinum – or for that matter, a gorgeous platinum ring. Unmatched in brilliance and purity, a platinum ring is truly exquisite in every sense of words. Read the complete article.

Feb 3, 2010

2010 Spring/Summer Trends - Boy Shorts/Hot Pants

With winter finally over, the time to hit the gym has come. It's this Spring or in few more months the Summer. Hemlines have crept up to shorter than short; in fact reaching the negative. Hot pants, boy shorts, and tap pants are all variations on this shorter-than-short style, which in many cases reveal more than just one's legs.

Once upon a time hot pants were considered more suited to a gymnasium than the streets. But then, in late 2007, the leotard came back into fashion. While it didn't peak on the streets until 2009, and was often worn under skirts, shorts or long furs, in the case of Kate Moss, its prevalence guaranteed that hot pants would indeed be worn by forward thinking fashioners.

And so there it was on the Spring 2010 catwalks. And again in the front row. Always on the confident personality. Always on a great figure. Those two latter parts are key to this fashion trend. It is not for the faint of heart, nor those who aren't confident about their figure.