Feb 26, 2009

Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends 2009 : The Extreme Of Being Unconventional

If breaking traditions and wearing everything that is unconventional is your passion, then you are completely free this spring 2009 to do so.

The jewelry collection on the shelves this spring are not the conventional ones. They are more colorful and are made of unconventional materials and beads you might have only heard of.

They are here to give you more exotic, trendy and natural feel and look. They are available at cheaper rates too.

Undoubtedly, they may prove a practical option of fashion jewelry during these dark days of economic recession when everybody is shy of buying something costly.

Trendy Textures : The way we perceived jewelry so far has got a completely different dimension. They are not holding that classic and elegant touch once they were famous for.

Now they are more unconventional and extremely trendy. Had you ever thought of a necklace with its beads covered with various trendy fabrics?Definitely, now a days, the jewelry are being defined according to their unconventional textures.

Try some jewelry inspired by Asian Traditions. Ceramic jewels made with floral prints will be perfect match to your floral womens clothing.

If you can't resist to wear jewelry made of gold and silver, then you have got many options to be trendy. As it is prevalent in many Asian countries, you can choose some metal jewelry with various floral and architectural patterns and designs etched upon them.

The most admired are bead jewels covered with fabrics of different patterns and textures. The printed and floral fabric gives your jewelry a rugged but colorful look.

This can be flattering. Such trend will make a rage this spring 2009. Fashion jewelry made of glass beads are striking, glossy, smooth and come comparatively cheaper.

Unconventional Combinations : The spring jewelry trends 2009 is completely unique in the type of materials it uses for jewelry too. A beaded jewelry made of etched wooden beads or seed beads will make you a treat to watch.

To wear a completely weird look, try necklaces and bracelets made of seed beads and colorful seashells. Jewelry designers are also using seashells with artificial prints and patterns upon them.

Amazingly, designers are using even bamboo wood to make a range of fashion jewelry. Nothing could be natural than wearing a pendant made of bamboo with earrings and bangles or cuffs made of coral and jade. Of course, this natural theme will have no parallel.

Big And Colorful : Choosing everything big in size was a particular trend few years ago. Now this trend has made a comeback. If you are no more infatuated with small things, then show your bigger and mighty heart.

Try earrings, necklaces and bracelets which look big and colorful. They come in various sizes and shapes. However, you are just supposed to follow a particular theme while wearing them.

Try circular metal earrings with a necklace which comes in half-moon shape. However, you can experiment too. Use a triangular earring and a round bangle along with half-round necklace. Thus watch out some exclusive collections of such big and bold jewelry available in various geometrical shapes.

Colorful Big Stones : Jewelry, especially made with a single piece of big stones are getting popular day by day. Try out a gold bangle or a metal bracelet with a big red or black stone placed in the middle.

Also, you can wear a beaded necklace with a single white stone hanging above your breast. The same trend is applicable to earrings also.

Feb 23, 2009

Cancerous Protein May Be An Answer To Your Facial Wrinkles And Botox

When Eva Turley, an oncology professor, and Mina Bissel, a cell biologist at Berkeley Lab, joined hands together, there was really something big in their mind.

Their research has brought in one of the most amazing natural fashion products till now, as far as the face care products are concerned.

Researching at the Berkeley Lab, they came out with a startling revelation that a protein so far notorious for spreading a variety of cancers may put the aging of a woman's facial skin on hold.

Mina Bissel announced this innovation saying, “This technique could be developed as a means of providing a non-surgical approach for normalizing skin appearance after reconstructive surgery, for wrinkle reduction, and for face lifts and figure enhancement.”

Thus, this deadly protein widely known as RHAMM, if concentrated in a controlled manner by an expert, can remove or reduce the facial wrinkles putting all the signs of your aging to an end. Thus there would be no more those painful session of injections and facial surgery.

It should be noted that it is the same protein which causes a variety of cancers damaging colon, stomach, breast etc if its concentration crosses a safe limit. So far the manfully controlled concentration of this protein on some mice by Bissel and Turley has given satisfactory result. This body care product is yet to be tested on a human being.

According to the researchers, the proper regulation of fat cells or adipocytes as they are called, which decreasing quantum brings unwanted lines and wrinkles on a woman's face, by controlling the concentration of RHAMM can sustain the beauty of a woman for a longer period.

If this latest innovation turns out to be a real one and helpful enough, a woman would be free from the fear of not only getting older, she would not have to face to the dire consequences of Botox either. It should be noted that Botox and other age related surgeries contort or diminish facial expressions paralyzing the facial muscles more often.

Feb 20, 2009

Mens Body Care Tips : So She Goes Mad After You

Nothing could be more frustrating for a man than having her women beside him with no attention, at all, for him. However, it is not hard to find out what the real problem is. How could a lady take the pain of getting along with a man who even doesn't know how to take proper care of his body?

Definitely, you haven't left her with a choice other than to watch her favorite TV soaps. Of course, the poor dialogs and gaffes in those soaps are comparatively bearable than your smelling and unshaven armpits. Now you need to do something very seriously to make her switch it off.

So stop wondering what women wants. The answer is that she needs a well groomed and properly maintained male body which can spark a thrilling sensation, instead of making her feel dizzy. Thus have a look below how you can do this, and also see what are the mens body care products over there which may help to do so.

Nail Your Fingernails : For a man the best way to get rid of his nails is to chew them off, probably. Of course, they get a set of dry, dull and broken fingernails in return. Remember, the condition of your nails speak a lot about your health and habits. Cut them carefully using a nail cutter, first. Then, use some specific made-for-men nail care products so your nails can look better and healthy.

Armpits Harm : Nothing smells worse than your armpits. Their intense smell is more than enough to make anyone go unconscious. Never think that applying a body care product is enough to kill the smell, because the dirt and sweating over there keep making your armpits greasy. Thus using a perfume can be a makeshift arrangement to ward the smell off. So just wipe your armpit hair out, using a razor, as you do with your beards every now and then.

Shave it Off : No woman likes a man who is wearing a dull and pale look on his face. Just think how does it look when you return completely tired and exhausted from a tiresome office day. And your grown facial hair add more to it. It is more than enough to turn her off. Thus why don't you take a good razor , some good shaving products and shave your beards off? Come out clean, literally.

Kill The Smell : Of course, there is no smelling armpit over there anymore, neither there is the half-grown facial hair. So why do you still remain unnoticed? Definitely, no one can smell his body. It is not a mystery as everyone gets used to his smelling body. But she can sniff everything. Thus first take a proper bath with some special bath soaps, use a body lotion and a deodorant with a cool smell.

Moisturize It : Bath soaps can only be a solution to get a bad smell free body. But a dry skin is always avoided by a woman. Thus if you happen to have a rugged skin, it is better you opt for a body wash. This body care product not only gives you a body free from shrunken and twisted skin, it also tones and moisturize your skin completely to ensure a delicate skin. A good body wash prevents your body from excessive sweating too. Thus no fear of germs and bacteria. Thus no smell as well.

Hair You Go: If your eyes are gateway to your personality, then, undoubtedly, your hair is the dome made at the entrance. So make it as beautiful as possible. Regular and gentle combing helps a lot. Use some reliable organic hair care body products such as after shower gels to give your hair a desired style. For a long lasting hairstyle, you can use a good hair styles too.

Feb 18, 2009

Spring Cosmetics 2009 : Get Glowing Is The Mantra

Give your exaggerated talks, about what you should wear this spring, a halt. Of course, this lingering dress discussion must be put on hold for some moments. Rather, you are required to see what you are missing this spring.

Won't you look out for some special cosmetics, meant especially for the spring season? Undoubtedly, choosing some best and the trendiest cosmetics can be the most befitting compliment to your stylish wardrobe.

This spring the makeup experts have been constantly suggesting to use cosmetics which add some glow to your facial skin instead of those fashion products which give you a pessimistic and sad look. So check out in the following lines what could be the best cosmetics for you this spring. I mean a glowing spring.

Shimmering Foundations : Applying bright and shining foundations, before you actually start doing your face job, is the latest rage this spring. They make a perfect resonance with the sunny days of spring and keep your face glowing even if the dark clouds concentrate overhead. Thus go for these glowing foundations and refrain from using the deep color foundations. They make the face look pale and dark.

Shimmering Pearl Eye Shadows : Your eyes are the gateway to your personality so make them look as bright and shimmering as possible. Buy some glittering pearl eye shadows which will give your eyes a glow never seen before. Definitely, shadow has ceased to be dark and dull, if you take it literally.

Metallic Lip Glosses : Of course, you can't deprive your lips of this “go glowing” movement. They need to be made equally bright and glowing. Apply metallic lip glosses , especially with golden or bronze hues, to give your lips an exciting and sensuous touch. Definitely, your lips will get a Midas touch. Thus whatever they touch would turn into gold.

Pearly Lip Glosses : These can be an alternative to your metallic lip glosses. However, such lip glosses will be equally exciting and catchy to your lips. Thus apply these very special lip glosses loaded with the essence of pearl. The glow of your lips will earn you a thousand admirers.

Innovative Mascaras : While applying mascara during spring, you are always worried about its being washed away if it rains. Shun this fear. There are convertible mascaras everywhere in the beauty stores. Not only are they capable of giving you dense and elongated eyelashes but also they can prevent all sorts of liquids from playing the spoilsport. Definitely, we had been waiting for such water-proof mascaras for long.

Cream Eyeshadow : This cream eyeshadow is another must-have for you this spring. It comes in various striking and bright colors. When you plan for an open air day-party then apply just a pinch of this cream using your finger tips. It is available in the various versions of glowing colors such as pink, rose and other metallic colors. However, the cream eyeshadow, if left for long time on the eyelids, develops creases. So it is better to wash them off within four to five hours.

Feb 17, 2009

Innovative Skin Care Beauty Tools : Technology Wired Up To Give Glowing Skin

To look after her skin, for a woman, and its proper maintenance has never been so easy, thanks to these highly innovative skin care beauty tools.

The way scientific and technological advancements have been influencing all the departments of our lives, their arrival to the field of beauty and fashion was only a matter of time.

Now the time has come to forget botox and other medical therapies to beat numerous ailments caused by our aging skin .

Now the beauty experts, instead of embracing medical assistance, are being seen to recommend some ultra-innovative skin care beauty tools which are ready to give those expensive surgeries a run for their money.

Facial Toning System :

If your aging facial skin is gearing up to steal away your youthful charm, then here comes this facial toning system. Only some fair movements made by this skin care beauty tool on your face will bury all the wrinkles and the deepening lines all around your cheeks and below the eyes, thanks to its micro currents impulses.

So shun being fearful about ending up with spoiled skin. No need to feel nostalgic about your glowing skin because this system is here to bring back your glorious days. It is the best and cheapest option to botox. NuFace Facial Toning System can be recommended buy. This facial equipment is easily available.

Anti-Aging Starter Kits :

Your fight against your aging skin will come to an end by the use of this innovative and scientific skin care beauty tool. This anti-aging starter kit release some rays which are directed to the wrinkles and other age related skin abnormalities.

These light rays are a healthy medium to overhaul the skin completely and give you a look your neighbors will strive to have. Only after few rounds of its usage, you will come to see a noticeable difference and your skin will glow like never before. Tanda Anti-aging starter kit is a famous name giving you this help.

Skin Care Brush And Cleanser Kits :

Once you start using this innovative beauty tool meant for your skin care and cleansing, you will notice that you have forgotten the way to the spas where they charge you a hefty amount to clean up your blocked skin pores.

The gentle and smooth touch of these sonic electronic brushes are more effective than all the tantrums used in a spa. They make your skin more healthy and glowing as the brushes remove all the dirt without any apparent damage to your skin.

Now you can use all types of skin creams and moisturizers without any fear of getting your skin sticky. The effective cleaning of the pores allow such things creep into the skin easily. One of the best is Clarisonic Skin Care and Cleanser Kit.

Feb 16, 2009

Spring Wedding Bridal Dresses He May Like Her To Be In

Ask a woman which day of her life she recounts as the best one. She will exuberantly claim the day of her marriage as the best day of her life. Definitely, the same response, I am damn sure, will come out of your lips after this spring. Yes, I have heard you are all geared up to marry this spring.

Probably, the same words you would like to hear from your man too. Thus listen, oh! The lady of someone's dream do something extraordinary that may help you hear what you want to. Wear something fabulous to give him a timeless memorable moment he would love to cherish.

Wear the latest and the most sensational spring bridal wedding dresses, or wedding wear designed by some of the most innovative designers, and make him feel the luckiest on the earth. Here are the tips what to choose according to his choice. Link

Does He Love Flowers? If yes, then could there be anything better than wearing a floral wedding gown? Look like a real butterfly on your wedding day with a number of colorful printed flowers wrapped around your body.

Just think having a set of printed roses or lotuses all around the chest area, sleeves and the lower half. They are only here to double up your freshness.

However, having big floral prints around the neckline and waistline will mar the effect. Leave them plain or see if something comes with buds and leaves print. See your man can't wait to hug you. Poor bumblebee!

He Might Not Be An Exception : Men love to admire a lady flaunting her toned calves. The reason is never derogatory. It is widely believed, the more beautiful her legs are, the more healthier she is.

So you can't blame him to seek a physically fit soul mate. Thus put on a tea-length bridal wear. It is a rage this spring.

Be careful! It should come with open neckline. Definitely, an open collarbone makes a perfect combination with bare legs. Get your waistline embroidered. This flattering and sensuous dress will make him flirting with you there only. Don't blame his patience.

Only If He Likes Unique Things : Heard about embroidery? Heard about floral prints? Now see this. This is the most unique thing ever seen in the realm of bridal wedding dresses.

So if your man belongs to the group of curious crows and keeps digging until he finds the strangest piece of bone, then go for this.

A wedding dress full of embroidered floral prints. Nothing could beat a rose made of golden wires on a bridal wedding gown with precious stones in the middle.

Leaves and branches made of silver wires add enough charm to this bride's look. Once you don this bridal gown, you will look nothing but a queen of the Victorian era. Your king is now ready to bow his head. Kingly servant! Don't mind boys.

Feb 12, 2009

Mens Spring Fashion Trends 2009 : Be Casual At Your Best

The excitement of spring has set in and the fashionable men all around are busy in buying the best spring apparel available on the shelves. Are you one of them? If you are not then you are cutting a sorry figure.

It is better to stop looking for the same conventional pants and shirts you have been wearing for last many years. Rather you are required to look bold and glamorous in these trendy spring fashion mens clothing.

So come and enjoy the charm of spring completely. Follow the latest spring 2009 fashion trends. They will make you look playful, vibrant and uber-cool. Check out some must-have spring mens clothing, exclusively for you.

Sport Coats : A sport coat is meant to give you maximum relaxation on post-rain days during spring. When no dress seems to give you the much needed comfort from the continuous sweating, there comes a sporting coat to your relief.

The use of fabrics, meant for shirts only, make such coats extremely light-weight. They look stylish and come in various patterns. So buy a sport coat with stripes or checks. And wear them with neutral color shirts. The best thing could be to wear a sport coat with checks in blue and white with a maroon shirt.

Nylon Windbreakers : If you can't resist the chill in air while riding a bike on the expressway when it just rained on a spring night, then a glossy windbreaker made of nylon could be your best companion.

They are lightweight mens clothing. Choosing a nylon windbreaker with hood could be better as it might work as a makeshift rain coat too. Who is you another companion on the bike?

Patterned Beach Sweaters : Nothing is more enchanting than walking or jogging on sand beaches during spring mornings. So you need to be in a right fashion apparel which can look sporty as well as stylish.

Try these latest beach sweaters. They are especially designed to give you the perfect setting for a better warm-up session. Buy a striped cotton beach sweater with short sleeves and hood. Run! Oh, man run!

Cuffed Shorts : Yes! You are right these are cuffed shorts, indeed. The best casual apparel to hang out in on spring afternoons along with friends. Even it could be befitting to relax under a tree shade in the park with your hubby in this cuffed shorts.

A must wear for men with athletic thighs. However, the cuffs at the lower ends can be flattering for heavy thighs too. Just wear with a floral shirt.

Cropped Cotton Cargo : Gone are the days of plain looking fashion products and here comes the era of cropped cargo made of cotton. They are colorful. They are comfortable and lightweight. So try anything, whether it comes in classic black or latest dark citron or in ever green cement color.

Nothing could match your fashion sense this spring when you come wearing this cropped cargo along with a sports coat and an Mp3 in you ears.

Wrinkled Linen Suits : Opting for a wrinkled linen suit will leave others wondering what sort of dress you are in. Imagine wearing a linen suit with its coat lightly wrinkled. Of course, the pant is not so. This contrasting pattern makes it a more noticeable spring fashion suit. Undoubtedly, they are going to be a ruling semi-casual dress this spring.

Feb 10, 2009

Chubby Women Spring Fashion : Three Most Flattering Dresses

Here comes spring 2009 and there you see your mind filled with a fear of being laughed at. Thanks to your extra flab which don't allow you to wear dresses according to your will.

Thus your intense desire to wear the most fashionable dresses vaporizes , all because of your flab. Oh! These bulges on the waistlines! They suck!

Now forget these problems. Because here are the most flattering dresses exclusively meant for a chubby woman this spring 2009.

Read out the following lines to know what are those top three dresses along with tips and tricks to attach them with equally flattering jewelry and footwear. Thus hide your chubbiness this spring in an artistic fashion.

Colorful Belted Trench Dress : No womens clothing is more flattering, for a chubby woman, than wearing a trench coat. But there are days when it hardly rains in spring too. So what to wear during those dry days?

Designers have brought a unique blend of trench coats and dresses. So, this spring, buy a belted trench dress to give your spring season a perfect and fashionable start. The inbuilt belts are an added advantage which cover your bulging waist nicely. The wide collars are flattering too as they cover your chest area much genuinely.

You will love to wear these cotton-made trench dresses which come in many colors, mainly suitable for spring only. A belted trench dress will prove an exciting office or party wear this spring.

Buy something which comes in striking pink,dark citron, super lemon or vibrant green. Wear them with ballet flats or heels and sunglasses. Try matching metallic bangles and designer earrings.

Striped Wrap Dress : When you wrap this wrap dress around your body, there is no trace of your chubbiness anywhere. It covers you magnificently from top to bottom.

Gone are the days of mono-colored wrap dress. Now try these extremely fabulous striped wrap dresses this spring 2009. You can buy one with black and white stripes to give you a more classic look, or in order to look more trendy, you can choose stripes of green and pink or yellow and blue or whatever combination you find more suitable.

You can choose a wrap dress with full sleeves, if your arms happen to carry extra flab. Give your hair a fringe cut and wear big circular metallic earrings. It flatters your chubby face.

As a wrap dress leaves your calves open, try to wear a pair of red knee high boots. They flatter your legs. If your legs don't carry extra flab, try glossy slingbacks. Wear a designer wrist watch and use a golden shoulder bag.

Satin Button Down Tunic : Whenever you plan to have a party during the spring phase, a button down tunic, which more or less looks like a dress shirt, made of red satin can get no competitor.

Choose a knee-length button down tunic with big buttons and full sleeves. Adding some big buttons would be extremely flattering.

Nothing could be greater than having this satin tunic with its cuffs and collars white in color. Try a cotton scarf and let your hair hang loose behind the shoulders. Use a fur packer hat with some feathers tucked into the edges.

With a knee-length button down tunic, wearing a black wide-leg trouser is a well justified fashion apparel. It will give your body a controlled look. Use a pair of mid-high heels.

Wearing ballet flats or wedges too will do wonders. Try blue spear-shaped earrings and black metallic handbags. They make admiring pairs with red satin tunics as part of spring fashion apparel.

Feb 5, 2009

Eco-friendly Valentines Gifts : Give Your Gal An Organic Love

Make this Valentines Day green and eco-friendly gifting these organic gifts exclusively made for your gal :

Eco friendly Rose : Giving her roses grown using pesticides will make no sense. They may cause dizziness while smelling. After all, nobody needs to add bitterness in a happily booming sweet relation, literally.

So make her feel your love in the most green way presenting an organic rose. Buy a Valentines rose with VeriFlora Certification. This certification ensures its organic harvesting. However, it might be costly.

Eco friendly Heart-shaped Candles : Choosing eco-friendly candles for the candlelight dinner on that night will always be a fanciful idea. So if you have decided to use those very environmentally hostile paraffin candle made of petroleum residues then it is better to shun this idea off.

Figure out the amount of pollution created if everyone is doing the same this night. Thus gift her the useful, smokeless, biodegradable organic candles so she can light them on the dinning table much before you come to her. Most suitable would be one which comes in heart shape made of soywax or beewax or other veg-based wax.

Eco friendly Pillows And Sheets : What could be better than to take a break, and sit with her on the bed, covered with sheets made of organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. They look smooth and better and there fabrics are never grown using the poisonous pesticides.

Even you can gift her a pair of organic pillows to make a perfect setting for green love. Lets have a green-pillow fight.

Eco friendly Jewelry : What could be better than gifting her a range of organic fashion jewelry made of recycled metals and glass? In recession, they are a hit as no jewelry comes as cheaper as these organic ones.

These affordable jewelry are available at almost all the shops around the cities. They look colorful and sophisticated. Even jewelry made of natural things such as beads and seashells too could an exciting idea.

Eco friendly Fashion Apparel : The comfort of hanging out in organic womens clothing has got no parallel in terms of its sheer elegance. Gift her some beautiful and colorful dress made of bamboo fabrics, soy fabrics and organic cotton and ask her how she feel feels like. “It feels next to your smooth and kind touch” could be the answer.

Believe me, you will see no dearth of these organic clothing. Buy her a dress or a tunic or a jeans or whatever you can. They are dyed organically too.

Eco friendly Accessories : Gifting her a range of organic fashion accessories could be an icing on the cake. Buy her an organic designer belt made of completely green materials.

Even the buckles of such belts are made of recycled metals. You can also give her handbags or shoulder bags, handkerchiefs, scarves etc made of organic sources.

Eco friendly Reading : Last but not least this comes! I don't know what type of paper Jodi Helmer has used to print this book. But one thing I am sure of that anybody who reads The Green Year will become a dedicated follower of green lifestyle. So make her read this green book this valentine and see her grow up as an aware and conscious green citizen.

Feb 3, 2009

Unique Valentine Day Fashion Gifts : Technology Woos Fashion

Planning to give your girl a memorable gift this Valentine? And still dreaming to give her the same things, which you have been giving her for last many years. Definitely, such gifts can't be memorable to her even to the least.

Thus forget the heavy boxes of chocolates and the colorful bouquets. Even shrug off the planning to give her some fashion apparel made of traditional fabrics. Close your eyes to the traditional cosmetics , even if made of minerals.

In fact, this Valentine day, try something unconventional and unique fashion products. See how technological innovations are wooing the fashion world, around the globe. A rare proposal this Valentine, indeed! So wait not and buy these unique fashion gifts to make her valentine memorable, technologically.

LED Crystal Necklace : Forget this Valentine gifting a necklace made of shimmering gold or costly diamonds. Keep in mind, recession is on a rampage. Rather buy her a necklace made of Crystal with LED light inside. Amazed and surprised what it is made of, she will ask for clues repeatedly.

When the LED light shines inside the crystal cases of various shapes and sizes, it gives an impression of tiny moons suspended to her neck. You will see, nobody is there to match her elegance and beauty that day. Moreover, you are not required to pay more than 40 dollars. Quiet affordable!

Blazing Heart Shirts : The farther you go, the weaker your love bond becomes. This is what this blazing heart shirt seems to preach. The shirt has got six blazing hearts printed right on its chest area. The number of hearts shinning at a single moment of time is proportionate to the distance between you.

When you are nearest to her and hugging, all the six hearts will glow up. However, the moment you turn back and start moving away from her, they lose their glitter one by one. Definitely, you will not like her heart to lose its love-light. Never turn away, indeed. Amazingly, a shirt with six stars will not cost you more than 30 dollars.

Halter with Fiber-optics : This too combines fashion and technology to come up with a greatly innovative womens clothing for your girl. She will feel on top of the world after wearing this dazzling halter full of light-emitting fiber optics.

As the light of fiber optics is purposefully dim, it is advisable to wear this halter in the nights only, to notice its maximum effect. Using three triple A batteries can make it light up to a complete single night. Not for the sufferers of slowdown. It may burn few holes in your pockets. It costs a staggering 140-150 dollars.

Lip Gloss With LED : It is a bizarre use of LED and being held as a classic innovation in the field of cosmetics. Come out of the age of all traditional lipsticks and lip glosses, buy her this wonderful and sexy LED lip gloss.

The shimmer on her lips on the Valentine night will be more than enough to electrify you passionately. Caution! The gloss has transferred on your lips too! Wipe it off please! It comes in numerous trendy colors ranging between 30-40 dollars.