Feb 18, 2009

Spring Cosmetics 2009 : Get Glowing Is The Mantra

Give your exaggerated talks, about what you should wear this spring, a halt. Of course, this lingering dress discussion must be put on hold for some moments. Rather, you are required to see what you are missing this spring.

Won't you look out for some special cosmetics, meant especially for the spring season? Undoubtedly, choosing some best and the trendiest cosmetics can be the most befitting compliment to your stylish wardrobe.

This spring the makeup experts have been constantly suggesting to use cosmetics which add some glow to your facial skin instead of those fashion products which give you a pessimistic and sad look. So check out in the following lines what could be the best cosmetics for you this spring. I mean a glowing spring.

Shimmering Foundations : Applying bright and shining foundations, before you actually start doing your face job, is the latest rage this spring. They make a perfect resonance with the sunny days of spring and keep your face glowing even if the dark clouds concentrate overhead. Thus go for these glowing foundations and refrain from using the deep color foundations. They make the face look pale and dark.

Shimmering Pearl Eye Shadows : Your eyes are the gateway to your personality so make them look as bright and shimmering as possible. Buy some glittering pearl eye shadows which will give your eyes a glow never seen before. Definitely, shadow has ceased to be dark and dull, if you take it literally.

Metallic Lip Glosses : Of course, you can't deprive your lips of this “go glowing” movement. They need to be made equally bright and glowing. Apply metallic lip glosses , especially with golden or bronze hues, to give your lips an exciting and sensuous touch. Definitely, your lips will get a Midas touch. Thus whatever they touch would turn into gold.

Pearly Lip Glosses : These can be an alternative to your metallic lip glosses. However, such lip glosses will be equally exciting and catchy to your lips. Thus apply these very special lip glosses loaded with the essence of pearl. The glow of your lips will earn you a thousand admirers.

Innovative Mascaras : While applying mascara during spring, you are always worried about its being washed away if it rains. Shun this fear. There are convertible mascaras everywhere in the beauty stores. Not only are they capable of giving you dense and elongated eyelashes but also they can prevent all sorts of liquids from playing the spoilsport. Definitely, we had been waiting for such water-proof mascaras for long.

Cream Eyeshadow : This cream eyeshadow is another must-have for you this spring. It comes in various striking and bright colors. When you plan for an open air day-party then apply just a pinch of this cream using your finger tips. It is available in the various versions of glowing colors such as pink, rose and other metallic colors. However, the cream eyeshadow, if left for long time on the eyelids, develops creases. So it is better to wash them off within four to five hours.

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