Feb 12, 2009

Mens Spring Fashion Trends 2009 : Be Casual At Your Best

The excitement of spring has set in and the fashionable men all around are busy in buying the best spring apparel available on the shelves. Are you one of them? If you are not then you are cutting a sorry figure.

It is better to stop looking for the same conventional pants and shirts you have been wearing for last many years. Rather you are required to look bold and glamorous in these trendy spring fashion mens clothing.

So come and enjoy the charm of spring completely. Follow the latest spring 2009 fashion trends. They will make you look playful, vibrant and uber-cool. Check out some must-have spring mens clothing, exclusively for you.

Sport Coats : A sport coat is meant to give you maximum relaxation on post-rain days during spring. When no dress seems to give you the much needed comfort from the continuous sweating, there comes a sporting coat to your relief.

The use of fabrics, meant for shirts only, make such coats extremely light-weight. They look stylish and come in various patterns. So buy a sport coat with stripes or checks. And wear them with neutral color shirts. The best thing could be to wear a sport coat with checks in blue and white with a maroon shirt.

Nylon Windbreakers : If you can't resist the chill in air while riding a bike on the expressway when it just rained on a spring night, then a glossy windbreaker made of nylon could be your best companion.

They are lightweight mens clothing. Choosing a nylon windbreaker with hood could be better as it might work as a makeshift rain coat too. Who is you another companion on the bike?

Patterned Beach Sweaters : Nothing is more enchanting than walking or jogging on sand beaches during spring mornings. So you need to be in a right fashion apparel which can look sporty as well as stylish.

Try these latest beach sweaters. They are especially designed to give you the perfect setting for a better warm-up session. Buy a striped cotton beach sweater with short sleeves and hood. Run! Oh, man run!

Cuffed Shorts : Yes! You are right these are cuffed shorts, indeed. The best casual apparel to hang out in on spring afternoons along with friends. Even it could be befitting to relax under a tree shade in the park with your hubby in this cuffed shorts.

A must wear for men with athletic thighs. However, the cuffs at the lower ends can be flattering for heavy thighs too. Just wear with a floral shirt.

Cropped Cotton Cargo : Gone are the days of plain looking fashion products and here comes the era of cropped cargo made of cotton. They are colorful. They are comfortable and lightweight. So try anything, whether it comes in classic black or latest dark citron or in ever green cement color.

Nothing could match your fashion sense this spring when you come wearing this cropped cargo along with a sports coat and an Mp3 in you ears.

Wrinkled Linen Suits : Opting for a wrinkled linen suit will leave others wondering what sort of dress you are in. Imagine wearing a linen suit with its coat lightly wrinkled. Of course, the pant is not so. This contrasting pattern makes it a more noticeable spring fashion suit. Undoubtedly, they are going to be a ruling semi-casual dress this spring.

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