Feb 26, 2009

Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends 2009 : The Extreme Of Being Unconventional

If breaking traditions and wearing everything that is unconventional is your passion, then you are completely free this spring 2009 to do so.

The jewelry collection on the shelves this spring are not the conventional ones. They are more colorful and are made of unconventional materials and beads you might have only heard of.

They are here to give you more exotic, trendy and natural feel and look. They are available at cheaper rates too.

Undoubtedly, they may prove a practical option of fashion jewelry during these dark days of economic recession when everybody is shy of buying something costly.

Trendy Textures : The way we perceived jewelry so far has got a completely different dimension. They are not holding that classic and elegant touch once they were famous for.

Now they are more unconventional and extremely trendy. Had you ever thought of a necklace with its beads covered with various trendy fabrics?Definitely, now a days, the jewelry are being defined according to their unconventional textures.

Try some jewelry inspired by Asian Traditions. Ceramic jewels made with floral prints will be perfect match to your floral womens clothing.

If you can't resist to wear jewelry made of gold and silver, then you have got many options to be trendy. As it is prevalent in many Asian countries, you can choose some metal jewelry with various floral and architectural patterns and designs etched upon them.

The most admired are bead jewels covered with fabrics of different patterns and textures. The printed and floral fabric gives your jewelry a rugged but colorful look.

This can be flattering. Such trend will make a rage this spring 2009. Fashion jewelry made of glass beads are striking, glossy, smooth and come comparatively cheaper.

Unconventional Combinations : The spring jewelry trends 2009 is completely unique in the type of materials it uses for jewelry too. A beaded jewelry made of etched wooden beads or seed beads will make you a treat to watch.

To wear a completely weird look, try necklaces and bracelets made of seed beads and colorful seashells. Jewelry designers are also using seashells with artificial prints and patterns upon them.

Amazingly, designers are using even bamboo wood to make a range of fashion jewelry. Nothing could be natural than wearing a pendant made of bamboo with earrings and bangles or cuffs made of coral and jade. Of course, this natural theme will have no parallel.

Big And Colorful : Choosing everything big in size was a particular trend few years ago. Now this trend has made a comeback. If you are no more infatuated with small things, then show your bigger and mighty heart.

Try earrings, necklaces and bracelets which look big and colorful. They come in various sizes and shapes. However, you are just supposed to follow a particular theme while wearing them.

Try circular metal earrings with a necklace which comes in half-moon shape. However, you can experiment too. Use a triangular earring and a round bangle along with half-round necklace. Thus watch out some exclusive collections of such big and bold jewelry available in various geometrical shapes.

Colorful Big Stones : Jewelry, especially made with a single piece of big stones are getting popular day by day. Try out a gold bangle or a metal bracelet with a big red or black stone placed in the middle.

Also, you can wear a beaded necklace with a single white stone hanging above your breast. The same trend is applicable to earrings also.


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