Aug 25, 2008

Why Men Should Use DE Razor ?

A DE or “double-edge” or “dual edge” razor has emerged as the best option for men, as they have gone sick of the multi-blade cartridge razors. They no longer term it as an antique or a beauty tool of their grandfathers.

After many trials and tests, it is well proven that this traditional beauty tool, exclusively for men, can give a much closer and safer and itch-free shave than any modern cartridge can do.

Undoubtedly, it is a boon for those who like to have a wetshave. Further, a shave by any DE razor keeps the shaver's delicate skin away from the irritating itching and aftershave burns, almost.

These DE safety razors, once condemned as too conventional, are making inroads to the shaving kits of modern men who have realized the multiple side effects of cartridge razors.

Though it has escalated to be on top of the priorities of almost eveyone, it is helpful enough for those who have rough and tough hairs on their cheeks.

Unlike a cartridge razor, a DE razor gives a smoother and more comfortable shave without any infections. After the shave, they find themselves in a comfort zone free from many red spots on the skin.

The DE razors are safer in one more sense mostly overlooked by many. They, on one hand provide a very clean shave and on other hand save the hair tips from damages and breakages too.

While the shaving by a cartridge, let how much carefully it is done, always tends to break the tips of the hairs near the pores. This prevents the healthy and free grow of the whiskers. Thus, it results into swollen skin.

This shaving razor has got some other motivating factors too for its usage, such as; it is comparatively cheaper and most important of all it is eco-friendly. Because, most of the time, it is made of easily decomposable metals unlike the plastic-made cartridges.

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