Aug 22, 2008

Justin Timberlake Brings William Rast Online

Grammy award winner Justin Timberlake (who was once tied to Britney Spears who allegedly entered prescription drug rehab), famous for his professional turns, took a new turn when he announced his new campaigning strategy for the fall collection of his famous clothing line: William Rast

He has decided to adopt the the method of online promotion. Moreover, he, himself, is set to play the lead role in the William Rast's promotional series of online film spots. Probably, along with his fans, everyone knows who William Rast is?
William is the first name of his grandfather while Rast is his best friend Trace Ayala's grandfather's last name.

Justin Timberlake's reel life too may, probably, project his real life guts as the character William Rast is told to be "an accomplished rebel with an edgy sense of style." I'm sure William Rast wouldn't have to take out payday loans to keep his edgy style fresh.

The leading lady, in the promotion campaigns, of this fictitious character William Rast would be model Errin Wasson. She will play the role of Rast' girslfriend, Birdie.

A rebel needs to be tackled with confidence. Hence, Birdie is described as "a strong woman with an unabashed sense of confidence." Great chemistry, isn't it?
With this new renovated planning, once famous singer and actor, Justin Timberlake plans to reach larger number of people, apart from his followers.

Since, his debut in the fashion field 2-3 years ago, with an exclusive line for women in 2007, he has got many takers and appreciators of his fashion styles. His new one too is expected to do the same.

This idea of online movie of William Rast fashion apparel line is a brainchild of Paris based designers Marcella and Lindeberg. Interestingly, both of them have been with William Rast for long.

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