Aug 4, 2008

Fashion Goes Bullet Proof

Anyone, even if least interested in fashion, will jump out of his/her seat, if told about this new genre of fashion. But those, who know what does it mean to be safe on one hand and fashionable on the other, will tell not only the benefits of this “bullet-proof' fashion, but also they will sing a praise-song for Miguel Caballero, a Colombia born.

Commonly, he is termed as “Armani of Armour” in the world of fashion. According to the reports, he was very much perturbed by the killings of people, especially the important ones, in the civil war of his country. Hence, this catastrophic situation sparked in him the inspiration to use fashion not for its centuries old purpose, but to save the lives of people. A completely different and bizarre use of fashion products, indeed.

1992 was the year, when he launched his unique version of fashion apparel in order to keep the bullets , fired with evil intentions, away from the innocent lives. This happened after his stay in Bogota, where he studied, which had proved a fashion laboratory for him. He was quite fascinated by the bullet-proof apparels worn by his classmates. Most importantly, most of them were offspring of famous personalities of Columbia.

When he provided some very accurate and safe services in Columbia, he got a series of clients begging him for his assistance. Apart from Hugo Chavez and Alvaro Uribe, the presidents of Venezuela and his very Columbia respectively, he got some other famous clients such as King Abdullah of Jordan and Hollywood Action Star, Steven Seagal. However, these 1.2 kg bullet-proof jackets can be bought at the famous Harrods in London by anyone.

He got his clients all around the globe. Being famous and rich, they never wanted to compromise with their fashion quotient. Hence, they wanted to be safe. At that period, Caballero's “bullet-proof and fashionable” apparels came to their rescue. Now, their blazers, shirts, leather jackets and even the ties have gone bullet-proof. It means, there is the surety of a complete safe and fashionable life to them.

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