Aug 13, 2008

Woolmark Woos Woolgrowers and Youth With a New Logo

The Australian Wool Industry is set to experience a major facelift and makeover. The wool organization, in order to regain a refreshed momentum in the fashion industry, has decided to replace the 44 year old logo with a curved swirl which represents the head of a ram.

The new logo is believed to draw the attention of the youth and the tired woolgrowers. Please note that the last 4-5 years have seen a huge decline in the production of merino wool. The woolgrowers, around Australia, seemed to have lost their interest in its production.

The chairman of Australian Woolgrowers Association, Martin Oppenheimer looked excited and said, “...what we needed was a launch like this to excite woolgrowers so they know more about the product and have more confidence that there's a strong demand for it.'' Hopefully, the new logo will inject a fresh hope and vigor among those woolgrowers.

On the other hand, the organisation is equally interested to share its pie in the booming fashion apparel industry for youths. The new design of the Woolmark logo will make the youths believe that the use of wool for fashion can be luxurious too, apart from being qualitative. Definitely, the organization has made the logo more standardized and visually attractive.

The youths have been specifically prescribed to use merino woolen sporting gears and other fancy dresses. Interestingly, Australian Wool Innovation chief executive Craig Welsh believed that the new logo would woo the younger generation comprehensively.

He said, “...the younger generations don't know what that quality means. They don't know merino wool can be light, soft and extremely comfortable. It can be used as a luxurious evening wear material or in sporting clothes.''

The logo has got two new labels: Superior Merino and Australian Merino. Though former's use is limited to the production of streetwear for youths, the latter label targets the big players of the fashion world including the fashion retailers and designers. Also, the launching function of the new logo saw the display of Merino evening wear and sportswear. Most profoundly, we too have seen the launch of a new “woolen” era.

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