Apr 27, 2009

3 Basic Wardrobe Essentials For A 'Cool' Summer

Keeping your wardrobe full with right things, this summer, is far more essential than the right energy-drinks stored in your refrigerator. Definitely, what you wear in summer has a lot to do with the way you take a particular season.

Thus it hardly matters how old you are, when it comes to buy the right picks for the womens summer wardrobes, there are three most basic and essential fashion products which always strike my mind. These three most essential wardrobe products will make summer 2009, for you, a season to cherish.

For All Occasions : Regarded by many as the remedy of all fashion problems of a fashionable lady, a black suit is a womens clothing you can't avoid this summer. This womens clothing gives your summer wardrobe complete look and saves you from beating around the bush when you suddenly get a call from your future employer.

Such black suits don't come at high cost too. So it won't be a an extra burden on your pockets too. If you don't want to wear full-black, wearing a black trouser only does a magic too. A black womens formal pant is compatible with a series of formal-looking tops.

Most importantly, a beautiful black dress is not made for interviews only. You can don it for a myriad of occasions such as; office parties or other types of formal parties. Also many ladies love to wear this black dress on their dates too.

Some Button Down Shirts : Whenever, we talk about button down shirts, nothing strikes our mind but a classic white button down shirt. However, this summer fashion trend has arrived with a different twist, altogether. It has allowed some other types of button down shirts, in terms of colors, too to creep in your wardrobe.

So shun thinking about wearing only white ones, rather a blue button down shirt will make you a bigger hit on the interview table if paired with a black suit. Moreover, keeping a maroon button down shirt will make your summer wardrobe more exciting and complete, as far as formal womens clothing trends this summer 2009 are concerned.

Classic Casuals : Not only in the professional side of your life, you are required to look at your best while celebrating your casual part too. So, forget not to bring some cool and classic designer t-shirts and semi-fit embroidered jeans into your summer wardrobe. Why do I call these summer wardrobe essentials as classic casuals? Definitely, they have to be dipped in classic colors such as black, variation of blue etc.

Wearing such casuals make you a treat to watch in any casual event this summer. Though various shades of blue, especially the deep one, can be a viable option while buying a semi-fit jeans, such things with dark tone are always preferred. Wear some dark-colored t-shirts with bold slogans.

Apr 24, 2009

Summer Colorful Diamond Jewelry Trends 2009

The summer 2009 is all geared up to welcome colorful diamond jewelry, not only colorfully printed dresses, necessarily. The designers have come up with a series of 'colorful' designs in the field of diamond jewelry, this summer. Step out of your home and reach the nearest jewelry store to find out some of them. However, you need to have a detailed online research regarding what are the hottest diamond jewelry made of colorful diamonds. Read Out The Full Story.....

Apr 23, 2009

Choose And Buy Rightly, Before You Apply Perfumes This Summer

choose buy apply summer perfumes fragrancesLike many other things, the pattern of the way we use perfume changes too according to the seasons. Most basically, you can't choose a perfume judging its label and packaging only. There are many other factors mid-way, also.
Definitely, in winters you are never required to fight the foul smell, coming out of your body, continuously, which is a common phenomena in summers.
Thus the summer perfumes differs from those made for winters. The list of tips and tricks to choose, buy, before you apply the right perfume , this summer 2009, can be a long one. Lets follow the following lines :
Only Light Fights : Unlike winter which demands the use of perfumes with heavy smell, in summers lighter versions should be preferred. The intense cold waves in the winter tend to kill the smell, while it can't happen so in summer. Thus choosing a stronger perfume, thinking that you sweat more in summers, can be a fashion faux pas. Sea aroma suits everyone.
But Heavy Is Savvy : However, for the open sky summer night parties, wedding or casuals, where you can't say no dancing, you may start sweating a lot. That results in bringing too intense and pungent smell. It may be offensive to your friends. Thus, there you need to wear stronger perfumes. Flower aromas do nicely in social gatherings. choose buy apply summer perfumes fragrances
Go Naked : Well...Don't take its literal meaning. What I mean that while going to shop, this summer, a suitable fragrance for you, avoid wearing any type of perfume in advance. The smell already on your fashion apparel will make it tough for you to evaluate the real smell of your future fragrance. Also, avoid the use of any flavored body care product.
Choose, Don't Follow : Someday your best friend may come out prescribing a particular brand of fragrance for you and may force you to buy such one too. It is better not to be impulsive that moment. A fragrance varies the way it smells on two different individuals. Choose only those perfumes which suit your body type.
Know Your Right Pick : So how to choose the right stuff? You simply are needed to follow 'wait and watch' game rule. Select any perfume from the shelves, rub some drops on the skin, wait for few minutes, eight to ten minutes will do, and see how it rechoose buy apply summer perfumes fragrancesacts and smells. If found pleasing and satisfying, no need to wait now!
Not Too Old And Hot : Don't buy a perfume packed two-three years ago. This duration is more than enough to kill the maximum of its quality. Also, buy your summer scents from those shops which store them too carefully. Anything exposed to heat and direct sunlight loses its utility.

Apr 22, 2009

Hot Summer Hats Fashion Trends 2009

summer hats fashion trendsOn any summer day, when a woman steps out, she needs an umbrella to save herself from the scorching and deadly sun rays. But carrying an umbrella all the time, definitely makes her hands too engaged to do anything else. Thus there is no option but to throw it.

However, a careful and sensible women will replace it with some stylish summer hats. So if you too are one of them, then wait not to grab some summer hats. The ongoing summer has sparked a curious fashion line of summer hats. There are Panama hats.There are Fedora hats...There are so many all with different twists. Read the full story.

Apr 20, 2009

Top Three Womens Trousers For Summer 2009

When summer comes, it brings a series of cautions for a fashionable lady when it comes to choose a comfortable trouser. The ongoing summer trends for womens trousers demand a woman to don exotic look, yet fashionable. To look unique despite allowing no discomfort to creep in is the latest womens summer fashion trends mantra.

Thus, the trousers like voluminous harem pants, jodhpur pants and pyjama pants are the latest rage. The designers have left no stone unturned while giving these Asian fashion apparel a Western tinge. However, you need to follow some cool tips and tricks before you wear these pants to look fashionable at its best this summer. Follow the whole article.

Wearing Fishnet Stockings This Summer ? Dos and Donts For You

summer fishnet stocking tights trends 2009To look sexiest of all this summer, especially when you want to look casual at its best, wearing fishnet stockings can be an ultimate choice. On some selected summer evenings when you step out of your home with an undying desire of 'to dance all night till I drop,' a fishnet stoking becomes the most suitable fashion attire.

The fishnet tights have a magical touch to enhance not only your looks, but can easily beautify any of your summer womens clothing, which you wear with it, manifolds. However, the sexier fashion apparel it is, the trickier its way of putting on can be.

Being too enthusiastic, irrationally, while wearing a fishnet stocking, as part of summer fashion trends 2009, can backfire and leave you at the receiving end. Thus, to avoid such fashion faux pas, related to the wearing of fishnet stockings, follow the following dos and don'ts.

Wear Classics Only : While wearing a fishnet stocking, its color and type both matter a lot. It is better not to get lured by too colorful versions. Rather, buy one which matches your skin color. Those which come in black or gray shades rule the most. summer fishnet stocking tights trends 2009

Small Gaps : The size of the gaps in the netting used in your fishnet stocking matters too much. So while grabbing your buy, pay special attention to the size of the gaps. If you have curvy legs, there is no way you can buy a fishnet tight with bigger gaps while having a bit flabby legs can be suitable for mid-size gaps. However, avoid too big gaps. You won't be able to catch even a single fish, literally.

No To Offensive Use : Despite all its ability to give your personality a luring look, it is always found not to be a suitable dress for formal gathering or job places. So try to avoid wearing any type of fishnet stocking when you are supposed to attend a formal office party or while going to office. However, not all the offices ban fishnets on their premises, so if you work in such one, undoubtedly, you are lucky, ain't you?

Don't Net Everything : Undoubtedly, wearing fishnet tights give you a satisfying relief from heat and heavy trousers on any summer evening, but remember anything apart from this fishnet stocking shouldn't be made of netted fabric. So choose your tops which don't have any 'net work' and cover your upper part decently.

summer fishnet stocking tights trends 2009Decent Footwear : Your decency also depends upon which type of footwear you plan to wear with your fishnet stocking. First of all, refrain from wearing any footwear which is too colorful and looks unconventionally cheap. Wear fashion footwear made of glossy material.

Cover Your Feet : Choose some artistically made designer shoes which cover your feet comfortably. Avoid sandals or other types of fashion footwear which fail to hide your toes. The bare toes never go down well with fishnets. If you are planning to wear a pair of stilettos, better to pair it up with a pair of ankle socks.

Apr 16, 2009

Sundresses : Helping A Woman Shine This Spring/Summer

spring/summer womens cotton sundressesIf I say that the best, cheapest, most comfortable and the coolest fashion apparel for a woman, this summer, is nothing but a classic, flexible, durable and the very,very special sundress, would you dare to deny it. Of course, no woman can have the courage to reject such a womens clothing which comes with so many epithets that too in a single sentence.

So if you want to look sexier than ever and love to get dressed to kill then go out to the nearest womens clothing store to buy a too 'hot' sundress. And then leave others( read men) keep burning in the heat of your 'charm,' and not in the same of sun, necessarily.

However, you have to be careful a lot while wearing this sundress. Otherwise, it's 'heat' may fall back on you only to give your attractive personality some 'fashion' burns. Lets see how to look cute at you best. Here are the top sundresses for you, this summer.

Colorfully Comfortable : If you have just come out of the sea after bathing for hours and want to cover your body which gives you ventilation and comfort no other sundress can give then wait not to buy a mid-length sundress with floral prints. Definitely, a range of small floral prints suit greatly on a crisp white background. However, it can be found in many other colors too.

In order to look the most exciting and 'coolest' under the scorching sunlight, you can buy the latest mid-length sundress, touching the upper portion of your thighs, with a floral cut-out motif all aspring/summer womens cotton sundressesround its neckline, beautiful side pockets and spaghetti straps . Though available in all type of fabric, such mid-high sundress made of cotton is still the ultimate choice. Definitely a suitable beachwear for short-height ladies with athletic legs.

Go Georgette Way : Choosing a sundress made of georgette makes you one of those who believe in wearing innovative fashion apparel all the time. Being one of the most lightweight and ventilated fabric, georgette becomes a natural choice to make some comfortable sundresses, though for slim figures only. They are available in various colors suitable for summer.

Most sought after georgette sundresses are those which come with a skirt and a top. Definitely, there cozy touch has made them the latest rage this summer 2009. If you love to look bold then you can wear one without any extra lining of fabric from its inner side, otherwise buy a georgette sundress which comes with an added inner fabrispring/summer womens cotton sundressesc.

Tropically Green : If you love to wear nature then what could be better than donning a Hawaiian sundress, this summer while you roam around the seashores. They are green, they are colorful, they are cool and gracefully bold. Moreover, Hawaiian sundresses come in all the designs and types you can think of and suit all the body type.

There are Hawaiian short spaghetti strap sundresses, Hawaiian tube top sundresses, Hawaiian short tank sundresses, Hawaiian mid-length tunic sundresses, Hawaiian tropical print sundresses, Hawaiian halter strap sundresses, etc.

Apr 14, 2009

Jumpsuits Trends 2009: A Must For Moms This Spring/Summer

spring/summer women's moms jumpsuits trendsGone are the days when a jumpsuit was seen as a trademark fashion apparel meant for the women working in the farms only. Of course, this notion had got a nourishment when the grand depression of 30's was on a rampage. Also no more is the time when people termed it as a dress which resembled the uniforms of a pilot of Air Force or a skydiver.

Rather, the fashionable ladies, especially the fashionable moms, seem all geared up this spring/summer to don a variety of jumpsuits to enhance their looks. Definitely, the moms this spring/summer are busy looking for a dress which give them a flattering and deceiving look without much effort. Thus they have chosen a flattering jumpsuit which knows what to hide and what to reveal of an aging mother.

This easy to wear dress is liked by a mom as its all-in-one design covers the stretch marks around her waistline and hides the deformity of her tummy line, comprehensively. And gives her a flattering look and silhouette which remains a distant dream, merely, in case of wearing any other summer womens clothing.

Also why a mom likes this jumpsuit lies in the its easy to wear approach. After all, how a busy mom can have so much time to spend generously while dressing up. Thus she goes straight to wardrobe to don a befitting jumpsuit and saves herself from thinking too much on what to wear when there is little time before she steps out of home.

Definitely, no more unwanted strain, this spring/summer, on choosing the right combination of your fashion apparel on a casual day as this all-in-one jumpsuit comes to your relief.

Lets see what are the hottest jumpsuits trends for you this summer/spring :

Silk Jumpsuits : If you love to shine and glaze under the sun, then what could be a better idea than wearing a silk jumpsuit coming in various colors and hues. They give you smooth touch while you roam on the streets this summer. spring/summer women's moms jumpsuits trends

Pair it up with any sandal or ballet flat of your choice. As far as the pockets are concerned, it completely depends upon you what you like. There are silk jumpsuits with side or front pockets or no pockets at all.

A blue silk jumpsuit with side pockets and elastic drawstring waist will suit a mom with athletic figure. However, a jumpsuit in classic black with front pockets and button front closure can suit a slightly chubby woman better than any other fashion clothing.

Cotton Jumpsuits : If you love a more formal look, then a cotton tuxedo jumpsuit will look cool on you. One which comes with side pockets like any other formal trouser proves too good. Choose one which comes with a button up front and hidden zipper.

Basically, such tuxedo jumpsuits come in black though one which comes in maroon or light blue has caught the attention of fashion wearers too. A formal version is best matched with fashion footwear such as pumps or platforms.

Strapless Jumpsuits : These are the most innovative forms of jumpsuits. Being strapless has given such dresses a wide array of style and allowing them to come in a lot of unconventional and bold looks and designs.

spring/summer women's moms jumpsuits trendsFor example; buy a strapless cargo jumpsuit and make a walk on the beach with your doggy and let others admire your looks. Moreover, if you have got your body very much in shape despite being a mom, you can try the immensely beautiful strapless short jumpsuits.

If you have long legs, then you can try a capri jumpsuit in strapless model. Even for a chubby figure designers have put in stores a series of denim jumpsuits which give such figures a perfect shape. Moreover, such strapless jumpsuits come with floral prints too.

Apr 10, 2009

How To Wear Hip Scarves This Spring/Summer

hip scarves summer fashion trendsThe ongoing fashion trends in the spring/summer of 2009 has seen some completely unseen fashion accessories creeping in to make the fashion quotient of a lady hot and high. Wearing hip scarves too is one of them. Definitely, a hip scarf is no longer associated to the belly dancers only.

So if you want to see youself fashionable at your best, go out and grab a very, very special piece of a hip scarf. They prove a beautifully wonderful fashion accessory if you are in casuals. Definitely, nothing suits better than a pair of skirt, long or short, or a jeans with these colorful hip scarves.

Not only that it works as an artistic fashion accessory, it also seems to be a boon for those women who don't find their hip line in shape and attractive enough. Thus it becomes a flatterer which brings a hip line with more accentuated size and shape when you wear a t-shirt and jeans to walk on a summer evening.

But while wearing or buying your hip scarves, you have to be a bit careful as there is a fine line between what you call a hip scarf made for a belly dancer and something made to serve your fashion purpose. Lets see how to buy and wear a right hip scarf.

Cost Effective : Whether recession has affected you or not, it is always better to buy hip scarves which come cheap. Buying a costly one because it carries an artistic work of beads and precious stones is never a good idea. Because a 'too' designer hip scarf seems a befitting fashion accessory for a belly dancer only. Also a 'too' decorated hip scarf becomes tough to place around the waistline.

Jam it : A hip scarf loosely tied around the waist is prone to slip down easily. It is a common problem of all the hip scarf wearers. To skip this problem, first of all get ensured that the fabric of your hip scarf doesn't posses a 'slippery' feature and second adjust it using a designer pin on your waist. The salesperson may provide you with some beautiful pins and clips.

Wear the Right Way : As not many know how to wear it in the most beautiful way, they tend to make some grave mistakes while wearing a hip scarf. It iship scarves summer fashion trends not necessary to cover both fronts of your thighs and both sides of hips, Rather, wrap it in such a way that half of any of the two thighs and its related hip, half only, remains uncovered.

Right Pattern: Choosing the right pattern of a hip scarf too is immensely necessary. It should be always contrasting with the pattern of your fashion apparel. For example, if you a wearing a skinny jeans with plain looks, pair it up with a semi-decorated hip scarf. However, a boyfriend jeans is most suitable with a plain looking silk hip scarf.

Apr 8, 2009

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Trends : Which Is Your Style This Summer?

unique summer gemstone diamond engagement ringsLike any other trend in the fashion world, the trend of diamond jewelry too is extremely vibrant and dynamic. And if it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring, this ever-changing market trend sees its peak.

Definitely, one of the most important diamond jewelry can't escape unnoticed if the would-be grooms are constantly looking for the best diamond engagement ring available to impress 'her' in the most effective manner.

So if you are one of those who are going to get engaged this summer, you need to find out some amazingly exciting and attracting diamond engagement rings which will help to bring a pleasant and innocent smile on her face. Thus, lets see what are hottest in the block!

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings : Such engagement rings are found to be the most appealing diamond jewelry by the soon-to-be-engaged ladies. The timeless and simplistic shape and design of a solitaire diamond engagement ring becomes a huge factor to make a special place in the hearts of almost 4 out of 5 women these days.

However, this all-time-hit fashion jewelry can be found with some innovations too in its design. Unlike the most popular versions of solitaire rings in which the diamonds are given an 'elevated position,' the modern solitaire rings are coming with diamonds with a 'lowered placement' too.

Pave Diamond Engagement Rings : This is another classic version of diamond engagement rings which prove to be the first choice of many wives-to-be. A pave diamond engagement ring is more popular for the way the tiny diamonds are patterned in an artistic and decorative way on its surface.

unique summer gemstone diamond engagement ringsLooking at the rows of closely-fixed' diamonds, with their bases wrapped with costly metals such as gold, placed within the holes made on the surface of the ring is a treat to watch. Most importantly, these diamond jewelry can be found at cheaper rates despite made of using a cluster of diamonds.

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings : This 'colorful' diamond engagement rings trend is here to last for long. Such rings look bold and are being considered as the big thing in the market of engagement rings. Such rings are being bought by those who want to give their girls a hint of their bold and colorful nature.

So if you are planning to buy an engagement ring this summer, look out for an engagement ring made of diamonds in pink, yellow, purple etc and the make the engagement ceremony as colorful as possible. Definitely, the color of this diamond jewelry trend is not going to fade way easily, literally. Be sure.

All-diamond Engagement Rings : Probably, this is the only engagement ring in the market which you can call a pure 'diamond' ring in its most literal sense. You will find diamonds placed not only in the center, but this is a special diamond engagement ring which has tiny diamonds placed all around the ring. Thus you will not able to see even a fraction of the metal which the ring is made of.

However, such engagement rings can be costly at some extent. But the gentle smile on the face of your girl, which this sparkling designer engagement ring is capable of bringing will patch up the holes in your wallet too easily.

Triple-diamond Engagement Rings : This is the most unique and the latest trends of all diamond engagement rings trends. The three diamonds placed on the ring have got a phunique summer gemstone diamond engagement ringsilosophic connotation as each of them manifests your days before engagement, your day of engagement and your day after engagement, respectively.

So if you want to tell her how committed you are to her, don't wait to buy her a beautiful engagement ring made of three glittering diamonds. These diamonds can be placed on this diamond jewelry in various patterns. They can be slightly raised or placed on a 'twisted top' or placed evenly on the surface. Also the diamonds can come in various colors and shapes too such as oval or square etc.

Apr 2, 2009

Spring/Summer Safe Cosmetics Tips : Affordable Ways To Avoid Sunburns

It is no wonder if summer gives some sunburns to your skin. After all, it is the basic nature of anything which keeps scorching all the time. But it would be a real shocker for everyone, if you surrender to the heat of that grand fire-ball lurking overhead, without preventing those sunburns.

So if you are really intended to give this 'hot' summer a dodge, do nothing but take some simple and affordable steps before you go out under the sun. Also, be sure applying cosmetics or avoiding them, this way, this summer 2009 will cost you nothing. So there is no sunburns in your wallet too.

Safe Lips : Avoid using those lip colors which you keep using whole year. Like you, your lip too needs to 'breath' easily this summer. A thick layer of lipstick can block all the pores on your lips making it prone to wrinkles. However, you can use some nude lip glosses.

They prove s bit better. By doing so, you will be saved from using lip liners which is common thing while applying colorful lipsticks. Further, a deep lip liner may look bad if a drop of sweat drips around the lips. It gives a bad shape and bad taste to your mouth.

Safe Face : If you like a 'dry' makeup instead of using lotions and facial cream this summer, then you are a clever one. This 'dry' makeup can be done by applying some qualitative summer face powder. Using face powder is safer option than numerous creams and lotions.

Of course the face powder has to be translucent one. The dry particles of these translucent powder diffuse the potential dangers of deadly sunbeams despite allowing them to pass through, unlike the greasy lotions which provide no shield from the deadly UV rays.

Safe Hair : Never go out in the sun with even the least of moisture stuck in your hair. The heat waves vaporize the moisture in the hair harmfully, forcing the hair to lose its shine.Link

Thus the hair looks lifeless and these dead tufts bring you a bad and irritating silhouette during summer 'outings.' It would be better if you use an effective hair dryer to squeeze out moisture completely in the home itself. Only then, apply a good hair conditioner before you step out.

Safe Feet : Avoid wearing fashion footwear which are too tight and ill-fitting. Their constant rubbing against the skin of the feet causes many blisters to come up or leave some itching spots on the feet.

Consult a medical expert who can give the right antibiotic lotion to use. Even at home, you can ensure your feet free from such painful situation using foot powder all around them, before you wear your fashion shoes.

Apr 1, 2009

Makeup Manual : Mineral Cosmetics Are Naturally Safe

choosing safe organic mineral cosmeticsHey! Girlz!. I know you are tired of your conventional cosmetics. And also I am aware that for long you had been waiting for a natural and a special stuff to apply on your skin. Your wait is over.

Lo! Here it comes! The mineral cosmetics for you. You seem to be surprised. EH! I must clarify that the use of minerals is not just related to your jewelries only as you tend to think. The glamor of minerals is being used to enhance you beauty as well.

The mineral cosmetics are the latest and one and only rage among the my-skin-is-my-life girls. Wait...the minerals may sound like rocks, iron or zinc but eventually they end up giving you a very very creamy and delicate skin.

Remember, they are crushed carefully and filtered scientifically. I need not to mention, they never inspire skin irritation. Definitely, they are oil free.

Moreover, the mineral cosmetics are undoubtedly free from any health hazards. The reason..they are produced after combining varying degrees of natural ingredients.

choosing safe organic mineral cosmeticsThere are many mineral products in the market which hardly contain any toxic chemicals. I must assure you that there is no dearth of varieties and colorful mineral cosmetics.

The minerals used in various proportions have come up in a wide range of collections to give you the right beauty stuff. That too...without any potential skin ailment. Yes, I take the guarantee.

That's why I suggest you to try these mineral cosmetics once and feel the difference. I am pretty sure this could be the best substitute cosmetic for you, couldn't it be? The smile on your face SHOUTS as you have got the right cosmetics made of right materials with right combination.

Most importantly, they are hardly allergic. Naturally they have to be so. Because they are not chemchoosing safe organic mineral cosmeticsically laden like your other cosmetics. The absence of chemical colors, artificial dyes, petroleum gels make them more reliable and safe.

One more thing. Do you care enough for the environment? ...Thanks, it was quite predictable. So go for it because when you wash these cosmetics off, no chemical goes in drains to harm the atmosphere. Seems GREAT!

Finally, the question arises. What to do with your full-of-chemical cosmetics? Well..do you have a dustbin?