Apr 8, 2009

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Trends : Which Is Your Style This Summer?

unique summer gemstone diamond engagement ringsLike any other trend in the fashion world, the trend of diamond jewelry too is extremely vibrant and dynamic. And if it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring, this ever-changing market trend sees its peak.

Definitely, one of the most important diamond jewelry can't escape unnoticed if the would-be grooms are constantly looking for the best diamond engagement ring available to impress 'her' in the most effective manner.

So if you are one of those who are going to get engaged this summer, you need to find out some amazingly exciting and attracting diamond engagement rings which will help to bring a pleasant and innocent smile on her face. Thus, lets see what are hottest in the block!

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings : Such engagement rings are found to be the most appealing diamond jewelry by the soon-to-be-engaged ladies. The timeless and simplistic shape and design of a solitaire diamond engagement ring becomes a huge factor to make a special place in the hearts of almost 4 out of 5 women these days.

However, this all-time-hit fashion jewelry can be found with some innovations too in its design. Unlike the most popular versions of solitaire rings in which the diamonds are given an 'elevated position,' the modern solitaire rings are coming with diamonds with a 'lowered placement' too.

Pave Diamond Engagement Rings : This is another classic version of diamond engagement rings which prove to be the first choice of many wives-to-be. A pave diamond engagement ring is more popular for the way the tiny diamonds are patterned in an artistic and decorative way on its surface.

unique summer gemstone diamond engagement ringsLooking at the rows of closely-fixed' diamonds, with their bases wrapped with costly metals such as gold, placed within the holes made on the surface of the ring is a treat to watch. Most importantly, these diamond jewelry can be found at cheaper rates despite made of using a cluster of diamonds.

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings : This 'colorful' diamond engagement rings trend is here to last for long. Such rings look bold and are being considered as the big thing in the market of engagement rings. Such rings are being bought by those who want to give their girls a hint of their bold and colorful nature.

So if you are planning to buy an engagement ring this summer, look out for an engagement ring made of diamonds in pink, yellow, purple etc and the make the engagement ceremony as colorful as possible. Definitely, the color of this diamond jewelry trend is not going to fade way easily, literally. Be sure.

All-diamond Engagement Rings : Probably, this is the only engagement ring in the market which you can call a pure 'diamond' ring in its most literal sense. You will find diamonds placed not only in the center, but this is a special diamond engagement ring which has tiny diamonds placed all around the ring. Thus you will not able to see even a fraction of the metal which the ring is made of.

However, such engagement rings can be costly at some extent. But the gentle smile on the face of your girl, which this sparkling designer engagement ring is capable of bringing will patch up the holes in your wallet too easily.

Triple-diamond Engagement Rings : This is the most unique and the latest trends of all diamond engagement rings trends. The three diamonds placed on the ring have got a phunique summer gemstone diamond engagement ringsilosophic connotation as each of them manifests your days before engagement, your day of engagement and your day after engagement, respectively.

So if you want to tell her how committed you are to her, don't wait to buy her a beautiful engagement ring made of three glittering diamonds. These diamonds can be placed on this diamond jewelry in various patterns. They can be slightly raised or placed on a 'twisted top' or placed evenly on the surface. Also the diamonds can come in various colors and shapes too such as oval or square etc.

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