Apr 10, 2009

How To Wear Hip Scarves This Spring/Summer

hip scarves summer fashion trendsThe ongoing fashion trends in the spring/summer of 2009 has seen some completely unseen fashion accessories creeping in to make the fashion quotient of a lady hot and high. Wearing hip scarves too is one of them. Definitely, a hip scarf is no longer associated to the belly dancers only.

So if you want to see youself fashionable at your best, go out and grab a very, very special piece of a hip scarf. They prove a beautifully wonderful fashion accessory if you are in casuals. Definitely, nothing suits better than a pair of skirt, long or short, or a jeans with these colorful hip scarves.

Not only that it works as an artistic fashion accessory, it also seems to be a boon for those women who don't find their hip line in shape and attractive enough. Thus it becomes a flatterer which brings a hip line with more accentuated size and shape when you wear a t-shirt and jeans to walk on a summer evening.

But while wearing or buying your hip scarves, you have to be a bit careful as there is a fine line between what you call a hip scarf made for a belly dancer and something made to serve your fashion purpose. Lets see how to buy and wear a right hip scarf.

Cost Effective : Whether recession has affected you or not, it is always better to buy hip scarves which come cheap. Buying a costly one because it carries an artistic work of beads and precious stones is never a good idea. Because a 'too' designer hip scarf seems a befitting fashion accessory for a belly dancer only. Also a 'too' decorated hip scarf becomes tough to place around the waistline.

Jam it : A hip scarf loosely tied around the waist is prone to slip down easily. It is a common problem of all the hip scarf wearers. To skip this problem, first of all get ensured that the fabric of your hip scarf doesn't posses a 'slippery' feature and second adjust it using a designer pin on your waist. The salesperson may provide you with some beautiful pins and clips.

Wear the Right Way : As not many know how to wear it in the most beautiful way, they tend to make some grave mistakes while wearing a hip scarf. It iship scarves summer fashion trends not necessary to cover both fronts of your thighs and both sides of hips, Rather, wrap it in such a way that half of any of the two thighs and its related hip, half only, remains uncovered.

Right Pattern: Choosing the right pattern of a hip scarf too is immensely necessary. It should be always contrasting with the pattern of your fashion apparel. For example, if you a wearing a skinny jeans with plain looks, pair it up with a semi-decorated hip scarf. However, a boyfriend jeans is most suitable with a plain looking silk hip scarf.

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