Apr 2, 2009

Spring/Summer Safe Cosmetics Tips : Affordable Ways To Avoid Sunburns

It is no wonder if summer gives some sunburns to your skin. After all, it is the basic nature of anything which keeps scorching all the time. But it would be a real shocker for everyone, if you surrender to the heat of that grand fire-ball lurking overhead, without preventing those sunburns.

So if you are really intended to give this 'hot' summer a dodge, do nothing but take some simple and affordable steps before you go out under the sun. Also, be sure applying cosmetics or avoiding them, this way, this summer 2009 will cost you nothing. So there is no sunburns in your wallet too.

Safe Lips : Avoid using those lip colors which you keep using whole year. Like you, your lip too needs to 'breath' easily this summer. A thick layer of lipstick can block all the pores on your lips making it prone to wrinkles. However, you can use some nude lip glosses.

They prove s bit better. By doing so, you will be saved from using lip liners which is common thing while applying colorful lipsticks. Further, a deep lip liner may look bad if a drop of sweat drips around the lips. It gives a bad shape and bad taste to your mouth.

Safe Face : If you like a 'dry' makeup instead of using lotions and facial cream this summer, then you are a clever one. This 'dry' makeup can be done by applying some qualitative summer face powder. Using face powder is safer option than numerous creams and lotions.

Of course the face powder has to be translucent one. The dry particles of these translucent powder diffuse the potential dangers of deadly sunbeams despite allowing them to pass through, unlike the greasy lotions which provide no shield from the deadly UV rays.

Safe Hair : Never go out in the sun with even the least of moisture stuck in your hair. The heat waves vaporize the moisture in the hair harmfully, forcing the hair to lose its shine.Link

Thus the hair looks lifeless and these dead tufts bring you a bad and irritating silhouette during summer 'outings.' It would be better if you use an effective hair dryer to squeeze out moisture completely in the home itself. Only then, apply a good hair conditioner before you step out.

Safe Feet : Avoid wearing fashion footwear which are too tight and ill-fitting. Their constant rubbing against the skin of the feet causes many blisters to come up or leave some itching spots on the feet.

Consult a medical expert who can give the right antibiotic lotion to use. Even at home, you can ensure your feet free from such painful situation using foot powder all around them, before you wear your fashion shoes.

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SoHo Accessories said...

There are many moisturizers on the market (drugstore) that have SPF 15 or highter. Liquid make up also have SPF 15 or higher. Any of these products should be sufficient in the summer sun !