Nov 27, 2008

Christmas Dresses For Chubby Women : What And How ?

For this Christmas, choosing the proper dresses and accessories for a chubby women is always tricky. And it seems more challenging when you have decided, already, to be fashionably unbeatable this Christmas despite carrying those extra pounds.

However, it is possible and quite easy. Thus instead of getting confused or thinking too much about your Christmas dresses and accessories, you just see what comes in following paragraphs.

I am pretty sure that once you venture out putting on the following combination of fashion apparel, fashion jewelry and fashion footwear, I must say people will crave for having a full body like you.

Paint Yourself Black: Forget red, though it had dominated last year. Chuck out blue or green. They make headache inevitable. Dump the white. You know the reason. Believe me, this Christmas you will see black as the color of Christmas.

Sensational Skirts : Whichever skirt you choose, one thing is sure it has to cover your knees properly. The below knee skirts are always soothing to look at. So choose a black one made of any fabric. Be it made of velvet, jersey or satin or whatever. These will attract thousand eyes. Try one made of denim!

Top Of The World : The most important thing after choosing a skirt is to get a beautiful top. This season is set to welcome any metallic tinge for your tops. A shinning top paired with a black skirt will earn you many admirers. You will find your chubbiness buried deep down the spark of these metallic tops.

Empowering Embroidery : Apart from painting your Christmas dresses in black, getting them embroidered is another rage. Certainly, some beautiful lines of embroidery on the edges of tops and skirts will again prove to be a weapon to hide your chubby figure. After all, who will think of anything else but your glittering pair.

Earrings For Eyes : Interesting or crazy statement, isn't it? No I am right. Choose some classics earrings for your ears which may dazzle the eyes of others. Hope you got the idea. Choosing a beautiful pair of hoops bigger in size proves to be tricky. They are flattering and make a chubby face look less chubbier.

High On The Hair: As you have decided to flaunt long hoops, the best hairstyle for a chubby woman is a bobcut. Not only that it gives additional exposure to your hoops, it also covers the most of your fleshy face. The other option can be pulling back your hair, if you choose earrings such as studs or drops.

Fantastic Footwear : For your chubby legs you need not to roam around. The two most appropriate footwear are slingbacks and high heels. Try anyone of these two and kick out the chubby looks of your legs. One thing! Choose a footwear which must match your skin tone. A real flatterer you would seem!

Nov 20, 2008

Touched By Men's Art Shirts

Meet Patricio Forrester, related to Touched By, and he will tell you why did he think to design “art to wear” shirts for men. And he will come with a satisfying answer. He says, “Touched By allows people to express themselves in their working environment and outside of it through a line of men and women's shirts in which art meets fashion."

Actually what he actually meant to say that like the ties, his specially designed shirts were there to elaborate and project the particular self-expression of a man more comprehensively. It is no wonder that the use of ties, once supposed to be an emphatic tool of self-expression, has been on wane in the working environment.

Thus a man was left with very less options in the field of mens clothing which could help him standout in a social setting. Of course the ties used to do this job earlier on their own and much successfully. So with a solution in his mind, Patricio Forrester arrived with his new collection being called as art to wear shirts for men and for women too.

Many believe that this latest fashion collection of fashionable mens shirts will change the entire course of fashion we had been habituated of perceiving. For long, we have experienced a design gap brought by the “dress down” market trend. It is set to bring an end to this trend.

The fashion designer is confident of revolutionizing the fashion shirts in a completely different tone. While launching his collection under the banner of Touched By, on November 19th at the Fashion Expo at the Business Design Center, Islington, he says, "The choice of artistic intervention on clothes, or 'art to wear', will become a vehicle to express in a witty and humorous way."

The beautiful artworks done on crisp white cotton shirts make these shirts a sort of stuffs not seeming to have been made on this planet. He says, "I wanted to create art that could circulate freely outside of the art world. I discovered that I could use my freedom to dress how I liked in order to make ephemeral public interventions."

Interestingly, he got the inspiration in a very weird manner. He changed the whole outlook of shirts, he has inherited from his father, doing artworks on them. Much to the amazement, he wore them too in public.

A visit to the will help you to see these latest art shirts designed by Patricio Forrester.

Nov 18, 2008

The Importance Of Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is one the most important trade associations in America and the world. Its main motive is to promote American art and culture using fashion as a tool. Thus the purpose behind its foundation has turned out to be successful venture as it has achieved its goal handsomely.

Since 1962, when it was founded, it has remained one of leading fashion associations committed to the cause of bringing excellency in fashion arts. It has been successful enough to enhance the aesthetic and artistic quotient in the field of fashion design and accessories.

By nature, it is a non-profit trade association. Basically, its main task is to provide right direction to all the aspiring, talented and enthusiastic fashion designers who have the potential to emerge on the horizon of fashion.

For the better implementation of its strategies and to gain the maximum benefits of its mission, the CFDA starts functioning from the very basic level. It provides help and support, by all means, to not only the students of universities but it uses its resources in the high schools too.

The membership of Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) counts more than 300. All of them are leading and famous fashion and accessory designers of America. Most of them were noticed in their aspiring age, thus picked up by the association for their better grooming.

The fashion association has developed a very strong tie-up with Vogue. Apart from working together on fashion front, they raise funds to fight HIV and AIDS. Also fashion the association works for the cause of breast cancer under the banner of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. The CFDA's members take active parts in such human-friendly works.

Moreover, the fashion association gives an annual award to recognize the impressive works done by a fashion designer in the field of fashion. The annual CFDA Fashion Awards are given under various categories such as menswear, womenswear and accessories. Also, the association promotes fashion journalism. Thus it gives awards in the fields of journalism also.

Nov 12, 2008

Clogs : A Medical Boon For Your Feet

Clogs have arrived again with a bang. Tough for last few years the use of clogs had been on a wane, but now we can see people putting on their feet these comfortable fashion footwear. Definitely, the clogs are here to add something special to your personality and extend your charm like never before.

The clogs make your feet one of the most attracting body parts. You will see people gazing at your feet with great admiration. Probably, they need to talk to your feet. This is the magic of your clogs. Are they talking machines? No! No! Exactly not. But what would you call the beautiful low sound which comes out when you move on?

Clogs, made of wooden soles and leather, once supposed to be a footwear of farmers only have now successfully crept onto the shoe stands of many professionals. One can easily see medical personals wearing them all the time. After all who knows their benefits better than them.

Not only that they themselves use clogs, they also recommend patients with feet related problems to use them. They protect feet from many diseases as they are found to be hygienic and they disallow bacteria concentration. Necessarily, they are too supportive for your legs.

The features given above are merely a glimpse of a wide range of benefits a pair of clog can provide us. They help you stand up with a right posture and straight. Unlike high heels, they are found to reduce the pain in lower back and make your calf muscles stress free.

The most striking part of a clog is its wooden sole. The soles are designed by medical experts like orthopedists. They ensure while designing these clogs that the soles make a complete match with the shape of your feet. Thus no extra pressure on your spine.

The other important thing about a clog is its open back. Most of the clogs are designed this way only. Thus your feet become free from sweating as they keep breathing profoundly. Moreover, the specific design of clogs don't allow them to press hard on your feet. So no sore marks!

The wooden soles are very durable and are comfortable in all the seasons. In summers they keep our feet safe from heat and they provide enough warmth in winters. Definitely, everybody knows that wood is one of the best insulators.

Nov 10, 2008

Footwear For Chubby Women : Pairing With Right Dresses

Much have been written suggesting a chubby woman about how to buy befitting dresses. But what I have realized that these dresses might not provide the expected glamor and smartness to a chubby women if those are not paired up with matching fashion footwear.

If not chosen a pair of shoes, carefully, for your chubby legs, the dresses might create a nuisance and all your efforts to hide the chubbiness may fall flat.

Platforms : It is not suitable for a chubby women if she is a tall one. However, it provides the chubby legs of a medium size chubby woman an extreme match. Because, it makes her look taller. Thus the legs look more trimmed. A best match for skinny jeans.

Ankle Straps : You have to be a bit careful while trying to choose an ankle strap for yourself. Though at first I would recommend not to wear it, but even if you are willing to choose a pair then have a careful look upon its design.

While wearing a short skirt, pair it with an ankle strap which touches just below your calf. Also the color of your ankle straps should not contrast with your skirt's color. It makes the chubbiness revealing. Better you choose something which matches your skin tone.

Crocs : Most of the times it is found that the free movement of a chubby woman becomes immensely tough in some types of stylish and designer footwear. Crocs can be an ideal casual footwear for a chubby woman who wants to do a lot of activity with a lot of ease. They help you walk comfortably and let you feel more energetic. Goes well with casuals.

High Heels : High heels, as everybody knows, help a chubby to flatter her figure. What they do that they add certain inches to your height and make you a bit taller. And of course, a taller chubby woman looks less chubby. Thus your chubbiness goes in the backyard. Suitable with pants.

Pumps : If you love to wear fashion apparel like jeans then there is nothing better on earth than a pair of pumps. They are well tested footwear which help to hide chubbiness a great deal. The best part about pumps is that they always come with heels of varying lengths. Thus you get thinner legs cutting down your chubbiness.

Slingbacks : This one is really a boon for chubby legs. Once put on, especially the high-heeled one, will set you free from all your worries about your chubby looks. They make your legs look taller and slimmer. Try to wear with any type of skirts. It will be equally satisfying.

Nov 7, 2008

Applying Facial Cleansers : What Men Should Do

There was a time when facial cleansers were as far from men as London is from New York. They always thought that it was something made only for women.

Hence, they, after coming home from all days hard work, used to splash some water on their face using a soap or something else. Of course, not a facial cleanser.

As a result, they saw their facial skin overladen with impurities and unwanted dirt. That seemed be snatching away the charm of their faces.

Finally, they wanted to get the charm back on their face. Thus, for last many years we have seen an awesome increase in its consumption by men.

Definitely, they have got every right to make their skin smoother, cooler and shinning. However, merely frequent applying of face cleansers will not do any good to them.

It needs some care and guide based on past experiences of others and medials professionals. As I had promised in last posting that I would turn up with tips for men on applying facial cleansers, here are some :

Double Bubble : As men's lifestyles tend to make them carry more dirt on their face, they need to use facial cleansers twice a day. It is compulsory to do the cleaning in the evenings when you come back from office. It will give your face a cleaner look washing all your dirt. The open pores will allow your skin to detoxify itself all thorough the night when you sleep. Thus the second facial cleansing is needed in the mornings.

No Sand On Hand : Before you apply facial cleansers on your face, you get ensured that your hands are clean. Use a good soap to clean your hands. Any dirt on your hands will mar the effect of the cleansers.

Wipe Your Face : To get the best result, you need to use some lukewarm water to clean the facial skin just before you apply the facial cleanser. Dip a piece of washcloth into the water. Then make two to three simple rounds of the wet cloth on your face. Now your face is ready for cleansers.

Apply Softly : Now, you are supposed to take some amount of cleanser on palms. Rub both palms against each other mildly. When the foam comes out, you gently apply on whole of your face except the eyes. Leave it for few minutes then wash off using lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizer then.

Finally, I must say that there is a great resemblance between how a man should apply a facial cleanser and how a woman does so. To know it in detail, you may see applying facial cleansers the best way.

Nov 5, 2008

Applying Facial Cleansers The Best Way

Applying facial cleansers seems to be a very easy task to everyone. However, we have to be careful otherwise it may be a dangerous to us as a slight indifference and carelessness may turn into unwanted skin-irritation and its itching.

Probably, the following list of do's and don'ts will be helpful. Another thing! The following tips are exclusive for women, though many things are suitable for a man also. In few days, I will come with some lines for men on this issue.

Scan Your Skin : This might be the first step towards a hazard-free facial cleansing. Our skin type vary a lot, though not person to person. You skin type may be oily or dry. The third type comes somewhere in between.

Gel for Oily : Choose a cleanser which may absorb this sticky stuff on your face to make it a bit drier. As a result you will not see the dust making layers on your face. Use gel-cleansers.

Cream for Drier : For the drier type, creamy cleansers carrying a certain proportion of minerals and moisturizing elements should be applied. The shopkeeper can help you buy the best product.

Say No to Dr. Chemical : Sometimes, you may feel irritated seeing the excessive oil-flow on your skin. It doesn't mean that you will buy something which promises to remove the oil better than any other products. Beware! It may contain highly toxic elements. These chemicals will squeeze out everything, not only oil, from the skin only to make it look more pale and weaker. They may cause acne etc.

Overuse Never Works : No way you are allowed to apply cleansers excessively. Apply in limits. Neither enough in quantity nor much in frequency. Applying once a day works. Twice in the special cases!

Keep a Tab On the Season : Never forget to apply moisturizers after you wash off the facial cleansers. Do it, even if it is summers. However, in winters you must replace it with a cream based facial cleanser. It works fine.

Keep Irritation at Bay : Many products with great smell are available in the market. They use a lot of artificial elements to give good-smell and fragrant. They may be allergic and cause itching and irritation. Avoid them.

Be on Time : While applying a face cleanser, you are not supposed to be in haste. Not too relaxed either! Don't wash it off your face too soon after applying. However, don't leave it for too long also. In both cases the benefits minimize.

Make it Clean and Wet : Before applying it, you are supposed to give your face some splashes of not-so-cold water. A wet face is needed to apply cleanser. Even wash your hands neatly. On the other hand use lukewarm water to remove the cleanser.

Hop Over the Soap : To get the maximum benefits out of your facial cleansers, never use a soap to clean your face. It cuts down the improvements and may cause wrinkles and linings on your face.

Keep an Eye Over the Eyes : While applying the moisturizer or the cleanser itself, don't allow them to creep into your eyes. It may invite serious damage and irritation.

Toners Come Midway :
This is important to get the maximum result. When you remove the cleanser, please use a toner to derive the best of this cleaning process. Though your cleanser cleans your face greatly, the toner wipes the dirt completely if left any. Also, a face moisturizer must be used only when a toner has been used.

Nov 3, 2008

Latest Winter Wear for Men : What is Hot ?

Unlike a woman a man loves the season of winter. They know that this season arrives with some special blessings to them. It equips them enough to look smarter and attracting. You may agree with my view that a man unlike a woman loves to cover the maximum of his body. So can there be a better season than winters to see one's smartness uplifting ?

Liking for the winter season apart, the other things to be discussed about this season is that what to wear in this season. Though the shelves in the market can be found full with a wide variety of winter fashion apparel, being a bit careful while choosing one will make your winters extremely comfortable and cozier.

Full Sleeve Sweaters : These are liked by all, undoubtedly. These full sleeve sweaters are famous for there natural and cozy comfort they provide a wearer. Most of all, these can be used at any occasion, be it a formal or a casual setting. If you pair it up with jeans or trousers, it would be fantastic.

Turtlenecks : These can be the best buy for a man in winters. They make you look balanced and cool and provide you a trimmed outlook. Choose a light colored one and pair it with a deep colored blazer. Let people to feel the heat and the magic.

Roundneck Pullovers : These full-sleeved roundneck pullovers are one of the most sought after winter garments and you can't manage to have a go in the winters without it. They make you completely protected from chilly wind once put on.

Cardigans : These are one of the most versatile winterwear. Anybody who wants to be casual at its best then the market offers them a variety unseen before. They are slowly gaining a place as the hottest winter collection for men. The interesting fact is that every one, irrespective of his size and shape, can use it.

Sleeveless Sweaters : Called as vests also. Though regarded by many as a feminine winter garment, they have made latest inroads in a man's wardrobe and have become mens sweaters. These are exciting and give the wearer a completely delicate look. Try it with a matching button-up shirt and jeans.