Nov 12, 2008

Clogs : A Medical Boon For Your Feet

Clogs have arrived again with a bang. Tough for last few years the use of clogs had been on a wane, but now we can see people putting on their feet these comfortable fashion footwear. Definitely, the clogs are here to add something special to your personality and extend your charm like never before.

The clogs make your feet one of the most attracting body parts. You will see people gazing at your feet with great admiration. Probably, they need to talk to your feet. This is the magic of your clogs. Are they talking machines? No! No! Exactly not. But what would you call the beautiful low sound which comes out when you move on?

Clogs, made of wooden soles and leather, once supposed to be a footwear of farmers only have now successfully crept onto the shoe stands of many professionals. One can easily see medical personals wearing them all the time. After all who knows their benefits better than them.

Not only that they themselves use clogs, they also recommend patients with feet related problems to use them. They protect feet from many diseases as they are found to be hygienic and they disallow bacteria concentration. Necessarily, they are too supportive for your legs.

The features given above are merely a glimpse of a wide range of benefits a pair of clog can provide us. They help you stand up with a right posture and straight. Unlike high heels, they are found to reduce the pain in lower back and make your calf muscles stress free.

The most striking part of a clog is its wooden sole. The soles are designed by medical experts like orthopedists. They ensure while designing these clogs that the soles make a complete match with the shape of your feet. Thus no extra pressure on your spine.

The other important thing about a clog is its open back. Most of the clogs are designed this way only. Thus your feet become free from sweating as they keep breathing profoundly. Moreover, the specific design of clogs don't allow them to press hard on your feet. So no sore marks!

The wooden soles are very durable and are comfortable in all the seasons. In summers they keep our feet safe from heat and they provide enough warmth in winters. Definitely, everybody knows that wood is one of the best insulators.

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