Nov 27, 2008

Christmas Dresses For Chubby Women : What And How ?

For this Christmas, choosing the proper dresses and accessories for a chubby women is always tricky. And it seems more challenging when you have decided, already, to be fashionably unbeatable this Christmas despite carrying those extra pounds.

However, it is possible and quite easy. Thus instead of getting confused or thinking too much about your Christmas dresses and accessories, you just see what comes in following paragraphs.

I am pretty sure that once you venture out putting on the following combination of fashion apparel, fashion jewelry and fashion footwear, I must say people will crave for having a full body like you.

Paint Yourself Black: Forget red, though it had dominated last year. Chuck out blue or green. They make headache inevitable. Dump the white. You know the reason. Believe me, this Christmas you will see black as the color of Christmas.

Sensational Skirts : Whichever skirt you choose, one thing is sure it has to cover your knees properly. The below knee skirts are always soothing to look at. So choose a black one made of any fabric. Be it made of velvet, jersey or satin or whatever. These will attract thousand eyes. Try one made of denim!

Top Of The World : The most important thing after choosing a skirt is to get a beautiful top. This season is set to welcome any metallic tinge for your tops. A shinning top paired with a black skirt will earn you many admirers. You will find your chubbiness buried deep down the spark of these metallic tops.

Empowering Embroidery : Apart from painting your Christmas dresses in black, getting them embroidered is another rage. Certainly, some beautiful lines of embroidery on the edges of tops and skirts will again prove to be a weapon to hide your chubby figure. After all, who will think of anything else but your glittering pair.

Earrings For Eyes : Interesting or crazy statement, isn't it? No I am right. Choose some classics earrings for your ears which may dazzle the eyes of others. Hope you got the idea. Choosing a beautiful pair of hoops bigger in size proves to be tricky. They are flattering and make a chubby face look less chubbier.

High On The Hair: As you have decided to flaunt long hoops, the best hairstyle for a chubby woman is a bobcut. Not only that it gives additional exposure to your hoops, it also covers the most of your fleshy face. The other option can be pulling back your hair, if you choose earrings such as studs or drops.

Fantastic Footwear : For your chubby legs you need not to roam around. The two most appropriate footwear are slingbacks and high heels. Try anyone of these two and kick out the chubby looks of your legs. One thing! Choose a footwear which must match your skin tone. A real flatterer you would seem!

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