Dec 1, 2008

Mens Cosmetics : Solutions To End Facial Woes

Only a few years ago, a statement like “cosmetics for men” would have generated numerous weird responses and expressions. Such a thing would have brought many creases, not only on the forehead of the women but even on those of the men.

However, the things today are not as astonishing as the cosmetics-are-taboo-for-men days. The growing population of meterosexuals has made us to think that gone are the days when cosmetics and men shared a hostile relation.

However, the men's rising affinity with cosmetics needs to be handled carefully as most of the men are clueless about what to use for the desired “look”. Here are some tips which can make a man look “beautiful”. Surely, men are the new women.

Protecting Face : To reduce big pores, irritating blemishes, unwanted redness on the face, a man has got the answer in the products like foundations. Such cosmetics, containing SPF, provide a perfect cover to a male face helping to reduce complications which make face unattractive. The deadly elements of sunlight are kept at bay by these foundations.

Removing Shine : Due to the oily nature of face, many times it starts giving intolerable shine. At maximum instances, it becomes embarrassing. Thus search for powder made especially for men in the cosmetics shops. They are the successful tools to give a man's face a perfect look. To see the maximum effect one should give one's face a powder coating, using a brush, after applying the foundation.

Decorating Cheeks : A man, after coming from office, looks high and dry. Thanks to the stress at the office. No wonder, the stress takes its toll keeping the glow off the cheeks. Thus to get rid of this deserted look and colorlessness , the use of blushes is advisable.

Loving Lips : The chill windy blows make the lips rough and dry. It may be objectionable to your girl. You have every reason to make it smoother and silky. So venture out to the market to buy a pack of lipsticks..oops! Sorry, lip balms. They make your lips shiny and colorful.

Covering Scars : It becomes immensely important to hide the scars and some other spots which are damaging to good looks. In this situation, concealers come to the rescue. They work just as the foundations do but are not meant to be applied on the whole face. Rather, one should apply to the scars only.

Maintaining Eyebrows : Apart from looking after the face, the proper care of eyebrows too is immensely necessary. The well-groomed eyebrows give the face a majestic touch and look. Thus eyebrow pencils should be used. Does it look too womanish ?

Hope this solution based write-up may help you a lot. Very soon, I will come back with some tips telling how to apply these cosmetics exactly.

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