Dec 22, 2008

Women Trousers Fashion Trends 2009

Like any other season, winter too has its trademark style and fashion quotient. There is something very strange about winter. As all the women need to cover themselves from top to toes, there is no skin show.

Thus all the sweating in gyms in order to achieve a curvy waistline goes in vain. This brings a serious jolt to those women who always strive to maintain a unique fashion symbol. Therefore, choosing the right pair of trouser becomes the need of hour.

A right pant can explore the curve, give your butts a pleasant shape and force people to constantly admire your unique beauty. However, choosing a womens trouser this year can be an art. Just study carefully how you look like and also your height and your body type etc. Also read your likes and dislikes.

Tall with Long Legs : If you are comfortably tall and are a lucky owner of a pair of long legs, then nothing is more suitable than a pair of wide legged pants. Make sure that they fit perfectly on the hips without hanging loose and low.

The best color for such pants can be black and other darker shades. Choose woolen fabric for ultimate comfort in winter. Instead of pairing it with printed and floral tops, pair it with a white, pink or an olive top. Use heels or pumps. Both work.

Slightly Short and Pear shaped : If a woman possesses such a shape, a pair of wide legged pants can be worn by her. Though it is not highly recommended. A high waist wide legged pant paired with high heels may successfully change her into a taller woman. Try the same with a long womens jacket to get a slimming look.

Leather for Darers : If you want to look bold and beautiful, then nothing can beat these leather trousers or pants. They will be a hit not only in winters but the following spring too is well set to welcome them. So it won't be a bad idea to invest some amount in something which can last two seasons.

Be careful while donning such a pant. Ensure that only your pant is made of leather and all other things on your body must be made of other fabrics and materials. Use semi bright woolen tops.

Skin Tight Jeans : The year of 2009 will mark the full fledged return of skin tight jeans. For every woman who is slightly chubby, there comes a tight fit jeans to her rescue.

Naturally, they tend to give a slimming look to the wearer. Pair them with cashmere sweaters and matching boots and feel the magic. Even pairing with a designer belt along with a tucked-in bright shirt is not a bad idea at all.

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