Dec 25, 2008

Welcome 2009 : Top Five New Year Party Dresses

Choosing new year party dresses becomes a bit hectic, especially when you have just got rid of Christmas celebrations. Why does it happen? It happens because you still haven't come out of hangover left by hot Christmas fashion apparel.

As you were declared as one of the best dressed around Christmas parties, you are still confused how to carry on the same legacy. After all, you don't want the compliments showered upon you only few days ago fade away so soon and easily.

So you have to be careful while choosing a new year party dress. It has to be the best. It has to be striking. It has to be a trend setter. It has to be working like a preservative of your Christmas party triumphs. Look at the following options :

Statement Coat : Mostly it is for outdoor new year parties because the fun under the open sky should not be allowed to take a toll of your health. A statement coat will be more than enough to make you bold and beautiful. Choose a trendy color such as pink, olive, purple or other bright colors. Pair it with it a neck sweater and woolen trousers.

Satin Gowns : Such gowns made of satin will give you an instant recognition in a new year party. As the season is usually cold outside, you need to buy a full-length gown. Some completely trendy fabrics of satin have emerged , so try to buy a satin gown of metallic hue. Some best colors can be blue, red, pink etc. Get it decorated with sequins and beads.

Retro Flapper Dress : Once hailed as the trademark of a fashionable status symbol during 20's and 30's, the flapper dresses are back. They have become exclusive dresses for new year evening party. Such dresses in olive, purple and peach will help you stand out in the party. Blue and black too work for bringing classicism to your dress sense. However, a retro version of ruffled flapper dress is most suitable for new year dance session.

Spaghetti Strap Dress : A dress like this is most suitable for those who carry some extra pounds on their body or those who are a bit chubby. Though you may have your own choice of fabric, according to my believe the metallic ones are the best spaghetti strap dresses.

Red Strapless Full-length Gown : If the new year party happens to be at the home of your friends, then nothing is more appropriate than such a dress. To make this casual party more interesting add some fashion jewelry to your gown such as necklace etc. Pair it with black high heels.

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