Dec 11, 2008

Christmas Fashion For Chubby Women : A Plus Size Guide

Contrary to the popular myth that she can't get dressed to kill, a chubby woman may still steal the limelight and can be heartthrobs of many only if she could manage a bit sensibly the way she dresses herself up.

However, the word “dressing up” must not be taken here in its widely and traditionally used context. For a chubby woman this word means much different from its literal meaning.

Especially, when she “dresses up”, it includes right from how to use cosmetics to how to get a genuine hair work done to learning how to choose the fashion jewelry rightly etc.

Following are the tips which will prove handy to a plus-size woman. So be ready to learn how and what to use them. Once it is over, you may not feel as a cursed one.

Tight Fit Innerwear: Charity begins at home, so start the amendment of your chubbiness right from here. Buying some skintight innerwear will provide your body a much needed streamlined base for garments you will don later on.

If planning to wear a pant, choose an innerwear which squeezes the maximum of you hips, waistline and the thighs. Wearing an ill-fit bra exposes those extra pounds. So choose a tighter one.

Be Moderate : As choosing skin fit innerwear has given you a much respectable shape, it may be spoiling not to select the Christmas party dresses judiciously.

You are supposed not to wear a pant which is too tight. It makes your doctored lower silhouette detectable. Even going for something too loose may make your hips look bigger. Refrain from wearing a low-cut pant. It allows the waistline fat to lurk out.

Striped Shirts and Tops : Though a recent research denounces it, I still feel that vertically striped shirt and tops make a chubby body look slimmer. Choose a moderately sized shirt with somewhat bigger collar. Make sure that the shoulders fit properly. Cover whole of your belly.

Simple Colors and Textures : Try to wear sober colors such as black, brown and purple and refrain from too much colorful. Choose the dresses made of simple textures. They absorb and hide chubbiness.

Mid-high Cut Long Skirts : Planning a skin show may be disastrous during Christmas. So refrain from short skirts. If you feel urge, then go for long skirts with mid-high cut. They cover the whole of the flabby waistline and thighs.

Refrain from Designer Belts : Wearing designer belts may bring others' attentions towards your flabby waistline. So wear a simple colored belt which matches the color tone of your pant. Refrain from anything contrasting in color. Use a belt of mid-width.

Jewelry : Use simply designed jewelry. Gold and silver jewelry are too conventional. Buy a necklace, a pair of earrings, finger rings made of platinum. Believe me the simple surface of a platinum necklace add much to make you look less chubbier.

The list is not full as many important things such as choosing hairstyle and footwear for a chubby women can be learned from my other postings. So to know more of Christmas fashion for chubby women kindly click on Hairstyles for Chubby Women and Footwear for Chubby Women.

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