Dec 9, 2008

Makeup Manual : The Art Of Applying Nail Polish

Your nails are the face of you fingers. Thus it is no wonder why its well-being becomes as much important as the real face placed above your neck. The way you wash your face and apply cosmetics,facial creams etc on your face, in the same way you are required to look after your nails as well applying some nail makeup products.

Moreover, talking about the health of nails apart, whenever we talk about nails, the images of applying nail polishes appear before us connotatively. As a matter of fact, applying nail polishes becomes synonymous with nails.

Moreover, they talk a lot about our personality. So it is too important to learn the art of applying nail polish in a right way otherwise those beautiful nail polishes will nail us in a wrong way.

Get Started : Deciding the purpose behind the polishing your nail will set the right tone. Think what is going to follow your nail polish session. If that turns to be a trip to see your relatives or friends then go for some vibrant colors. However, these should provide a perfect match to your fashion apparel you are supposed to put on. On the other hand, for domestic use any neutral color will do.

Remove the Older One : Any color lighter or deeper gets affected if applied directly on the older coatings. So clean the nails using a good nail polish remover before you start applying the latest choice. Here good means an acetone-free remover. It is not harmful.

Trim to Shape : Once cleaned look at the shape of the nails. If they look bigger than what you wanted then trim them until you get the desired ones. Give them the-outer-edge-of-the-half-moon shape using a nail file gently.

Run Down the Cuticles : Once you finish up the trimming and shaping up the fingernails, it is the time to clip the cuticles. Apply a moisturizer on them before you cut them off.

Final Cleaning : As you have worked a lot removing the nail paint and trimming, you might have ended up leaving some stains on the nails. They too may mar the effect of the new nail polish coatings. So to get the maximum benefit, rub a small peroxide-dipped cotton ball onto your nails.

Strong Base : Here starts the post-cleaning session. Before you apply the nail polish, give a coating of base to get the maximum shine. First apply the base on all the sides and the edges of fingernails using a single stroke. Then give the second stroke in the middle of the fingernails. You may repeat for a stronger base.

Paint Your Posture: It is not like painting any wall of your home. You have got to be immensely careful or you may end up messing everything. Place the hand which fingers you want to paint on an even surface such as a table with all the fingers separated from each other, . Then grip the paint brush gently with the other.

Paint the Nails : Now apply the first coating of the nail paint in the same way you had applied the base. Wait for 5-8 minutes to see it drying. Then go for the second and final coating. Make sure all the edges and the tips of all the nails are evenly colored. You may think to use quick driers also.

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