Aug 31, 2008

Nina Garcia and Her Hundred Stylish Pieces

Nina Garcia, famous for her book “The Little Black Book of Style”, has arrived with another best seller.

Her latest fashion guide , The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own, got a release on August 26, 2008, and it was taken with enthusiasm galore.

While her first book dealt with many how to's on fashion, her latest creation is full of hundred well-defined commandments on what to's.

As the name suggests, the book helps any fashionable woman to sort out hundred most valuable and essential fashion articles to make her wardrobe fully equipped.

Ironically, Garcia, a fashion director, got the inspiration to pen down this book when she was forced to move out of her flat for almost two years.

As not having a complete and full-fledged wardrobe out of her flat, she had to make frequent trips to her flat to grab the her fashion products.Those tiresome trips sparked an idea to enlist the most needed hundred things for a woman.

“Every once in a while, I'd run back to the apartment to snatch an item or two,” She said, “ Soon I realized I had the answer to the questions that women kept asking me, "What are the must-haves?"

The book's list of can't-live-withouts include things like a tuxedo jacket, a well-fit jacket, a panama hat, etc. It also tells a lot about things designer belts etc. Not only these things, it also emphasizes that if you like to wear a short skirt, then your wardrobe is incomplete without knee-high boots.

Interestingly, she emphasized the importance of shoes with some extra force. She told, “It is one of those things you can’t fake. You can’t look well dressed without a nice pair of shoes, it is impossible.”

Also her book include things, such as; zippered hoodie, crisp white shirt, push-up bra etc. Apart from these things, the book lists a number of other things which are enough to turn a lady into a fashion diva.

This book, undoubtedly, going to be an asset and boon for the all fashionable ladies. This book will work as a guide for those who are not well assured what their wardrobe should be made of.

Aug 27, 2008

Frail Nails : Supplements Can Do Nothing

The nails on your delicate fingertips not only work as a shield. They, also, manifest your health standards and your intake of healthy proteins. The condition of nails say a lot about your eating habits and they signal a big deal how nutritious they are.

Though it is always your menu that determines the health of your nails. Their condition, whether good or bad, depends on genes too, as told by numerous dermatologist. So there is no point banging your head between shelves in a medical store for nail-enhancing external supplements.

It is well studied fact that gobbling up of supplements have very least, or almost nothing, to do with the condition of nails. The sufficient nutritions to your nails can only be provided by what and how healthy you eat.

A protein called keratin ensures the healthy development of fingernails ,However, people can be seen taking colagen-filled supplements. Ironically, colagen, a protein, helps in the maintenance of bones and tissues only, not nails. And we know, perfectly, nails are neither bones nor tissues.

People can be found using biotin supplements too for the nails. However, the proper growth and look of nails is nowhere related to the intake of biotin, especially, when your frail and weak nails mirror your disorganized food habits. Medical professionals say that biotin works only in severe enzyme deficiencies and some genetic disorders affecting the nails.

According to experts, the best way to ensure healthy and strong nails is to take certain vitamins and minerals only, that too should be a part of your food, not unmindful use of capsules. It is more practical to choose food which are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B2 and Vitamin C.

Vitamin A leads a healthy growth of nails and while vitamin B promotes a better, and glossy look. Moreover, Vitamin C gives the nails a good shape and saves from deformation. These things can be found in a qualitative nail makeup product too.

The quantity of minerals in your food too have great impacts on your nails. Zinc rich dishes help to get an improved and healthy nails. Calcium and iron give the needed strength. Magnesium prevents outlook damage of the nails and minimizes scalp flaking.

Aug 25, 2008

Why Men Should Use DE Razor ?

A DE or “double-edge” or “dual edge” razor has emerged as the best option for men, as they have gone sick of the multi-blade cartridge razors. They no longer term it as an antique or a beauty tool of their grandfathers.

After many trials and tests, it is well proven that this traditional beauty tool, exclusively for men, can give a much closer and safer and itch-free shave than any modern cartridge can do.

Undoubtedly, it is a boon for those who like to have a wetshave. Further, a shave by any DE razor keeps the shaver's delicate skin away from the irritating itching and aftershave burns, almost.

These DE safety razors, once condemned as too conventional, are making inroads to the shaving kits of modern men who have realized the multiple side effects of cartridge razors.

Though it has escalated to be on top of the priorities of almost eveyone, it is helpful enough for those who have rough and tough hairs on their cheeks.

Unlike a cartridge razor, a DE razor gives a smoother and more comfortable shave without any infections. After the shave, they find themselves in a comfort zone free from many red spots on the skin.

The DE razors are safer in one more sense mostly overlooked by many. They, on one hand provide a very clean shave and on other hand save the hair tips from damages and breakages too.

While the shaving by a cartridge, let how much carefully it is done, always tends to break the tips of the hairs near the pores. This prevents the healthy and free grow of the whiskers. Thus, it results into swollen skin.

This shaving razor has got some other motivating factors too for its usage, such as; it is comparatively cheaper and most important of all it is eco-friendly. Because, most of the time, it is made of easily decomposable metals unlike the plastic-made cartridges.

Aug 22, 2008

Justin Timberlake Brings William Rast Online

Grammy award winner Justin Timberlake (who was once tied to Britney Spears who allegedly entered prescription drug rehab), famous for his professional turns, took a new turn when he announced his new campaigning strategy for the fall collection of his famous clothing line: William Rast

He has decided to adopt the the method of online promotion. Moreover, he, himself, is set to play the lead role in the William Rast's promotional series of online film spots. Probably, along with his fans, everyone knows who William Rast is?
William is the first name of his grandfather while Rast is his best friend Trace Ayala's grandfather's last name.

Justin Timberlake's reel life too may, probably, project his real life guts as the character William Rast is told to be "an accomplished rebel with an edgy sense of style." I'm sure William Rast wouldn't have to take out payday loans to keep his edgy style fresh.

The leading lady, in the promotion campaigns, of this fictitious character William Rast would be model Errin Wasson. She will play the role of Rast' girslfriend, Birdie.

A rebel needs to be tackled with confidence. Hence, Birdie is described as "a strong woman with an unabashed sense of confidence." Great chemistry, isn't it?
With this new renovated planning, once famous singer and actor, Justin Timberlake plans to reach larger number of people, apart from his followers.

Since, his debut in the fashion field 2-3 years ago, with an exclusive line for women in 2007, he has got many takers and appreciators of his fashion styles. His new one too is expected to do the same.

This idea of online movie of William Rast fashion apparel line is a brainchild of Paris based designers Marcella and Lindeberg. Interestingly, both of them have been with William Rast for long.

Aug 21, 2008

Bali Fashion Week 2008: Fashion Meets Nature

The latest and the 8th edition of Bali Fashion Week 2008, set to get kick started after three days, comes this times with a new fashion mantra “Fashion Meets Nature.'' Clearly, the catchphrase says a lot about the theme of this upcoming fashion meet, probably the most popular fashion event in Asia. Interestingly, last one was tagged as “Fashion Meets Art.”

Bali, awarded as the most favored island around the world, in 2005, has been the gateway for the fashion lovers around the world for long. Its rich cultural heritage, preserved diversity and ultra-romantic landscapes has made it the “hottest' destinations for nature loving fashioners.

The organizing committee, Moda Bali Foundation, has been successfully holding these spectacular trade shows since 2001. The main motto of the organization is to provide their rising fashion talents with the right platform, so they can emerge on the international scenes.

The theme, this year, will inspire the fashion designers around the world to look at the latest fashion trends through the glasses of nature. The main message, surely, is going to be that how fashionable innovations can remain around, and keep flourishing too, with no harm to the nature.

All the last 7 editions of Bali Fashion Weeks have proved as the one of the most effective discussion tables of the fashion business professionals in that part of the world. The potential buyers and sellers of fashion apparel regard it as one the most favorite business hub.

Date: 24-29 August, 2008

Venues: Kuta Beach, Pura Kuta Segara, Lotus Pond, Hard Rock Center Stage, GWK Cultural Park Bali.



  • Fashion Shows- Every Night

  • Trade Shows- 10 AM to 5 PM.


  • Street Carnival showcasing the creative works of various designers.

  • Lectures and Paper Presentations by fashion experts on fashiontrends.

Aug 20, 2008

Body Piercing or Body Perishing?

Probably, the trend of body piercing is as old as our organized human civilization itself. According to some history experts the prevalence of this trend can be dated back to three millenniums ago. In 1991, the discovery of an “iceman” mummy with his ears pierced, on the border of Italy can be a proof.

But according to the medical experts, despite its acceptance as a symbol of individual expression, its side effects can be millenniums old too. The careless and unadvised embracing of body piercing can be fatal and hazardous to the health of your skin, in some cases to your tissues too.

The pierced part of skin develops an irritating itching or scratches. In some cases infections and allergies too. It all happens when we put on low quality jewelry and don't allow to heal the pierced part. The reasons can be many and so many can be complications.

The simple itching may turn into swollen, bleeding and smelly boils only to scare you. So, before this symbol of individual expression turns into a symbol of “individual irritation”, we must be careful about certain aspects while getting our body parts pierced.

First of all, make sure that the piercing tools used by the professional is sterilized and bacteria free. Tell him to clean the ”part-to-be-pierced” with care, most necessarily with a medicated soap. If the cleaning of tools and the skin part is not done properly, it may harm the skin as well the tissues beneath.

Though the jewelry made of nickel and cobalt etc. are cheapest and look stunning, they are more likely to instigate threatening and skin damaging allergies, if put in the holes. It is best to use gold jewelry. Fashion jewelry made of stainless steel too can be free from any ailment. However, silver jewelry should be avoided when the skin has just got pierced.

In case you feel even a slight itching, irrespective of the jewelry type, please throw off the jewelry first. Then, consult a dermatologist or a skin specialist. Most probably, he may apply a cortisone cream over the infected area and leave it for healing.

When it gets healed, the jewelery, not a nickel one, may be used again. Hopefully, if you pay little attention in this regard, your piercing craze will not leave you to perish.

Aug 19, 2008

At Swishing Party Swap Your Clothes to Save Earth

In UK, according to BBC report, a latest craze of a unique party trend has charmed almost all the fashionable party loving women. Surely, these fashionable party animals assemble together to drink and dance.

But what follows after the merry making session is something stunning and rare. They start swapping! Yes..they start swapping, however, nothing but their old fashionable accessories and clothes.

According to the party rules, every participant has to bring any fashion accessory or fashion apparel, of course it has to be an old one but should be valuable. Then, these contributions are hung up on drying racks or hangers only to be swapped later.

After several rounds of wines, they wait for a whistle, completely entranced. No sooner than the whistle blows, after the drinks, than they start racing towards those old fashion products. The party rules allow a lady to choose as many things she wants, even if she had contributed a single dress or something else.

These unique parties have come up with some unique solutions and benefits too. Amazingly, the biggest beneficiary is nothing but our own loving earth which we are trying hard to save. Amazing enough...a party can save the earth! How?

About 900,000 tonnes of fashion garbage is dumped, according to a textile recycling charity, Traid, in UK every year. So, if such parties become common, a heap of to-be-dumped fashion products can go to other's wardrobes instead of being thrown away.

Apart from saving the planet's climate, it has another benefit too. It can help you save huge amount also. Won't you prefer to go for a skirt, though old one but in good condition, which may cost more than $75 or so.

Yes..your search and urge for such parties, after knowing this much, is natural and practical. Step out of your home, please, and look out when such a party is held near you. Probably, there goes a swishing party tonight!

Aug 18, 2008

Why did a Techie Hack Fashion?

Being a human, it is pretty normal to look for fashionable stuffs to see one's personality getting groomed. Indeed, it's everyone's birth right to get dressed according to his/her wishes. Be it a sports person, a cine star or even a techie. Yes..even a techie.

So far, we had been witnessing many professionals from IT field buying nicely optimized dresses with many inbuilt pockets to keep their gadgets safely. But what would you say if a stalwart of silicon valley himself jumps straight down to the corridor of fashion world, not to buy but to sell?

Rob Meadows, who preferred fashion designing to his mobile software company, himself gives the answer. He says, “I didn't want to jump from one 20-hour technology day to another and of course there's the parties, the beautiful women, the fun parts of it as well."

Needless to say, he sold his multi-million mobile software company, in 2006, and started designing his fashion dress line. Apart from getting footholds at some small centers, he has an exclusively designed fashion apparel for Nordstrom.

It is widely known that the fashion field gives a very “slow” profitable result, and even it takes long to turn into a bulky one. Then, it seems far from a wise move to dump a profitable business like software development for fashion.

Definitely, Rob is not here to earn money only. Rather, he is here to add some tasty spices in his life. And probably, he seems to restore his “I-love-to-get-socially-involved” habit.

Finally, we should be assured enough, whatever complex steps he would take to design dresses, his dresses would be as user friendly as his softwares had been.

Aug 14, 2008

Beijing Olympics: And the Gold Goes to Fashion

Last Friday, when the whole world was glued to TV( don't call it an idiot box please, at least for this time) to watch the Olympics opening ceremony live, the people had to go through some strange “fashionable” experiences.

Their mind's inquisitive nature always demanded some explanations in response to what they had been seeing on the screen. Actually, the problem was not with their mind.

Rather, the fashionable dresses representing a plethora of color combination which mirrored the cultural amalgam and versatility of the planet had created an illusion in their minds.

They couldn't make out what they were witnessing in fact. Were they watching a fashion catwalk on the premises of Bird's Nest? was of that sort. It was a fresh manifestation of how fashion is overpowering the exotic fields.

That evening, the opening ceremony of the biggest sports gala in the human history so far had provided a gateway to a “sporty” fashion. The real purpose, the games, had been pushed behind the curtains. And the colorful fashion apparel had taken center stage.

However, this marriage of fashion and sports is not a unique ceremony that we would feel like dancing. Because, we have seen a number of sports stars being the promotional campaigners of various famous fashion brands.

What amused most of the people that how the very fashion statement of sports persons had transferred directly from the huge billboards to the playground itself. And, perhaps, they looked better in those fancy dresses than their doctored photos on any fashion magazine's cover. Of course, we love reality.

Though grabbing the maximum number of gold medals always on the mind, most of the countries seemed to have sent their players only as fashion showpieces in order to show their growing prosperity. Probably, they might be thinking that “ fashion makes a nation great.” Here, you may laugh.

Finally, this sporting event will definitely see many records getting broken and made, but for me the record it has made on “fashion” tracks is set to survive for long. Undoubtedly, a record worth a gold medal.

Aug 13, 2008

Woolmark Woos Woolgrowers and Youth With a New Logo

The Australian Wool Industry is set to experience a major facelift and makeover. The wool organization, in order to regain a refreshed momentum in the fashion industry, has decided to replace the 44 year old logo with a curved swirl which represents the head of a ram.

The new logo is believed to draw the attention of the youth and the tired woolgrowers. Please note that the last 4-5 years have seen a huge decline in the production of merino wool. The woolgrowers, around Australia, seemed to have lost their interest in its production.

The chairman of Australian Woolgrowers Association, Martin Oppenheimer looked excited and said, “...what we needed was a launch like this to excite woolgrowers so they know more about the product and have more confidence that there's a strong demand for it.'' Hopefully, the new logo will inject a fresh hope and vigor among those woolgrowers.

On the other hand, the organisation is equally interested to share its pie in the booming fashion apparel industry for youths. The new design of the Woolmark logo will make the youths believe that the use of wool for fashion can be luxurious too, apart from being qualitative. Definitely, the organization has made the logo more standardized and visually attractive.

The youths have been specifically prescribed to use merino woolen sporting gears and other fancy dresses. Interestingly, Australian Wool Innovation chief executive Craig Welsh believed that the new logo would woo the younger generation comprehensively.

He said, “...the younger generations don't know what that quality means. They don't know merino wool can be light, soft and extremely comfortable. It can be used as a luxurious evening wear material or in sporting clothes.''

The logo has got two new labels: Superior Merino and Australian Merino. Though former's use is limited to the production of streetwear for youths, the latter label targets the big players of the fashion world including the fashion retailers and designers. Also, the launching function of the new logo saw the display of Merino evening wear and sportswear. Most profoundly, we too have seen the launch of a new “woolen” era.

Aug 12, 2008

Botox Cream to Bury Your Wrinkles

Botox cream can do wonders to any middle aged person removing the wrinkles, especially if the person is too scared of coming under the knife in the name of plastic surgery, or is equally apprehensive about the much talked-about botox injections.

But fortunately, the judicious and guided application of botox cream has been proved medically safe unlike the botox injections which can paralyze the face muscles. Even, the surgical intervention has proved fatal, damaging the vital tissues on the face.

Botox cream, by many it has been considered, as the most successful anti aging cream. The medicinal component “Acetyl Hexapeptide-3” found in this cream works magically, though slowly, in removing the wrinkles.

This face care product has got a status of panachea and comes up with treating some other face related problems too. It is capable of removing dark circles beneath the eyes and provides enough moisture to retrieve the lost glaze of the facial skin.

The best benefit, as I do believe, of using botox cream is that it burns very few holes in your pockets. Because, its usage determines the dumping of other face care products to the dustbin. Definitely, the botox cream is a reliable alternative to many other skin friendly creams.

However, its miraculous power to remove wrinkles can't be experienced overnight. The embarrassing lines on the face will get to disappear slowly and completely providing a total relief from the stress of getting older, litterally.

Aug 11, 2008

"Work to Flirt Dress" : Ending the Dating Woes

The fear of being turned down at the very first sight, only because of the formal outfits one sports, though unwillingly, at the date table, may soon get a sweet farewell.

The newly designed bifunctional dress will ensure that the tight schedule will not take any toll of one's sweet evenings. Interestingly, it is a brainchild of famous networking site;

Much to the amazement, they have named it: “Work to Flirt dress.” As the name suggests, it is set to bring an end to the post-work hazardous run towards home to wear the sexy outfits suitable for dating.

Rather, some simple steps like : revealing the hidden buttons or tying extra strings to it will give it a much sensuous and different look.

This fashion innovation has provided enough relief to the working women, who are reluctant to go on a date in formals. They are right too.

A survey conducted by cites that more than 33% singles admitted to avoid their dates because they did not find their official apparel suitable for the dates.

A prospective dater, when it comes evening, can change her work dress into a fashionable and sexy outfit. She needs to do only things like opening up a reversible belt which will give a short split skirt.

Adding to it, this dress may provide some glimpses of the back of the wearer too. Wonderfully, it is claimed to be one of the best versions of two-in-one's of any kind

Aug 7, 2008

Now, Leona Lewis Will Sing Fashion

Once again, she has come with something exceptional and sensational. But this time, Leona Lewis is not going to mesmerize someone's auditory organs. Even, she is not going to inject a tickling symphony into the listener's nerves. Behold...she is set to launch her new composition on a completely different note.

The X-factor winner, in 2006, announced that she was more than interested to launch a fashion range of her own. Late in this month, on a dinner table, she has planned to strike a deal with High Street supremo Sir Philip Green.

The Topshop owner himself is no less enthusiastic regarding this mega deal as "He knows she is emerging into one of the world's top pop stars and wants to discuss her doing her own Topshop range," The Sun quoted a source related to the deal.

The East Londoner who has broken many records with her chartbusters is going to join the league of Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez. Most probably, her fashion apparel will be eco-friendly or at least animal friendly, keeping in the view her love for animals.

Once she was spotted saying that she would like to design a range of shoes and bags made of no animal skin . Of course, apart from a sonorous voice, she has got a beautiful heart too.

Interestingly, she will be the next big thing at Sir Green's Topshop after Kate Moss, the famous model, as she too runs her own collection at this famous chain store. No wonder, people are waiting eagerly for this pop star's new avatar as a fashion diva.

Aug 6, 2008

Boho Makes You Read Green

Come Tuesday, August 12, we will see a complete “green” magazine. Of course, not green in color, though printed in black and white. Not to leave the possibility of the use of other colors too. Then! How come it is going to be green?

The answer lies in the announcement of Seed Media. They have announced to launch the publication of a fashion magazine Boho dedicated to green fashion.

It is expected to include the whole of the diverse field of fashion. This fashion publication will particularly target young fashionable women with its 55,000 circulation band.

A reader, especially a woman, is set to enjoy the valuable green articles, green news, and all the green activities happening around the fashion world.

A woman who has enough consciousness to make this world greener can be best benefited by this magazine.

It will have everything related to travel, beauty, fashion, modern lifestyle etc. in a green way. Simply, a complete package for an “eco-friendly” fashionable woman.

Not only that it will prescribe how to go green fashionably, it will use green papers , as a token of sincerity and commitment, also.

The magazine pages are supposed to be made of post-consumer waste. Moreover, it will use natural soy ink also, to set a complete green overtone.

Aug 5, 2008

Choosing The Right Toothbrush

Choosing the right toothbrush becomes extremely essential and is often recommended by the dentists to go for the right dental care products. The market these days is full of toothbrushes. They are available in many designs, colors and styles. But only few are there which can score sufficiently in a well qualified dentist's acid test. The buying of a toothbrush without some serious medical considerations can bring more problems than the benefits it could.

That is why, we have to be careful in the following ways:

The Shape: For God's sake, forget the “big is beautiful” punchline. Only a toothbrush, compact and small in shape can give you the right service. Because its small size enables it to reach all around the mouth efficiently. It is lighter too so can be handled easily.

The Head: The small head of your toothbrush can reach being harmless even the most congested corners in your mouth. Also the top of a small head makes its way between the teethridges and the interiors of the cheeks quite smoothly.

The Bristles: Probably, the hard like iron bristles may be producing a great sound to make you believe that the work is being done nicely, but the fact is that they are squashing off the delicate exterior coating of your teeth. Also they tend to make your gum bleed. So, choose a toothbrush with nylon bristles. They are really soft.

The Replacement: Most dentists recommend to replace the toothbrush when it is 2-2.5 months old. This period is enough to make a toothbrush, especially its bristles damaged and unhygienic.

The Approval: Last but not least, only a toothbrush with the American Dental Association (ADA) seal should be bought. The association's approval guarantees maximum health benefits to your teeth and gum.

Aug 4, 2008

Fashion Goes Bullet Proof

Anyone, even if least interested in fashion, will jump out of his/her seat, if told about this new genre of fashion. But those, who know what does it mean to be safe on one hand and fashionable on the other, will tell not only the benefits of this “bullet-proof' fashion, but also they will sing a praise-song for Miguel Caballero, a Colombia born.

Commonly, he is termed as “Armani of Armour” in the world of fashion. According to the reports, he was very much perturbed by the killings of people, especially the important ones, in the civil war of his country. Hence, this catastrophic situation sparked in him the inspiration to use fashion not for its centuries old purpose, but to save the lives of people. A completely different and bizarre use of fashion products, indeed.

1992 was the year, when he launched his unique version of fashion apparel in order to keep the bullets , fired with evil intentions, away from the innocent lives. This happened after his stay in Bogota, where he studied, which had proved a fashion laboratory for him. He was quite fascinated by the bullet-proof apparels worn by his classmates. Most importantly, most of them were offspring of famous personalities of Columbia.

When he provided some very accurate and safe services in Columbia, he got a series of clients begging him for his assistance. Apart from Hugo Chavez and Alvaro Uribe, the presidents of Venezuela and his very Columbia respectively, he got some other famous clients such as King Abdullah of Jordan and Hollywood Action Star, Steven Seagal. However, these 1.2 kg bullet-proof jackets can be bought at the famous Harrods in London by anyone.

He got his clients all around the globe. Being famous and rich, they never wanted to compromise with their fashion quotient. Hence, they wanted to be safe. At that period, Caballero's “bullet-proof and fashionable” apparels came to their rescue. Now, their blazers, shirts, leather jackets and even the ties have gone bullet-proof. It means, there is the surety of a complete safe and fashionable life to them.

Aug 2, 2008

Making of Shoelaces: A Befitting Process

Most of the times, the shoes cease to be shoes if they are not attached to shoelaces. The role of the shoes as the guard and protector of our feet, from various health hazards, is highly enhanced by the quality of their shoelaces.

These straight woven strings, made of cotton or many other fibers, come in a variety of length with two taped and plastic covered ends. These ends are called aglets. Obviously, these aglets help to tie the laces when they pass through the eyelets.

The best, most prevalent and the most common way of making of shoelaces in the United States and worldwide is the braiding-process. As the name suggests, the braiding of shoelaces is done by braiding machine. These circular in shape machines come with 44 bobbins and a holding basket.

These machine are being used for a long period. Though some innovative shoelace making machines have crept in the fashion industry these days, still the braiding machines have not become less important. There simple and easy to use mechanism make them all time favorite.

The specifically arranged bobbins work when assisted by the electric motors in the machine. These bobbins regulate their speed by the side gears. The speed of the bobbins influence comprehensively the quality or the weaving strength of the braids. For example; the slower the bobbins move, the condensed knitting we get.

Then, the long pieces of braids are sent for the tipping process. The tipping process is done by immersing the braid in acetone. Then a heated die is pressed on the braid at regular intervals. These presses ensure the actual length of the shoelaces and aglets.

The another die presses hard on the tips of the braid to modify the aglets. At last, these pieces of braids are sent to the packaging department where they are given various labels and beautiful covers according to current fashion trends of footwear.

Aug 1, 2008

Michelle Obama : The New Icon of Political Fashion

Powerful and sensible dressing styles of politicians' wives have long been a serious weapon to mobilize the gullible voters, especially in the United States. The name Michelle Obama is the latest one in the long list of the politicians who have always seen their wives' power dressing as a useful tool to attract the people( voters!) towards them. They seem to have learnt a lot about fashion from the likes of Kennedys and Clintons.

Though her dressing style has already been hailed as one of the most fabulous one, the latest annual list by Vanity Fair Magazine enlisting the world's best dressed people ranks Michelle Obama as the best dressed women on the planet is icing on the cake.

The appreciation given to Michelle becomes more striking when the names like Kate Middleton, Carla Bruni, Angelina Jolie etc. come but after her name. Astonishingly, the wife of John McCain was completely discarded by the committee. She was termed as “too conventional to be stylish.”

She seems determined enough to leave a mark on the success of her husband Barrack Obama, himself a powerfully dressed politician. He, too, is leaving no stone unturned while utilizing her wife's ultra-modern dressing styles. Undoubtedly, her dressing uniqueness will prove to be the last coffin in the nail to ensure the success towards the prime seat.

In order to raise the success quotient in the political corridors using her striking individual fashion, she enjoys the services of well-known fashion designers. They ensure, by all means, that her fashionable womanhood can be used to set a red carpet for her husband. Therefore, she along with her designers, never misses a chance to promote herself.

Her dynamic attitude is revealed by her big range of apparels of completely different and individual styles. You are not sure what dress you will see her sporting during the next meeting. Definitely, she believes life too has got an axis on which it keeps spinning. In other words she is too versatile, at least in the field of political fashion.