Aug 21, 2008

Bali Fashion Week 2008: Fashion Meets Nature

The latest and the 8th edition of Bali Fashion Week 2008, set to get kick started after three days, comes this times with a new fashion mantra “Fashion Meets Nature.'' Clearly, the catchphrase says a lot about the theme of this upcoming fashion meet, probably the most popular fashion event in Asia. Interestingly, last one was tagged as “Fashion Meets Art.”

Bali, awarded as the most favored island around the world, in 2005, has been the gateway for the fashion lovers around the world for long. Its rich cultural heritage, preserved diversity and ultra-romantic landscapes has made it the “hottest' destinations for nature loving fashioners.

The organizing committee, Moda Bali Foundation, has been successfully holding these spectacular trade shows since 2001. The main motto of the organization is to provide their rising fashion talents with the right platform, so they can emerge on the international scenes.

The theme, this year, will inspire the fashion designers around the world to look at the latest fashion trends through the glasses of nature. The main message, surely, is going to be that how fashionable innovations can remain around, and keep flourishing too, with no harm to the nature.

All the last 7 editions of Bali Fashion Weeks have proved as the one of the most effective discussion tables of the fashion business professionals in that part of the world. The potential buyers and sellers of fashion apparel regard it as one the most favorite business hub.

Date: 24-29 August, 2008

Venues: Kuta Beach, Pura Kuta Segara, Lotus Pond, Hard Rock Center Stage, GWK Cultural Park Bali.



  • Fashion Shows- Every Night

  • Trade Shows- 10 AM to 5 PM.


  • Street Carnival showcasing the creative works of various designers.

  • Lectures and Paper Presentations by fashion experts on fashiontrends.

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