Aug 11, 2008

"Work to Flirt Dress" : Ending the Dating Woes

The fear of being turned down at the very first sight, only because of the formal outfits one sports, though unwillingly, at the date table, may soon get a sweet farewell.

The newly designed bifunctional dress will ensure that the tight schedule will not take any toll of one's sweet evenings. Interestingly, it is a brainchild of famous networking site;

Much to the amazement, they have named it: “Work to Flirt dress.” As the name suggests, it is set to bring an end to the post-work hazardous run towards home to wear the sexy outfits suitable for dating.

Rather, some simple steps like : revealing the hidden buttons or tying extra strings to it will give it a much sensuous and different look.

This fashion innovation has provided enough relief to the working women, who are reluctant to go on a date in formals. They are right too.

A survey conducted by cites that more than 33% singles admitted to avoid their dates because they did not find their official apparel suitable for the dates.

A prospective dater, when it comes evening, can change her work dress into a fashionable and sexy outfit. She needs to do only things like opening up a reversible belt which will give a short split skirt.

Adding to it, this dress may provide some glimpses of the back of the wearer too. Wonderfully, it is claimed to be one of the best versions of two-in-one's of any kind