Aug 31, 2008

Nina Garcia and Her Hundred Stylish Pieces

Nina Garcia, famous for her book “The Little Black Book of Style”, has arrived with another best seller.

Her latest fashion guide , The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own, got a release on August 26, 2008, and it was taken with enthusiasm galore.

While her first book dealt with many how to's on fashion, her latest creation is full of hundred well-defined commandments on what to's.

As the name suggests, the book helps any fashionable woman to sort out hundred most valuable and essential fashion articles to make her wardrobe fully equipped.

Ironically, Garcia, a fashion director, got the inspiration to pen down this book when she was forced to move out of her flat for almost two years.

As not having a complete and full-fledged wardrobe out of her flat, she had to make frequent trips to her flat to grab the her fashion products.Those tiresome trips sparked an idea to enlist the most needed hundred things for a woman.

“Every once in a while, I'd run back to the apartment to snatch an item or two,” She said, “ Soon I realized I had the answer to the questions that women kept asking me, "What are the must-haves?"

The book's list of can't-live-withouts include things like a tuxedo jacket, a well-fit jacket, a panama hat, etc. It also tells a lot about things designer belts etc. Not only these things, it also emphasizes that if you like to wear a short skirt, then your wardrobe is incomplete without knee-high boots.

Interestingly, she emphasized the importance of shoes with some extra force. She told, “It is one of those things you can’t fake. You can’t look well dressed without a nice pair of shoes, it is impossible.”

Also her book include things, such as; zippered hoodie, crisp white shirt, push-up bra etc. Apart from these things, the book lists a number of other things which are enough to turn a lady into a fashion diva.

This book, undoubtedly, going to be an asset and boon for the all fashionable ladies. This book will work as a guide for those who are not well assured what their wardrobe should be made of.

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