Sep 3, 2008

Must-have Boots For Your Feet

In the world of footwear for women, the boots have always got an undying importance. The fashion quotient of any fashionable lady, on any outing, can get a dramatic dip if she doesn't sport a pair of boots.

The market can have a range of boots, but few are there which can really give a woman her due sexy look and enhance her personality. Probably, the following list of boots may help a woman choose some boots of her likes.

Slouch Boots: These knee-touching boots are best designed to give you a casual look. If you are looking for a footwear which can give you attention, luxury and relaxation everything together, then this can be the best buy.

To feel its maximum magic, don't forget to sport it with any loose-fitting shirt paired with a short skirt.

Cowboy Boots: If willing for more sexy looks, go for it. You will not be able to count the heads of your admirers.

It is best to wear it with a leather jacket and a cowboy hat. Choose a beautiful light blue shirt to give a better finish.

Wellington Boots: Suitable to be used round the year. Comfortable with every weather. Planning to participate in carnivals or road festivals?

Grab a pair. Couple it with whatever you may like. A jeans or short skirt! It makes a perfect match.

Ankle Boots: If you have got a pair of beautiful legs. Ankle boots are there to complement them.

Though short skirts can be charming, the long ones too will see many craving for you to talk to. Try some tight fit jeans with their edges tucked into those boots.

Go-go Boots: You will exactly look like a cheerleader, cheering for nothing but your beauty. These boots come with either low or flat heels. They come with various lengths.

Buy a pair of jeans or a short skirt for a satisfying look. For more raunchy looks, try a pair of red go-go boots with a leather mini skirt.

Knee-high Boots: They not only make you look sexy but lusty too.

A black pair of knee-high boots donned with a knee-length red skirt, if you dare to wear, can see a bloodbath amongst men for you.

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