Sep 16, 2008

Stripes Myths Stripped Off

Last week, long-established fashion perceptions, regarding stripe rules, went topsy-turvy when the researchers came out with something contradictory.

More clearly, for long it was believed, by me and you too, that it is the horizontal stripes on the dresses that make a wearer look fat and verticals do the very opposite.

But meet some British scientists and they will come with myth busting, rather shocking, revelation that it was a fake assumption to believe so.

They, after a detailed study, have found out that the horizontal stripes, in fact, make you look thinner. Needless to say, this research report has come up loaded with a sharp contrast.

Also, they added, much contrary to the former and popular belief, that the vertical stripes make you look fuller.

They, scientists from the University of York, included 210 pairs in this milestone study. The pairs were given some drawings of women wearing womens clothing with vertical and horizontal stripes on them.

The women in drawings were completely alike in size. Then they were asked to confirm which drawings looked bigger.

As a matter of shock, they declared those women clad in horizontal stripes looked thinner. Their study also revealed that the ladies in horizontal stripes eventually looked thinner by 6%.

The researchers are also enthusiastic about this myth-buster. "So you can actually slim down by 6% by wearing horizontal stripes," Dr Peter Thompson from the university. "Women have been a slave to fashionistas who don't know what they're talking about."

Definitely, now women have got more reliable sources to get updated on fashion, rather than simply following the rules of fashion experts blindly.

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