Sep 23, 2008

Ethical Fashion Show: 2008

Here comes a completely different type of fashion show bred by a completely bizarre form of fashion trend. The trend of
ethical fashion show which started back in 2004 is set to see its next tantalizing edition in the coming month of October.

Apart from making the fashion world greener, its basic aim is to instill in the heart of fashioners a sense of awareness and sympathy towards those who are related to fashion indirectly.

The show solely aims to inspire us to take care of certain social reasons before donning any fashionable stuff. It mainly motivates us to use those clothes which are made paying sufficient wages to the workers. We know that the farmers in cotton fields and weavers work in inhuman conditions in almost all the third world countries.

Further, the extensive and uncontrolled use of pesticides in those fields make a fashion apparel on our body no less than a sack full of poison and toxic elements. Thus, this fashion show also tries to tell that wearing of fashion apparel could be a possibility even if we don't use pesticides while growing cotton.

Since it has been launched in 2004 by Isabelle Quehe, this ethical fashion show has turned out to be a great hit. Fashion designers from all round the globe has taken it with great enthusiasm and vigor.

In this fashion show names like Veja, Nu streetwear(France), Eco Logica(Australia), Pachauti(UK), Pau Brasil(Brazil) etc. are going to take active participation.

Though it will go on for four days, its schedule has been devised very judiciously. The first two days( Oct. 9th and 10th) are reserved for trade shows while next two days are assigned for general public. All these four days are set to be full of showrooms, runways and conferences.

This edition will see a concentration of almost 100 fashion designers from all the four corners of the world. The best ethical designer will be given an award buy a jury of fashion and trade fair professionals.

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