Sep 5, 2008

Tips to Choose Dresses for Chubby Women

For a woman who looks full and has lost most of her curves, undoubtedly, the dress selection for perfect look becomes a serious issue.

The rules say that a chubby woman needs to select clothes with much care. If not paid enough attention, she might end up loosing a lot of money on something which doesn't suit her at all.

First of all, most of the time, she must accept that the tighter clothes are not for her. If she deliberately wears tighter garments, it means she is not ready to accept her appearance. But there is a hope, she can still wear some tighter beachwear like swimsuit or spandex.

But when not near a beach, she must consider loose-fits only. Why? She needs to hide her body flaw. Generally, anything made of cotton can be suitable. They give her extra edge and ventilation both.

In winters, a chubby woman must go for sweatshirts. They hide the chubbiness a lot. Try it with jeans and legwarmers.

One of the best way to get smartly dressed is to wear floaty dresses. However, any floaty dress must be worn with good looking belts. It makes her look slim.

The primary goal, while selecting a shirt, is to feel comfortable and smart. On large, babydoll shirts can be suitable for a chubby. However, they make her look pregnant.

If she still has a liking to go for babydoll shirt, then pairing it with a belt and straight leg jeans is recommendable. A caution! The belt should not be of contrasting color and must have a bit of width.

For a chubby woman, trying belly shirts brings adverse effects . They reveal the chubbiness instead of hiding it.

The striped shirts are never the best pick. Their more number of stripes on the shirt the more chubbier they make a woman. Reason? Simple! They become a measurement of her chubbiness.

While trying some T-shirts, get ensured that these are printed, especially with big and shining floral prints. The floral prints hide the fatty flaws.

To hide the body flaws, a full-looking lady has no better option than an empire waist blouse. They look sexy and can conceal thousand secrets.

Choosing a suitable jeans too seems to bother. The best buy can be a low rise jeans. Apart from being adventurous, they turn a flabby waist into a slender one.

Better not to wear a jeans which is too skinny. Safer it is to wear loose-fit jeans. However, to look more fashionable she can wear a boot cut.

The cuts near the ankle in her jeans gives it a wider look and creates a resonance with the her wider upper body parts. Even a jeans with flare at the bottom can make her look smart and less chubby.

It is well researched that a chubby woman who is taller looks less chubbier, so always try some high-heel sandals and shoes.

Hard to believe it may sound, the hair style too plays a handy role to hide or reveal the chubbiness. Sporting long hair is always recommendable. It hides the extra pounds behind the neck and back.


Anonymous said...

Chubby women have real less options when it comes to fashionable clothing. Some more insights will be delightful like on wedding dresses for chubby women.

Jasmine said...

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Doreen said...

helpful article but still lousy...chubby women should not wear too loose clothing because this will only make them look even bigger...she must choose only the right fit that is not too tight nor too loose...also, the article sounds condescending toward chubby people due to the frequent use of the word "flaw"...chubby women must never see their bodies as "flawed" since this will do more harm to their self-esteem. in fact, a lot of chubby people i know do have great fashion tastes. sometimes, taste and confidence is what it takes to pull off a fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

I say this girls clothes are perfect for her and the person writing this commentary is sadly wrong especially regarding the girl on this picture. she isn't chubby At ALL.