Sep 12, 2008

Pouring Snake Venom into Cream to Kill Wrinkles

First it gave your lips a fresh lease of life, and now this snake venom will ensure that the same happens to your skin too.

Inspired by Du Wop's lip gloss Lip Venom which is used to make dry lips healthier and plumpy, Planet Skincare, as the cream is called, uses synthesized snake venom to reduce lines and wrinkles on your face.

Since last week, when it was launched in Selfridges, it has become one of the most sought after body care products, especially among the ladies in their 30's. Please note! It is being sold at the speed of 50 pots per day!

The cream's synthesized venom works mimicking a snakebite. The application of the cream “stuns” the skin as if it has been stung by a venomous snake. The real players behind this “beautification” are the amino acids found in a snake's venom.

As we age, the wrinkles increase, as our muscles loose their ability to contract. Thus the venom's amino acids found in the cream send a fake message of “contraction” to the nerves. As a result the nerves order the muscles to contract. This leads to the killing of wrinkles.

The venom used in the cream is a synthetic version of Temple Viper' venom. This viper is said to be a type of rattle snake, originated from Malaysia.

As a matter of fact, it has proved to be a much awaited reliever for those are too scared to have Botox injections. "This could work for somebody who doesn't want injections,” says Aamer Khan, medical director of the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic in London.

However, despite all the hoopla behind it, we can't term it as something charismatic. As he himself says, “ The effects are not going to be as dramatic as with Botox. It will also need to be re-applied as the body gets rid of it quickly."

About its efficiency, the reports and manufacturers say that more than 50% wrinkles are vanished after its routined application. Moreover, it makes the skin 82% smoother. Strikingly, these results can be found only in 28 days.

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