Sep 18, 2008

The Return of Skin-tight Jeans

These skin tight jeans had gone disappeared for some moments, or for some years as it could be rightly said. But they are back and amazingly it is being embraced by teenagers. Interestingly, these are the same teenagers who had made this apparel a smash hit back in 80's.

They are using it to shape up their bulging bottoms, show off their beautiful and well-crafted legs and sensuously muscular calves.

However, if we peep into the history, the use of skin-tight jeans was not a taboo among elderly people also. Especially, those among their 20's and 30's were wearing it with the enthusiasm no lesser in impact than that of teens .

Americans got a first glimpse of skin-tight jeans in 1950's. Elvis Presley, Rock 'n' Roll fame, gave Americans a real shocker when he came in public wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans. Needless to say, it sparked curiosity, debates and things a lot more.

This fashion apparel soon crept in the wardrobes of teenagers with a bang and became a craze unmatched. They found it as a much awaited tool which could help them display their curves and well-finished body shape.

Naturally, for these very reasons, the modern teenagers seem to join this bandwagon.

The way it showed the “some” parts of a teenagers body, it was not abnormal to hear it being related to sexuality. Keeping apart the debates sparked by these jeans on their comfortability and body- friendliness, it was no wonder to see them sporting these stuffs merely to enhance their sex appeal.

Interestingly, apart from being a heartthrob of teenagers, it is widely used by the people associated with various rock bands. Amazingly, it is believed that its use is enough to give any rock band an exciting “bad boy” reputation.

Really, its extensive use by numerous bands like Anthrax, Slayer, Rolling Stone and many more is an example of how it can change the outlook of an entire group. The skin-tight jeans, wonderfully, gave them a negative image they wanted to have.

Its fame didn't only give it acceptability in the fashion corridors, but it also earned various names. Wearers happily gave it some “tickle-the-funny-bone” names like drainpipes, pencil pants, cigarette pants etc.

Hope this stuff is here to stay long.

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