Sep 10, 2008

Exclusive Hairstyles to Hide Flaws

Stylish women , undoubtedly, have beautiful hair, most of the time. But the beautiful hair proves to be an utter useless stuff, if not manged carefully enough to suit a woman's face type.

And it doesn't need a university degree to find out your face type. It is quite simple and takes no more than five minutes.

And once you have got the clear cut idea about your face shape, your job is half done.

Mirror never lies :

Stand before a mirror and pull all your hair back. Cover it using a black scarf leaving the whole forehead bare. Be assured that no strand of your hair lurks out.

At least, that moment, make your hair free from all hair care products and hair tools you might have used.

Now, using a marker, draw an 8x8 square in the center of the mirror, just parallel to your face. Now, assuming this as a photo frame, try to look into the square and see how your face fits into it.

Needless to say, you have discovered your face type. Now comes the bigger job. Step out to the nearest salon. So if you have...

Round face: Then giving it suitable hairstyles becomes tricky, though it is the universal face type. So for a better look, ensure you hair touches your chin or goes below it.

If your neck is fully covered, it will be amazing. Tell your hairdresser to give it an angular look. Avoid straightening.

Triangular Face: You may find, in this type, the part between your chin and nose creates the real problem. They seem to be in no accordance of the upper “full” part of the face.

So the primary focus is to choose a hairstyle that brings a harmony on the face. The best option is to choose a strict chin-length hair.

They should cover your ears to provide your face with the maximum fullness. At last, keep your neck bare. Straightening is useful.

Square face: Then give your hair a below-lips length. Ensure, it doesn't reach the chin. The hair should come, making around shape, from behind your ears to cover whole of your face leaving only the front part of cheeks open.

Better if you wear mono or bi-layered hair only. Keep your neck bare. Avoid straightening, it will make your face look squarer.

Long face: Then, first of all, pray for dense but smooth hair. The increased volume will be sufficient enough to give your face a sort of fullness. To make you face look a bit fuller and rounder, try to wear multi-layered hair.

Get your hair grown upto your shoulders. If you mange to get few bunches of your hair flaunting around your breast, your face will look too attractive, hiding its “lengthy” flaws.

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