Dec 28, 2009

Posh Rules! Victoria Beckham's Look Books

She needs no introduction. Victoria Beckham has always been glamorous: as a member of the Spice Girls, she stomped around in stilettos and little black dresses at all times. In recent years, however, she's taken her sense of fashion to another level. The Spice Girl's Posh Spice has evolved to be a style icon over the years. Married to soccer star David Beckham and mother of three boys, she is still sexy and hot and rules the fashion industry.Checkout Posh's look books for the trendiest hairstyles, sunglasses, footwear, handbags and more. 

Dec 24, 2009

Hot & Bold Footwear Designs: Shoe Trends Fall 2009-2010

It's time to look at the trends for the coming year. Here are some great footwear designs for the Fall/Winter - 2009/2010. Designers continue their bold experiments with the new shapes and constructions for stylish and fashionable shoes. Fashion shoe trends this season will differ considerably from summer collections with their fun and brightness. First of all, there will be more strict forms and colors. However it is necessary to.....Read the complete article.

Dec 22, 2009

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

The winter is here. Cozy time of year again for layering and zipping up. Wintertime can be tricky when deciding on what essentials to carry you through the season because unlike summer, you generally require an outfit from head to toe to keep you warm. Just to make sure that you don't end up splurging on expensive, once in a week wears, here, are some winter basics to keep you warm and effortlessly stylish this winter...
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Dec 17, 2009

Budget Bling Ideas


So you’ve spent a couple of thousands on your perfect New Year dress… another few on slinky heels that match like heaven. Now you’ve reached a point where you can swipe no more - and you still need to buy stuff to take your dress from bore to score. If you’re stuck in this rut, walk out that door! Seriously ! You get some great bling accessories on the streets. So go out and look at the huge, huge variety of cheap and trendy, rings, belts, clutch-ons, ear rings and more. and match the accessories randomly to figure out what clicks for You ! Get inspired… Read more.

Dec 15, 2009

Easy Everyday Tips For Beautiful Hands

Beautiful soft hands are pleasing to touch and see. But due to everyday work, ours hands become dry and rough. The number of oil glands in our hands is very less and therefore we need to care for and pamper our hands and fingernails quite often.Regular manicuring in beauty salons and fashion parlors may not be possible for every one due to lack of time or affordability. However, manicure care can also be performed at home with some basic knowledge and recipes that will enable your hands and nails shine in health. Read more for useful tips to enhance your manicure, care procedure and ensuring the best health and perfect look of your hands and nails.

Dec 9, 2009

Unique, Special & Personalized: Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Is 'Christmas gifts for her' on your mind too? Well gifting women is not that much of a task.But its has to be special. Be it your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, daughter, niece, anyone, special women in your life deserve somethings special. Women love personalized gifts. Personalized gifts make women think they are thought of and it makes them appreciate the gift all the more. Women are eternally in love with dresses and fashion accessories. Gift a her a nice party dress or party accessories like a stylish bag, footwear, embellished belt, a clutch wallet, etc. Or win her with a simple piece of jewelry like a silver necklace, antique anklets or a beaded armlet. Women, in close relationships, love to receive, personal gifts. A sponsored spa or bundled up bathing accessories for your wife, girlfriend will be great romantic gifts too. Read more for unique and special Christmas gifts for her, that are sure to get you all their love and pampering.

Dec 8, 2009

What To Wear On Christmas Day

Worried about that perfect Christmas look along with managing all the preparation tasks? Don't worry we have come to your rescue with some great tips on Christmas dressing. 'You can be the queen of sheen no matter how you spend the 25th', Nicola Copping, Times online, shares an exciting and crisp guide on what to give a miss and what to pick for the special dressing on the occasion ; for the hostess as well as the guests. Read more...What to wear on Christmas Day.

Dec 2, 2009

Designer Clothing & Grooming Accessories: Christmas Gifts For Men

Gifting men needs a lot of brain storming. Every time its his birthday, anniversary, Christmas or anything else,to avoid the headache, we end up giving them the same thing, year after year. This Christmas gift him something that he really adores.

For men who have a fetish for grooming and dressing well, grooming accessories are an easy choice.If your man – be it your father, boyfriend, brother, husband, close pal or a bum chum- loves to dress, you have a huge variety to choose from. Don't just stick to a shirt or a tie, think designer stuff, mufflers, jackets, overcoat, etc. Also look at ornaments like brooches and cuff links or smart bags,belts and other additional accessories. For sprays and fragrance lovers,gift something from the branded league of colognes, perfumes and body sprays. The options are endless.

For those who are struggling with gifting the special men in their lives something as special as them, here are some gifting ideas, perfect for the occasion. Read more for Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Men.

Dec 1, 2009

Eyeliner Tips For Every Woman

Eyes are perhaps the most attractive feature in a woman's face. Apart from daily care, the make up also makes a huge difference to your look. Eyeliner is a common eye make up used by women today. But applying an eyeliner well is a technique not mastered by many. If you know how to apply eyeliner properly, you can easily work wonders for not just your eyes but your overall facial look. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use the pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, because what matters most is how more.