Jul 31, 2008

How To Buy Cheap Kids Apparel ?

The kids apparel galleries, anywhere in the shopping malls are full of stunning looking dresses for the kids. Many times the color combination and their stylish cuts may lure a buyer to buy those dresses.

However, the buyers, as far as buying of kids clothing is concerned, are not completely interested in the outlooks only. They tend to give a special attention to the price tags. They seem least interested in buying costly clothings for the kids who grow faster than their garden plants.

So a trader, in order to supply comparatively inexpensive kids clothing to the buyers, may explore certain sources to find the “rightly inexpensive” kids apparels.

After all, it is a trader's duty to help their female clients realize that apart from being a loving mama, how they can become a very careful and intelligent housewives too.

Online: For online buying of inexpensive clothes, ebay can be a better bet. Though sites like igive.com etc. can be considered too. They promise to give some better deals.

Seasonal sales: Almost all the shopping malls around the United States arrange clearance sales. These sales happen to take place during the end of the business season. Not only that a trader can find some cheapest stuffs, but he/she may see some dresses commonly not seen on the shelves anywhere else.

Children clothing stores: Avoid going to the shops and malls, where they keep kids clothing merely to enlarge their collections. Rather, step into those stores which only sale clothing for babies. They strive to serve in a better way.

Garage sales: For this, only a trader needs to do is to see online, on Saturday mornings, that which parts of the city are going to host garage sales. Apart from new clothes, over there, one can buy stocks of used ones too, if his/her buyers prefer.

Consignment shops: Probably, these may be the most thrilling buying place for a trader who is looking for extremely inexpensive kids clothing for trades. Here, a complete outfit, always, at the price not sufficient enough to buy a single piece of clothing in a mall nearby can be found easily.

Jul 30, 2008

Simple Rules to Color Your Hair


The fashionable ones have become too experimental and playful while coloring their hair. In order to stand out among thousands, they willfully cross all the boundaries and limits.

Though proved harmful already, according to many researches, the reversed effects can be minimized, if these hair care products are chosen and applied sensibly.

So next time when you plan to give your hair a perfect hue of your choice, you should only go out to find the right stuff in the stores. Some simple considerations, regarding hair dyes, will surely help you prevent the future ailments related to your hair.

Talk to an expert: An expert may be the right person to prescribe you the best and suitable hair color. Needless to say, they may have a thorough examination of your hair type and skin tone.

Test before you use: In case of using a new color, apply it only on a single strand. If suits, then go on applying fully.

Be natural: In order to look “one in a million” don't cross the limits. Use only those colors which are near to your hair's color. Going for a contrasting shade may look odd.

Abandon repetition:
You seemed to worked a lot on hair coloring, but became upset as the result was not so “colorful”. Go for a recoloring........WAIT...it may further damage your hair. Now the ball is in your court.

Limit the shade count: Too many shades may spoil your hair. Being too much experimental with the hues may make a mess on your head. Only 2-3 shades, used alternatively, will prove more than enough.

Set your alarm clock: Don't forget to wash it off before your hair experiences a timeout. If you fear to forget easily, set an alarm for help.

Avoid early shampooing: Take as many as 20-24 hours before you get to shampoo your hair actually. A bit of haste and impatience may end up leading your hair color to the drains.

Jul 29, 2008

Tips to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

Almost every modern woman, in many cases a man too, desires to posses a range of diamond jeweleries in her wardrobe. Probably, it is one of the most sought after substances in the world of jeweleries. According to researches, a whopping number of women, more than 50 percent, admitted to have it.

Though being one the most glazing and shiny gift of nature, they tend to get dirty easily. That is why, the proper and careful cleaning of the diamond jeweleries becomes a top priority.

Any sort of mishandling and carelessness while cleaning may cause a serious damage to these extremely charming and glittering stones. The following steps may prove helpful to look after the diamond jewelry properly.

1)First of all, pour some detergent into the water, and mix it till the mixture is full of lather. Remember, the warm water works best.

2) Take your diamond jeweleries, and dip it into the mixture. Leave it dipped for a while, so the dust particles may loose their strength.

3) After five minutes, rinse the jeweleries smoothly for few moments holding with your two-three fingers. While rinsing, the diamonds should be inside the mixture.

4) Now pull your jeweleries out of the detergent solution, and clean them carefully using a soft brush. The use of any hard brush will definitely end up damaging the shine further. In case of the absence of a special diamond cleaning brush, a lipstick brush or a toothbrush may prove handy.

5) Brush all the parts of your diamonds carefully, especially the back of the diamonds. The back becomes the dirtiest as it remains in the constant contact with the sweating skin.

6) Then, use a clean piece of cotton and wrap it around the diamond jeweleries, so the fabric can absorb the water left on them. It is better to leave them under the fan for a while.

Apart from using detergent solutions, one can use any ammonia-based cleaner to clean the diamonds too. Only it needs to leave the jeweleries in the ammonia solution for 5-6 hours before cleaning up with a brush.

Jul 27, 2008

Semi-casual Dresses: Emerging Hot Office Trends

The long-preserved and strict rules of wearing only formal dresses seem to be dying out. They are slowly giving way to once “unacceptable” semi-casual dresses. These dresses are no longer taboo on the office premises.

Interestingly, they are being approved by those who hold the high ranks. They don’t seem to raise their eyebrows any longer on this changing trend. This “just in” semi-casual attitude has added many colors and spices to a very formal (read colorless) environment of the offices.

The office goers, around the world, are shedding their full sleeve shirts and formal pants with a distinct enthusiasm. Even, the neckties have become pretty optional ones. The professionals at all places are not reluctant, even slightly, to join this latest bandwagon.

On office days, a polo neck t-shirt coupled with a well-fit pant is a common rage. Many are putting on jeans with stylish striped shirts. The ladies are showing a special liking for straight skirts along with some light colored semi-casual tops.

But amazingly, this “unconventional” norm too has got its “conventions”. These rules help a wearer to remain on the right track of semi-formalism. Otherwise, the wearer may creep into the realm of extreme casual dress sense.

The plain colored shirts, not bright red, deep orange or printed ones, can be paired with jeans or chinos. The striped pants and flattering skirts must be avoided. They give a boring look. The excess of jewelry is bad. A light color pearled necklace will suffice.

The wearers profoundly explain the benefits of wearing semi-formals in the offices. They believe wearing semi-casuals make them comfortable, and allows them to look dashing.

But what they forcefully emphasize is that these dresses enhance their productivity. They accept that they seem to be more active in semi-casual apparels.

Jul 25, 2008

Getting Bald ? Try Propecia or Rogaine

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Baldness, no doubt, might be a deterrent for many who are suffering from it. According to researches, it deteriorates the self-confidence of sufferers in one way or other.

However, the basic problem is not the alarming rate of falling hair. It is the lack of solid and authentic treatment and medication,
which results into a frustration for all men who are facing this menace.

Every now and then, we hear a lot about successful medical inventions to treat a number of diseases, once thought to be incurable. But unfortunately, the modern sciences have very few successful options to offer, as far as baldness is concerned.

But still, there is some light at the other
end of the tunnel. The FDA approved Propecia and Rogaine have fast established themselves as the two most influential non-surgical hair care products to the treatment of baldness.

Propecia (Finasteride), according to medical researches, has shown 45-50% success rate in the treatment of baldness. Almost 9 out of 10 men have accepted this pill’s power to ensure hair loss reversal.

Rogaine (Minoxidil), unlike Propecia, comes in two forms: spray and foam. These are applied directly onto the scalp and are left for more than 2-3 hours. Once they get fully dried, they should be washed off.

High Value Tips to Buy Handbags

Though the use of handbags as fashion accessory is centuries old, the modern fashion world seems to use them with a vigor unseen before. They have become an important tool to enhance someone's personality. Obviously, these handbags are the latest rage among fashionable ladies and they consider it as an added value point for their status symbol,

The fashion shelves are fully packed with sophisticatedly designed handbags. These bags come in various shapes, sizes and styles. Of course, one is bound to be misguided and deceived in the middle of a mall while buying a handbag. The reason is pretty obvious...everything that glitters is not gold.

Hopefully, the following tips will help any buyer to grab the right handbag made of right materials and stuffs, and necessarily, bags of right shape. These tips will also help a lot to choose the right handbag for a particular body type. Surely, one has got one's own individuality.

Material of the handbags: Avoid the handbags made of cheap and shiny leather. The hardware and zips used should be made of corrosion free materials. They must match the color of the exterior of the used leather.

Buy from authorized sellers: The authorized dealers sell authentic handbags which come with holograms. Also, they should be asked for the warranty cards.

Firmness of leather: The good quality handbags and its handles never collapse under their own weight when placed on any surface. Its firmness guarantees its quality.

Stitching quality: The stitching of the leather shouldn’t be uneven as they hamper the shape of the handbag and may break easily.

User’s body shape and bag’s shape: The relation between the user’s body and bag’s shape must be given due consideration. For example; a middle sized handbag, touching the top of the waist, is the most suitable for a curved and tall body. A lady with a plus size shape shouldn’t use too small bags. A lady with a slim look must go for a close fitting bag.

Purpose: A buyer must be sure of the way the bag is going to be used. A stylish handbag can never be helpful to carry heavy things bought in the market. Remember, the fancy handbags are not one’s shopping bags.

Jul 16, 2008

The Commercial Evolution of Deodorants

Body odor which seems to be a menace for everybody, undoubtedly. The social life of a foul-smeller shrinks to its maximum and finds him/herself in a no-friend zone. Many a times, its repulsive feature comes in the way of maintaining a healthy relationship.

When a learned person tells that once it ( body odor) was used by our forefathers as a weapon to save themselves from deadly animals, it seems nothing more than an appeasement. However, keeping the anthropological point aside, the body odor had forced to invent one of the most scintillating personal care products...deodorants.

The use of deodorant or scented substance dates back to Egyptian and Greek civilization. Basically, they rubbed it under the armpits, sprinkled on the dresses and poured it in the bathing water.Importantly, this unique smell-killer's use was not in everyone's domain. Needless to say, its production was not commercialized then.

But alongwith the evolution of mankind, deodorant too has experienced a massive makeover in its use and marketing. Today, the deodorant market only in the United States accounts for more than $ 2.0 billion. The two biggest producers, Procter & Gamble and Gillette Company, cover almost 50 percent of the deodorant market in the US.

On the other hand, the global market comprises of about $ 10.0 billion. Europe covers almost 50 percent of the world market, whereas Unilever, being the biggest player, holds more than 25 percent of the total. According to an estimate, the global deodorant market will see a rise of about 18 percent in coming 4-5 years.

The use of deodorant rises when summer comes. It is mostly used by office-goers and teenagers. Almost 90 percent people in the US and European countries use deodorant and regard it as one of the essential body care products. After all, everybody needs to eliminate body odor and get rid of the pungent smelling bacteria.

Jul 15, 2008

5 Must Have Fashion Books

Almost all the artistic sections of human society have got a number of books written on them, be it film, painting or other crafts. Those books are read profoundly by the book lovers. Even a heap of books written on fashion clearly indicates that it is not enough to wear it only, but the its literature too needs some space in your wardrobe.

1.A to Zoe. Writer: Rachael Zoe
Grand Central Publishing, 192 pp.
Price: $25;

Though being a photo-collection of famous individuals and her friends, its eight chapters are full of numerous practical fashion tips for fashion lovers. The book deals with many how-to's. The reader learns to select the right footwear for a particular dress. Further, the book very clearly describes the art of applying makeup, choosing the suitable jewelry and many other things. The presentation of fashion terms and tips using a glossary makes it too exciting.

2.That Extra Half Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between. Writer: Victoria Beckham
Harper Paperbacks, 384 pp.
Price: $20

Victoria's writing debut, assisted by Hadley Freeman, is many inches( read miles) ahead of contemporary books on fashion. Her personal descriptions and her stylistic fashion tips make this book unmatched. This is not a collection of rules and advices. Rather, it gives a wide array of inspirational fashion guidelines to almost all age-groups.

3.Glamour Girls. Writer: Patrick McMullan
PMC Publishing, 316 pp.
Price: $75

It is basically a photo album of famous and beautiful ladies rather than being a book. This celebrity photographer has photographed more than 1000 sexy ladies in the world who have given a new dimension to the world of fashion. Uma Thurman and Angelina Jolie are only two of them. These photographs, added with texts, arrange for us a fairytale journey in the world of celebrity fashion.

4.The Black Dress. Writer: Valerie Steele
Collins Design, 112 pp.
Price: $20

The fact that how black has survived through the course of history, and has remained always the most practical choice of fashion lovers, seems to be a definite inspiration for the writer. This is a visual translation of this “black” trend. He has worked a lot to present a vibrating collection of classic stills from movies, designer sketches and photographs of celebrities describing the charm and greatness of black. The collection of quotes on black is an added advantage.

5.Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style for Men and Women. Writer: Sherrie Mathieson
Clarkson Potter, 256 pp.
Price: $23

Probably the most real, it comes with a truckload of tips and advices for all the over 40's. The book contains no photo of famous personalities but shows the people of locality in an elegant manner. The book compares a pre-grooming photo of a real life model to his/her post-grooming one illustrating the difference. The writer gives simple but exciting tips which are more than enough to any middle-aged person to come back on the right track of fashion.

To find more fashion magazines. Click here

Jul 14, 2008

Bamboo Fabric Wraps 21st Century

Only few years back, when the designers, inspired by the innovations in textile industry, launched a range of fashion garments made of bamboo fabric became a laughing stock of many fashion critics. Many eyebrows raised when this unconventional mode of fabric was allowed to creep in the making of fashion apparels. Mainly, they suspected its comfort quotient at a great extent.

Clearly, they couldn't foresee that the term “bamboo fabric” would become a buzzword in only a short period of time. In other words, they couldn't see and feel the benefits of wearing clothes made of bamboo. But the time has come to realize that the bamboo fabric could be the best substitute fabric and is ready to replace cotton and other traditional fabrics. Definitely, its use will give benefits galore.

Smooth but Durable: This fabric's smooth and silky touch ensures enough that the user's whole skin remains rash-free. At the same time it is durable too.

Heat Resistant: It withstands heat wonderfully and it is capable of absorbing moisture better than cotton. Its adaptability to the extreme climatic conditions makes it friendly to every kind of temperature.

Anti-germs: Its better air-regulating capacity due to its pore-abundance, enables it to minimize the pungent smell of sweat drastically. Hence, it kills unhygienic germs.

Skin Friendly: It reflects the harmful rays of the sun and saves the skin from many ailments and diseases.

Stain Free: Even a mild wash is enough to remove the deepest spots and stains.

Eco-friendly: The bamboo plant does not require any special care while growing i.e. no pesticide and chemical sprinkling is needed. So it gives no harm to the environment.

Easy Recycled: It is sustainable by nature. Hence, it can be recycled easily.

Wrinkle free: Its inherent anti-shrinkage quality seeks no need of additives while washing. Also it remains unaffected if washed in machine.

Allergy Free: Its anti-allergic feature called “bamboo kun”, which kills harmful bacteria makes it an allergy free fabric.

Quite surely, the citations given above are more than enough to make someone realize that the bamboo fabric is a million dollar answer to all the other alternatives like woolen or cotton fabrics. If some fashion designers and manufacturers call it the fabric of 21st century, they should be taken seriously.

Jul 11, 2008

Bikini Styles: An overview

The arrival of bikini, more than sixty years ago, gave a completely different look and orientation to the fashion world. Though taken with a shock initially, its exciting and sexy look didn't allow the fashion buffs' to keep their attention at bay for long. It succeeded comprehensively to win over the heart of those who wanted to give their body a raunchy look

Hence, the designers didn't leave any stone
unturned to cater to the needs of the adventurous swimmers .Hopefully, the following texts may help bikini lovers to select a suitable beachwear for them.


String Bikini: It is nothing but a classic combination of small pieces of fabric and strings. The tops have two pieces of strings with one on each end. The bottoms are made of two small fabric attached-at-the-groin triangles. These pieces are connected to strings which run around the waistline.


Tankini: Called by many as a modest bikini, it consists of a common bikini bottom and a tank top. The tankini covers everything from under the armpits to the navel.

Maternity Tankini: It is especially designed for pregnant ladies. The lower part of the tank top is cut into two halves which makes the naval visible

Sports Bikini: Used by beach volleyball players only and some other athletes.


Sling Bikini: Also known as "slingshot", it is, more or less, only a bottom bikini. It is attached to strings or straps which go upwards to join near the neck. In the process, they cover the breasts. Definitely, it is clear that the straps don't hang around the waistline.

Microkini: This variation, regarded by many as next to nudity, uses a piece of cloth that is capable to cover genitals only. It is attached to an elongated strip that is suspended around the waistline.


Pubkini: It is the extreme form of microkini. Mostly used by adult cinema actresses and dancers. It has the least use of fabric.

Monokini: A bikini without its top is called monokini. It is used mostly while sunbathing. But darers try it often in swimming pools.

Jul 10, 2008

The Story of a 1.8 gram Eyewear

It was always believed that no eyewear could be made without the use of hinges and screws. Also it was believed that no eyewear could weigh amazingly, awesomely, unbelievingly...1.8 grams ONLY. But the introduction of Titan Minimal Art Eyewear, in the last decade, a brainchild of designer Gerhard Fuchs and Silhouette Eyewear, eliminated all these notions.

Gerhard Fuchs started his research in the starting of the last decade. He wanted to reduce or eliminate the use of hinges and screws in the frames. Surely, a drastic reduction in the weight was on the mind. As a result, he, alongwith his research team, came up with the first design of Minimal Art Collection in 1992.

The temples were of course hingele
ss, however, the lenses were connected with a bridge. He had used copper alloy for this highly weightless eyewear. But his invention soon received a serious jolt when the consumers complained about the frequent occurrence of material-related problems. Despite taking it as a setback, the designer started searching for another potential options.

Much to the amazement, they discovered a very unique and super-elastic alloy of titanium in Japan. This discovery led to the end of material related problem, and opened the doors of a newly revised, comparatively lighter, corrosion free and durable eyewear.

Thus, in 1997, the company launched its first titanium frame series. They called it Titan Next Generation Series. It was available in “hinged temples” model. Then, in 1999, the existing model gave way to the first screwless, hingeless and highly awaited titanium frame series weighing only 1.8 grams. The collection was named as The Titan Minimal Art.

This new “weightless” phenomenon was taken by the enthusiasts with both arms stretched wide and forward. So far the company has sold around 5 million units of Titan Minimal Art Glasses. Its collection has a range of more than 50 colors and shapes.

These eyeglasses and sunglasses got a variation of takers. Many of them are Hollywood celebrities and even NASA astronauts. Hence, it is quite clear that how this “lightest” range of glasses has made our perception changed we had about eyewear fashion. Definitely, it has set a new standard and benchmark in the field of eyewear innovations.

Jul 9, 2008

Architectural Textures Bring Fashion Piracy to a Halt

The modern fashion world, despite all of its colourfulness and glamour, is plagued by a bunch of copycats. These copycats keep a constant and greedy look on the activities around the fashion world. They tend to copy almost all the aspect of the fashion innovations ranging from the designs of the clothes to their textures. This copycat trend results into a gross loss and has been giving many jolts to the fashion industry for a long time. Also the copycats are fast enough to fill up the shelves of the showrooms much before the original designs could reach over there. To deal with this problem, the apparel world has come up with a unique formula in form of "architectural textures" inspired by an "architectural approach" to fashion.

The arrival of "architectural approach" in fashion has given a number of new options of fabric textures.The latest architectural fashion design has borrowed a number of elements to make this field more vibrant. The lightweight glasses, membrane structures, pliable metals and flexible plastics are being used comprehensively to make fashion garments sustainable and piracy free.

The modern architectural fashion innovation has got a wide range of architectural textures. The nylon texture is capable enough to change the color when it is put on the body. The palstic texture gives a knitted look and feel. These fabrics are specifically designed to suit any temperature. Even, they can adjust to a wearer's mood and temperature of the body. The architectural textures are not prone to piracy as they don't expose their real structures during the shows.

Fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and Issey Miyake and architects like Zaha Hadid are combining together to bring this new trend on a fast track. The other pioneers of this new trend are fashion designers like Shinmi Park, Hussein Chalayan, Junya Watanabe, Commes des Gargonetc. They have genrated a succesful resonance with the architects like Frank Gehry and Rem Koolhas in this field. Their new approach has built some inspirational inroads leading to a safe fashion industry. Moreover, the future fashion will see some more applications of engineering details and experience some unexplored trends. Hopefully, the latest innovations in the field of fashion may give much comfort to the originators.