Jul 30, 2008

Simple Rules to Color Your Hair


The fashionable ones have become too experimental and playful while coloring their hair. In order to stand out among thousands, they willfully cross all the boundaries and limits.

Though proved harmful already, according to many researches, the reversed effects can be minimized, if these hair care products are chosen and applied sensibly.

So next time when you plan to give your hair a perfect hue of your choice, you should only go out to find the right stuff in the stores. Some simple considerations, regarding hair dyes, will surely help you prevent the future ailments related to your hair.

Talk to an expert: An expert may be the right person to prescribe you the best and suitable hair color. Needless to say, they may have a thorough examination of your hair type and skin tone.

Test before you use: In case of using a new color, apply it only on a single strand. If suits, then go on applying fully.

Be natural: In order to look “one in a million” don't cross the limits. Use only those colors which are near to your hair's color. Going for a contrasting shade may look odd.

Abandon repetition:
You seemed to worked a lot on hair coloring, but became upset as the result was not so “colorful”. Go for a recoloring........WAIT...it may further damage your hair. Now the ball is in your court.

Limit the shade count: Too many shades may spoil your hair. Being too much experimental with the hues may make a mess on your head. Only 2-3 shades, used alternatively, will prove more than enough.

Set your alarm clock: Don't forget to wash it off before your hair experiences a timeout. If you fear to forget easily, set an alarm for help.

Avoid early shampooing: Take as many as 20-24 hours before you get to shampoo your hair actually. A bit of haste and impatience may end up leading your hair color to the drains.

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