Jul 16, 2008

The Commercial Evolution of Deodorants

Body odor which seems to be a menace for everybody, undoubtedly. The social life of a foul-smeller shrinks to its maximum and finds him/herself in a no-friend zone. Many a times, its repulsive feature comes in the way of maintaining a healthy relationship.

When a learned person tells that once it ( body odor) was used by our forefathers as a weapon to save themselves from deadly animals, it seems nothing more than an appeasement. However, keeping the anthropological point aside, the body odor had forced to invent one of the most scintillating personal care products...deodorants.

The use of deodorant or scented substance dates back to Egyptian and Greek civilization. Basically, they rubbed it under the armpits, sprinkled on the dresses and poured it in the bathing water.Importantly, this unique smell-killer's use was not in everyone's domain. Needless to say, its production was not commercialized then.

But alongwith the evolution of mankind, deodorant too has experienced a massive makeover in its use and marketing. Today, the deodorant market only in the United States accounts for more than $ 2.0 billion. The two biggest producers, Procter & Gamble and Gillette Company, cover almost 50 percent of the deodorant market in the US.

On the other hand, the global market comprises of about $ 10.0 billion. Europe covers almost 50 percent of the world market, whereas Unilever, being the biggest player, holds more than 25 percent of the total. According to an estimate, the global deodorant market will see a rise of about 18 percent in coming 4-5 years.

The use of deodorant rises when summer comes. It is mostly used by office-goers and teenagers. Almost 90 percent people in the US and European countries use deodorant and regard it as one of the essential body care products. After all, everybody needs to eliminate body odor and get rid of the pungent smelling bacteria.

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