Jul 14, 2008

Bamboo Fabric Wraps 21st Century

Only few years back, when the designers, inspired by the innovations in textile industry, launched a range of fashion garments made of bamboo fabric became a laughing stock of many fashion critics. Many eyebrows raised when this unconventional mode of fabric was allowed to creep in the making of fashion apparels. Mainly, they suspected its comfort quotient at a great extent.

Clearly, they couldn't foresee that the term “bamboo fabric” would become a buzzword in only a short period of time. In other words, they couldn't see and feel the benefits of wearing clothes made of bamboo. But the time has come to realize that the bamboo fabric could be the best substitute fabric and is ready to replace cotton and other traditional fabrics. Definitely, its use will give benefits galore.

Smooth but Durable: This fabric's smooth and silky touch ensures enough that the user's whole skin remains rash-free. At the same time it is durable too.

Heat Resistant: It withstands heat wonderfully and it is capable of absorbing moisture better than cotton. Its adaptability to the extreme climatic conditions makes it friendly to every kind of temperature.

Anti-germs: Its better air-regulating capacity due to its pore-abundance, enables it to minimize the pungent smell of sweat drastically. Hence, it kills unhygienic germs.

Skin Friendly: It reflects the harmful rays of the sun and saves the skin from many ailments and diseases.

Stain Free: Even a mild wash is enough to remove the deepest spots and stains.

Eco-friendly: The bamboo plant does not require any special care while growing i.e. no pesticide and chemical sprinkling is needed. So it gives no harm to the environment.

Easy Recycled: It is sustainable by nature. Hence, it can be recycled easily.

Wrinkle free: Its inherent anti-shrinkage quality seeks no need of additives while washing. Also it remains unaffected if washed in machine.

Allergy Free: Its anti-allergic feature called “bamboo kun”, which kills harmful bacteria makes it an allergy free fabric.

Quite surely, the citations given above are more than enough to make someone realize that the bamboo fabric is a million dollar answer to all the other alternatives like woolen or cotton fabrics. If some fashion designers and manufacturers call it the fabric of 21st century, they should be taken seriously.

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