Jul 8, 2008

Ladies Want Their Men to Wear Jewelry

Recent surveys show that not only ladies are spending a lot on jewelries but men too are not lagging behind by much distance in this trend. Men too have started embracing a range of jewelries at a great speed. And it seems, they may throw a nice competition to their women in coming years. And surprisingly, this was accepted by their ladies. Amazingly, they too like it.

The IDEX online survey, few months back, says that about 40 percent of women want their men to wear more than just wedding rings. An overwhelming 62 percent of ladies believe that men's jewelry are attractive and sexy. They revealed the reason behind their preferences. According to them, jewelry give their men “a sign of confidence and success” . They believe jewelry “looks nice against their skin”.

About one fourth ( read 24 percent) of women want their men to wear rings while 15 percent want them to put on neck chains. This is told by an other online survey, conducted by Harris Interactive. The report further says that bracelet for men is liked by 13 percent while 10 percent ladies see pendants more attracting on men. So not surprisingly, the sale of men's jewelry had doubled up touching $6 billion. Unity Marketing's Jewelry and Watch Report revealed this data, only few months back.

This is a sign of how the men's jewelry market will shape up in coming years. The future seems great and promising. That's why the jewelry professionals have started planning new strategies to attract more and more men buying jewelries. This boom in men's jewelry led Unity Marketing President Pam Danziger to say that “jewelry marketers and retailers can't afford to ignore it any longer.” So the time has come for the jewelry traders to sell and design 'male jewelries'.

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