Jul 10, 2008

The Story of a 1.8 gram Eyewear

It was always believed that no eyewear could be made without the use of hinges and screws. Also it was believed that no eyewear could weigh amazingly, awesomely, unbelievingly...1.8 grams ONLY. But the introduction of Titan Minimal Art Eyewear, in the last decade, a brainchild of designer Gerhard Fuchs and Silhouette Eyewear, eliminated all these notions.

Gerhard Fuchs started his research in the starting of the last decade. He wanted to reduce or eliminate the use of hinges and screws in the frames. Surely, a drastic reduction in the weight was on the mind. As a result, he, alongwith his research team, came up with the first design of Minimal Art Collection in 1992.

The temples were of course hingele
ss, however, the lenses were connected with a bridge. He had used copper alloy for this highly weightless eyewear. But his invention soon received a serious jolt when the consumers complained about the frequent occurrence of material-related problems. Despite taking it as a setback, the designer started searching for another potential options.

Much to the amazement, they discovered a very unique and super-elastic alloy of titanium in Japan. This discovery led to the end of material related problem, and opened the doors of a newly revised, comparatively lighter, corrosion free and durable eyewear.

Thus, in 1997, the company launched its first titanium frame series. They called it Titan Next Generation Series. It was available in “hinged temples” model. Then, in 1999, the existing model gave way to the first screwless, hingeless and highly awaited titanium frame series weighing only 1.8 grams. The collection was named as The Titan Minimal Art.

This new “weightless” phenomenon was taken by the enthusiasts with both arms stretched wide and forward. So far the company has sold around 5 million units of Titan Minimal Art Glasses. Its collection has a range of more than 50 colors and shapes.

These eyeglasses and sunglasses got a variation of takers. Many of them are Hollywood celebrities and even NASA astronauts. Hence, it is quite clear that how this “lightest” range of glasses has made our perception changed we had about eyewear fashion. Definitely, it has set a new standard and benchmark in the field of eyewear innovations.

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