Dec 30, 2008

How To Wear Trench Coats This Spring

Why Trench Coats Are a Hit This Spring ?

Forget about wearing the trench coats only when you have to face the strokes of windy storms. Now trench coats are completely free from such stereotypes and they are no longer taboo when the sky is completely clear. That is why, fashionable women are wearing them even during spring.

So this spring dare not to think about anything else but wearing trench coats. However, once you have planned to do so, there is only one thing you have to be careful about and that is the true spirit of spring.

While you can wear some traditional colors all round the year, you are supposed to choose fashion apparel during spring which are bold, bright, unconventional and trendy in color. Furthermore, not only colors, you have to choose some right and matching accessories and footwear to make a dashing combination.

Your Combinations :

This spring you are free to experiment with your trench coats. If you can't resist the temptation of wearing a skirt then you can choose a cropped or short trench coat. Choose a black skirt and pair it with an olive trench coat. Put on a pair of gladiators with sunglasses on your eyes. Now just roll out on the roads and see what happens.

The other most suitable thing with a trench coat could be a wide-legged pant. A pair of black or brown pant with a lime-green trench coat, especially a belted one, could create a magic this spring. Wear them with white boots and always carry a big handbag dark brownish in color.

Wearing a trench coat with a pair of jeans is not a bad idea either. If you prefer to look trendy and stylish, buy a belted metallic trench coat and pair it with a pair of faded womens jeans. Wear a pair of red slouch boots. Get a hairstyle of fringe cut along with sunglasses. Finally, pick up a big shoulder bag.

More Footwear :

However, not only slouch boots and gladiators are exclusive to trench coats, you can even pair a trench coat with footwear such as sandals, pumps, platforms etc. Only you have to be careful enough about the right combination. Never wear a short trench coat with pumps or sandals.

Bold Colors :

While roaming around under the bright sunshine, you need to wear equally bright and trendy colors. It doubles up the chances of getting noticed and admired. Choose a lime or peach or pink trench coat. You can also experiment with burgundy or purple trench coats. However, such coats should be worn with black trousers only.

Dec 25, 2008

Welcome 2009 : Top Five New Year Party Dresses

Choosing new year party dresses becomes a bit hectic, especially when you have just got rid of Christmas celebrations. Why does it happen? It happens because you still haven't come out of hangover left by hot Christmas fashion apparel.

As you were declared as one of the best dressed around Christmas parties, you are still confused how to carry on the same legacy. After all, you don't want the compliments showered upon you only few days ago fade away so soon and easily.

So you have to be careful while choosing a new year party dress. It has to be the best. It has to be striking. It has to be a trend setter. It has to be working like a preservative of your Christmas party triumphs. Look at the following options :

Statement Coat : Mostly it is for outdoor new year parties because the fun under the open sky should not be allowed to take a toll of your health. A statement coat will be more than enough to make you bold and beautiful. Choose a trendy color such as pink, olive, purple or other bright colors. Pair it with it a neck sweater and woolen trousers.

Satin Gowns : Such gowns made of satin will give you an instant recognition in a new year party. As the season is usually cold outside, you need to buy a full-length gown. Some completely trendy fabrics of satin have emerged , so try to buy a satin gown of metallic hue. Some best colors can be blue, red, pink etc. Get it decorated with sequins and beads.

Retro Flapper Dress : Once hailed as the trademark of a fashionable status symbol during 20's and 30's, the flapper dresses are back. They have become exclusive dresses for new year evening party. Such dresses in olive, purple and peach will help you stand out in the party. Blue and black too work for bringing classicism to your dress sense. However, a retro version of ruffled flapper dress is most suitable for new year dance session.

Spaghetti Strap Dress : A dress like this is most suitable for those who carry some extra pounds on their body or those who are a bit chubby. Though you may have your own choice of fabric, according to my believe the metallic ones are the best spaghetti strap dresses.

Red Strapless Full-length Gown : If the new year party happens to be at the home of your friends, then nothing is more appropriate than such a dress. To make this casual party more interesting add some fashion jewelry to your gown such as necklace etc. Pair it with black high heels.

Dec 22, 2008

Makeup Manual : How to Apply Mascara

When it comes to give a finishing touch to your makeup session, all the road lead to a careful application of mascara, one of eye makeup products, on your eyelashes. Almost all fashionable women believe that applying mascara is not an easy task. Of course, enhancing the appearance of the most beautiful body parts can't come without any effort.

Here are some guidelines telling you how to do it how get ready for it -

Do It At Eleventh Hour : As you hail it as the most important part of your makeup, you should do it at last. Doing so will help you to choose the most suitable color and a matching length or width for the eyelashes.

Choose The Size : It up to you to a give definite shape to your eyelashes. A formula having to thicken the eyelashes is completely different from the formula with the ability to make the eyelashes look longer.

Water, Water Everywhere : Occasionally, it happens that you end up facing rain or sometimes you deliberately jump in to the swimming pool with mascara. If you want to save your mascara from fading away, you can think about applying waterproof eye mascara.

Modern or Conventional : Like any other thing , choosing the right color of your mascara is too important for your over all appearance. It also depends upon your personal likes and dislikes and the places you are supposed to be at after applying mascara.

For a formal occasion, it is best to use black and brown mascara. However, you can have a series of colorful mascaras, such as purple, aqua, blue etc., ultimately suitable for casual get-togethers.

Beyond Colors : If you want no colors then you can use clear mascara. It gives you desirable amount of thickness or length with proper shine.

Clean it Up : Before you actually start applying the mascara, clean the eyelashes carefully. It is not a big deal. Just give some splashes of water on your eyes.

Curl It Up : Make a round of an eyelash curler all through your eyelashes. Take special care of upper lashes.

Bottom to Top : Now move the eyelashes brush slowly from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes carefully. Sometimes the mascara tends to be sticky. Thus to keep the eyelashes separated from each other, it is advisable to give gentle strokes upwardly on your lashes.

Repeat : It is not possible to get the desired effect with a single coat. So repeat the process after the first coat goes completely dry.

Remove the Mess : Once the second coat is over, you may find some extra mascara on the eyelashes marring the effect. So using a tissue blot the eyelashes.

Final Separation : Once the blotting is over, separate all lashes from each other using an eyelash comb.

Women Trousers Fashion Trends 2009

Like any other season, winter too has its trademark style and fashion quotient. There is something very strange about winter. As all the women need to cover themselves from top to toes, there is no skin show.

Thus all the sweating in gyms in order to achieve a curvy waistline goes in vain. This brings a serious jolt to those women who always strive to maintain a unique fashion symbol. Therefore, choosing the right pair of trouser becomes the need of hour.

A right pant can explore the curve, give your butts a pleasant shape and force people to constantly admire your unique beauty. However, choosing a womens trouser this year can be an art. Just study carefully how you look like and also your height and your body type etc. Also read your likes and dislikes.

Tall with Long Legs : If you are comfortably tall and are a lucky owner of a pair of long legs, then nothing is more suitable than a pair of wide legged pants. Make sure that they fit perfectly on the hips without hanging loose and low.

The best color for such pants can be black and other darker shades. Choose woolen fabric for ultimate comfort in winter. Instead of pairing it with printed and floral tops, pair it with a white, pink or an olive top. Use heels or pumps. Both work.

Slightly Short and Pear shaped : If a woman possesses such a shape, a pair of wide legged pants can be worn by her. Though it is not highly recommended. A high waist wide legged pant paired with high heels may successfully change her into a taller woman. Try the same with a long womens jacket to get a slimming look.

Leather for Darers : If you want to look bold and beautiful, then nothing can beat these leather trousers or pants. They will be a hit not only in winters but the following spring too is well set to welcome them. So it won't be a bad idea to invest some amount in something which can last two seasons.

Be careful while donning such a pant. Ensure that only your pant is made of leather and all other things on your body must be made of other fabrics and materials. Use semi bright woolen tops.

Skin Tight Jeans : The year of 2009 will mark the full fledged return of skin tight jeans. For every woman who is slightly chubby, there comes a tight fit jeans to her rescue.

Naturally, they tend to give a slimming look to the wearer. Pair them with cashmere sweaters and matching boots and feel the magic. Even pairing with a designer belt along with a tucked-in bright shirt is not a bad idea at all.

Dec 15, 2008

Aspen Looks Beyond Skiing : Brings Fashion Week 2009

The first week of coming March will bring something unique to Aspen. The city famous for its skiing resorts will witness fashion models engaged in catwalks. Lisa Johnson, former Director of Marketing, Aspen Chamber Resort Association, is set to bring inaugural Aspen Fashion Week from the first to fifth of march in 2009.

However, the inaugural fashion week is not going to be a mega event. It will consist only of on-mountain parties, in-store presentations and after-hours parties. Hopefully, the second version slated to be held in 2010 will see a substantially upgraded sequel. Because that edition will see the use of white tents and runways reminiscent of New York Fashion Week.

Though organizing a fashion week in Aspen, a heaven for ski lovers, has raised many eyebrows, Lisa Johnson is pretty hopeful and predicts a healthy fashion business in the town. The former director termed the fashion show as "a perfect marriage of fashion and winter ski culture."

The theme of the fashion week, though not announced officially, seem to highlight this relation. According to Johnson, about 12 designers will come with self-designed fashion apparel reflecting the mountain culture. The models are expected to put on "winter resort wear, ski and snowboard apparel and fashion accessories representing the mountain lifestyle."

Johnson took almost one and a half year to materialize her dream. She describes her job as a director of marketing for Aspen Chamber Resort Association as the real inspiration to organize such a fashion week. According to a report, the job forced her to think of the next big event in town.

"I wondered why, with all the high-end retail, in a town that really is the king of ski resorts and winter culture, there wasn't something that specifically focused on fashion," Johnson says. "It's something that's in all of our lives, for locals and tourists, whether it's walking around town or looking good on the hill."

But this fashion week seems not to open its doors to everyone. "We're going to really focus on media in year one. Media, people in the fashion industry and just key people in the fashion world so that it can grow in the future,” Johnson reported. Surely, the common fashion lovers have to wait, at least upto the second show.

Dec 11, 2008

Christmas Fashion For Chubby Women : A Plus Size Guide

Contrary to the popular myth that she can't get dressed to kill, a chubby woman may still steal the limelight and can be heartthrobs of many only if she could manage a bit sensibly the way she dresses herself up.

However, the word “dressing up” must not be taken here in its widely and traditionally used context. For a chubby woman this word means much different from its literal meaning.

Especially, when she “dresses up”, it includes right from how to use cosmetics to how to get a genuine hair work done to learning how to choose the fashion jewelry rightly etc.

Following are the tips which will prove handy to a plus-size woman. So be ready to learn how and what to use them. Once it is over, you may not feel as a cursed one.

Tight Fit Innerwear: Charity begins at home, so start the amendment of your chubbiness right from here. Buying some skintight innerwear will provide your body a much needed streamlined base for garments you will don later on.

If planning to wear a pant, choose an innerwear which squeezes the maximum of you hips, waistline and the thighs. Wearing an ill-fit bra exposes those extra pounds. So choose a tighter one.

Be Moderate : As choosing skin fit innerwear has given you a much respectable shape, it may be spoiling not to select the Christmas party dresses judiciously.

You are supposed not to wear a pant which is too tight. It makes your doctored lower silhouette detectable. Even going for something too loose may make your hips look bigger. Refrain from wearing a low-cut pant. It allows the waistline fat to lurk out.

Striped Shirts and Tops : Though a recent research denounces it, I still feel that vertically striped shirt and tops make a chubby body look slimmer. Choose a moderately sized shirt with somewhat bigger collar. Make sure that the shoulders fit properly. Cover whole of your belly.

Simple Colors and Textures : Try to wear sober colors such as black, brown and purple and refrain from too much colorful. Choose the dresses made of simple textures. They absorb and hide chubbiness.

Mid-high Cut Long Skirts : Planning a skin show may be disastrous during Christmas. So refrain from short skirts. If you feel urge, then go for long skirts with mid-high cut. They cover the whole of the flabby waistline and thighs.

Refrain from Designer Belts : Wearing designer belts may bring others' attentions towards your flabby waistline. So wear a simple colored belt which matches the color tone of your pant. Refrain from anything contrasting in color. Use a belt of mid-width.

Jewelry : Use simply designed jewelry. Gold and silver jewelry are too conventional. Buy a necklace, a pair of earrings, finger rings made of platinum. Believe me the simple surface of a platinum necklace add much to make you look less chubbier.

The list is not full as many important things such as choosing hairstyle and footwear for a chubby women can be learned from my other postings. So to know more of Christmas fashion for chubby women kindly click on Hairstyles for Chubby Women and Footwear for Chubby Women.

Dec 9, 2008

Makeup Manual : The Art Of Applying Nail Polish

Your nails are the face of you fingers. Thus it is no wonder why its well-being becomes as much important as the real face placed above your neck. The way you wash your face and apply cosmetics,facial creams etc on your face, in the same way you are required to look after your nails as well applying some nail makeup products.

Moreover, talking about the health of nails apart, whenever we talk about nails, the images of applying nail polishes appear before us connotatively. As a matter of fact, applying nail polishes becomes synonymous with nails.

Moreover, they talk a lot about our personality. So it is too important to learn the art of applying nail polish in a right way otherwise those beautiful nail polishes will nail us in a wrong way.

Get Started : Deciding the purpose behind the polishing your nail will set the right tone. Think what is going to follow your nail polish session. If that turns to be a trip to see your relatives or friends then go for some vibrant colors. However, these should provide a perfect match to your fashion apparel you are supposed to put on. On the other hand, for domestic use any neutral color will do.

Remove the Older One : Any color lighter or deeper gets affected if applied directly on the older coatings. So clean the nails using a good nail polish remover before you start applying the latest choice. Here good means an acetone-free remover. It is not harmful.

Trim to Shape : Once cleaned look at the shape of the nails. If they look bigger than what you wanted then trim them until you get the desired ones. Give them the-outer-edge-of-the-half-moon shape using a nail file gently.

Run Down the Cuticles : Once you finish up the trimming and shaping up the fingernails, it is the time to clip the cuticles. Apply a moisturizer on them before you cut them off.

Final Cleaning : As you have worked a lot removing the nail paint and trimming, you might have ended up leaving some stains on the nails. They too may mar the effect of the new nail polish coatings. So to get the maximum benefit, rub a small peroxide-dipped cotton ball onto your nails.

Strong Base : Here starts the post-cleaning session. Before you apply the nail polish, give a coating of base to get the maximum shine. First apply the base on all the sides and the edges of fingernails using a single stroke. Then give the second stroke in the middle of the fingernails. You may repeat for a stronger base.

Paint Your Posture: It is not like painting any wall of your home. You have got to be immensely careful or you may end up messing everything. Place the hand which fingers you want to paint on an even surface such as a table with all the fingers separated from each other, . Then grip the paint brush gently with the other.

Paint the Nails : Now apply the first coating of the nail paint in the same way you had applied the base. Wait for 5-8 minutes to see it drying. Then go for the second and final coating. Make sure all the edges and the tips of all the nails are evenly colored. You may think to use quick driers also.

Dec 4, 2008

Retro Hairstyles for Men : Past Overpowers 2009

Call it going back to the roots or the old wine in a new bottle, the coming year of 2009 is set to bring hairstyles for men, once donned years ago. Men are ready to wear beautiful, masculine and sophisticated retro hairstyles of 40's, 50's and so on.

However, it doesn't mean that whatever hairstyle you are going to wear is going to expose your fascination for older days. No! Not at all. There are many new things waiting for you too.

Check out the following lines to see what is going to rule in 2009!

Crew Cut :
Undoubtedly, it was one of the most fascinating hairstyle for men last year. Thanks to its masculine nature. Just let your hair grow to an inch or so. Then get it tapered from all the sides but the top. You will rule. After all it is a matter of your masculinity.

Brush Cut : Most suitable for teenagers. Once you wear this type of hair style, there is nothing to stop you from stealing the limelight. Get your hair shortened first, then tell your hairdresser that you want nothing but bristles of your toothbrush on the top.

Curly : It, once famous during 60's-70's, is going to be seen on the maximum of heads. One of the easiest to adopt with the help of electric hair styler . Suitable for those who have thick strands with remarkable density. Donning this style with partially cropped hairs is easier as it needs little care. However, hairs not cropped too can be given this style. Just keep combing!

Business Cut : Hey! Office goers! If you love to look like a true professionals then it is for you. It too has got its root in older days. Keep your hair slightly smaller than what you call mid-length hair. Then comb it parting in sections with one bigger than the other.

Quiffs : Another one straight from 50's. If you love to grow long hairs then keep it confined to the front only. This is required for quiffs. However, its charm is not going to be lost even by an ounce if you wear this style with short hairs. Comb it backwards.

The Styles Expected to Rule Most :

The Casual Long : Most of the the times you love to be free, whether you are hanging out with your friends or just surfing through the monstrous sea waves. Then the long hairstyle will be the best match for you this year. It enhances your trademark carefree attitude.

The Messy Medium Length : More casual. More relaxed. If you love to mess up everything, literally, then catch this hairstyle. Get your long hair trimmed on the sides while in the middle give it semi-long length. After all you need to mess them up. Most wonderful hairstyle of 2009.

The Completely Latest :

Fringe : So what if it is one of the most typical hairstyles for women? Don't you use many things made for women only, such as cosmetics? Get slightly trimmed on the sides and let the hair from the top fall forward to cover the maximum of you forehead.

Dec 3, 2008

Applying Mens Cosmetics : Do's And Don'ts

For a woman, it is easy to know the basic nuances of how to apply cosmetics, as she watches her mother doing it all through her childhood. Thus she comes to know all the ethics and their pros and cons, much before she actually realizes what it is.

But for a man, who is guided, against the traditions, by his inner urge to look “beautiful”, the application of cosmetics becomes a messy process. Naturally, he was not trained to do so in his childhood. Thus he must learn to do it the right way.

No Foundations With Facial Hair : It is okay if you love to use foundations to hide spots, scars and pimples on your face. But behold! You need to have a clean shave before you apply foundations. It helps you stop it making visible on your facial hair.

Concealers Go Well : Because you have beards, it doesn't mean that you have no right to hide the blemishes and spots on your face. You can think of applying concealers. Concealers and facial hair go well with each other.

Concealers Should be Lighter : There is a problem with concealers. They tend to reveal their identity if happen to be darker than the skin tone. So always use something which is slightly lighter in color than your skin tone.

Say No to Oily Foundation : An oily foundation is most suitable for a woman. But for a man, the water solution is the best buy. As this solution tends to be thin, it does not get clotted on the skin. Thus leaving no clue that you are wearing makeup.

No Glittering Moisturizer : Sellers in the name of mens moisturizers, may turn up giving you something made for women. They make your face look oily and shining. So ask for a genuine products which matches you skin tone. Remember it must match you skin tone.

When to Say No To Foundation Again : If you need to attend a press conference or you want to steal the limelight at a party, then there is no way the need to apply foundations. These are the places where you have to face cameramen. Thus with every click, you face will shine more than the camera flashes. Thus avoid foundation and apply powder which matches your skin tone.

Dark Eyeliners are Dreading : It is okay to apply light eyeliners as they give a definite look to your eyelashes. But there is no rational behind applying too deep ones. They make you look womanish. So no way you are allowed to compromise with your masculinity.

No to Colored Mascara : If you love to give your lashes some length and make them look fuller, then use clear mascara only. The colored mascara become noticeable after hours and make a mess on the face.

Dec 2, 2008

MakeUp Manual : Tips to Applying Lipstick and Its Colors

Just like the beautiful apparel on your body, the lipsticks too play the role of being wonderful and passionate dresses wrapped around your lips. No wonder why each and every word uttered by you seems to be not only sweet but wonderfully colorful too.

Undoubtedly, these lipsticks are too much important to someone's personality, then it can be blasphemous to use them without proper care and guidance. Following is an attempt to make you believe that choosing the right lipstick and applying in a proper way is no less than an art.

Knowing Your Type to Determine the Color:

The coming year will see completely different trends in choosing of lip colors. We have to choose lip colors which resonate with our facial skin type. Thus it is advisable to figure out our lips' shapes and sizes, our skin tone etc. before choosing the right pick.

Thick and Large Lips : If you have a pair of such lips then deep shades of violet, golden, purple, bronze, gray, brown etc are the best options for you.

Thin and Sharp Lips : For such types of lips, just do the opposite. Buy the lighter versions of the above given colors. However, there are some more colors such as; olive, berry etc you can think of.

Olive Face Skin : If the skin tone of your face is olive then use the shades like gray, brown, warm peach.

Reddish Face Skin : In case your facial skin tone happens to be reddish, then use any shade of brown or terracotta.

Applying Lip Liners :

It is something not needed by everyone. Basically, used by those who don't have a clear-cut boundary between the lips outline and its adjoining skin. If you have to go through such situation, it is better to choose out a lip liner which matches your skin tone and the color of your lipstick.

It should be no way different from the lipstick otherwise the visible outline will be embarrassing to you. While applying the lip liner, start outlining from the center of the lips to their edges.

Applying Lipsticks :

Once you are over with the lip liners, it is time to apply the lipsticks. However, you may apply lip liners to the whole of you lips. It works as a base for the lipsticks.

Apply as far as possible the even amount of lipstick on both the lips, using a brush. Once it is over, press both the lips against each other for few moments. It helps to fill the fine gaps left while applying lipstick.

As applying once only doesn't give the desired touch, you need to repeat the process. So before applying it again, use a tissue to blot the lips. Now reapply using the brush again.

After the second application, use again the tissue to blot your lips. Then it is the time to give it the finishing touch. Now instead of using brush, use the lipstick directly on the lips. Now do another blotting of your lips.

Make it Last Longer :

It is always frustrating to see the lipstick fading away only after few hours., making a complete mess of cosmetics on your lips and making it look deserted.

So in order to see it last for whole of the day, you can think of applying lipstick sealant beneath the lipstick. It is too simple. Just apply a bit of sealant on your lips then using a tissue get your lips blotted. Once it is over, apply the color.

The other idea may be of using powder on your lips before the application of lipsticks. Many recommend mixing up the lipstick with the powder. It really lasts longer.

Dec 1, 2008

Mens Cosmetics : Solutions To End Facial Woes

Only a few years ago, a statement like “cosmetics for men” would have generated numerous weird responses and expressions. Such a thing would have brought many creases, not only on the forehead of the women but even on those of the men.

However, the things today are not as astonishing as the cosmetics-are-taboo-for-men days. The growing population of meterosexuals has made us to think that gone are the days when cosmetics and men shared a hostile relation.

However, the men's rising affinity with cosmetics needs to be handled carefully as most of the men are clueless about what to use for the desired “look”. Here are some tips which can make a man look “beautiful”. Surely, men are the new women.

Protecting Face : To reduce big pores, irritating blemishes, unwanted redness on the face, a man has got the answer in the products like foundations. Such cosmetics, containing SPF, provide a perfect cover to a male face helping to reduce complications which make face unattractive. The deadly elements of sunlight are kept at bay by these foundations.

Removing Shine : Due to the oily nature of face, many times it starts giving intolerable shine. At maximum instances, it becomes embarrassing. Thus search for powder made especially for men in the cosmetics shops. They are the successful tools to give a man's face a perfect look. To see the maximum effect one should give one's face a powder coating, using a brush, after applying the foundation.

Decorating Cheeks : A man, after coming from office, looks high and dry. Thanks to the stress at the office. No wonder, the stress takes its toll keeping the glow off the cheeks. Thus to get rid of this deserted look and colorlessness , the use of blushes is advisable.

Loving Lips : The chill windy blows make the lips rough and dry. It may be objectionable to your girl. You have every reason to make it smoother and silky. So venture out to the market to buy a pack of lipsticks..oops! Sorry, lip balms. They make your lips shiny and colorful.

Covering Scars : It becomes immensely important to hide the scars and some other spots which are damaging to good looks. In this situation, concealers come to the rescue. They work just as the foundations do but are not meant to be applied on the whole face. Rather, one should apply to the scars only.

Maintaining Eyebrows : Apart from looking after the face, the proper care of eyebrows too is immensely necessary. The well-groomed eyebrows give the face a majestic touch and look. Thus eyebrow pencils should be used. Does it look too womanish ?

Hope this solution based write-up may help you a lot. Very soon, I will come back with some tips telling how to apply these cosmetics exactly.

Nov 27, 2008

Christmas Dresses For Chubby Women : What And How ?

For this Christmas, choosing the proper dresses and accessories for a chubby women is always tricky. And it seems more challenging when you have decided, already, to be fashionably unbeatable this Christmas despite carrying those extra pounds.

However, it is possible and quite easy. Thus instead of getting confused or thinking too much about your Christmas dresses and accessories, you just see what comes in following paragraphs.

I am pretty sure that once you venture out putting on the following combination of fashion apparel, fashion jewelry and fashion footwear, I must say people will crave for having a full body like you.

Paint Yourself Black: Forget red, though it had dominated last year. Chuck out blue or green. They make headache inevitable. Dump the white. You know the reason. Believe me, this Christmas you will see black as the color of Christmas.

Sensational Skirts : Whichever skirt you choose, one thing is sure it has to cover your knees properly. The below knee skirts are always soothing to look at. So choose a black one made of any fabric. Be it made of velvet, jersey or satin or whatever. These will attract thousand eyes. Try one made of denim!

Top Of The World : The most important thing after choosing a skirt is to get a beautiful top. This season is set to welcome any metallic tinge for your tops. A shinning top paired with a black skirt will earn you many admirers. You will find your chubbiness buried deep down the spark of these metallic tops.

Empowering Embroidery : Apart from painting your Christmas dresses in black, getting them embroidered is another rage. Certainly, some beautiful lines of embroidery on the edges of tops and skirts will again prove to be a weapon to hide your chubby figure. After all, who will think of anything else but your glittering pair.

Earrings For Eyes : Interesting or crazy statement, isn't it? No I am right. Choose some classics earrings for your ears which may dazzle the eyes of others. Hope you got the idea. Choosing a beautiful pair of hoops bigger in size proves to be tricky. They are flattering and make a chubby face look less chubbier.

High On The Hair: As you have decided to flaunt long hoops, the best hairstyle for a chubby woman is a bobcut. Not only that it gives additional exposure to your hoops, it also covers the most of your fleshy face. The other option can be pulling back your hair, if you choose earrings such as studs or drops.

Fantastic Footwear : For your chubby legs you need not to roam around. The two most appropriate footwear are slingbacks and high heels. Try anyone of these two and kick out the chubby looks of your legs. One thing! Choose a footwear which must match your skin tone. A real flatterer you would seem!

Nov 20, 2008

Touched By Men's Art Shirts

Meet Patricio Forrester, related to Touched By, and he will tell you why did he think to design “art to wear” shirts for men. And he will come with a satisfying answer. He says, “Touched By allows people to express themselves in their working environment and outside of it through a line of men and women's shirts in which art meets fashion."

Actually what he actually meant to say that like the ties, his specially designed shirts were there to elaborate and project the particular self-expression of a man more comprehensively. It is no wonder that the use of ties, once supposed to be an emphatic tool of self-expression, has been on wane in the working environment.

Thus a man was left with very less options in the field of mens clothing which could help him standout in a social setting. Of course the ties used to do this job earlier on their own and much successfully. So with a solution in his mind, Patricio Forrester arrived with his new collection being called as art to wear shirts for men and for women too.

Many believe that this latest fashion collection of fashionable mens shirts will change the entire course of fashion we had been habituated of perceiving. For long, we have experienced a design gap brought by the “dress down” market trend. It is set to bring an end to this trend.

The fashion designer is confident of revolutionizing the fashion shirts in a completely different tone. While launching his collection under the banner of Touched By, on November 19th at the Fashion Expo at the Business Design Center, Islington, he says, "The choice of artistic intervention on clothes, or 'art to wear', will become a vehicle to express in a witty and humorous way."

The beautiful artworks done on crisp white cotton shirts make these shirts a sort of stuffs not seeming to have been made on this planet. He says, "I wanted to create art that could circulate freely outside of the art world. I discovered that I could use my freedom to dress how I liked in order to make ephemeral public interventions."

Interestingly, he got the inspiration in a very weird manner. He changed the whole outlook of shirts, he has inherited from his father, doing artworks on them. Much to the amazement, he wore them too in public.

A visit to the will help you to see these latest art shirts designed by Patricio Forrester.

Nov 18, 2008

The Importance Of Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is one the most important trade associations in America and the world. Its main motive is to promote American art and culture using fashion as a tool. Thus the purpose behind its foundation has turned out to be successful venture as it has achieved its goal handsomely.

Since 1962, when it was founded, it has remained one of leading fashion associations committed to the cause of bringing excellency in fashion arts. It has been successful enough to enhance the aesthetic and artistic quotient in the field of fashion design and accessories.

By nature, it is a non-profit trade association. Basically, its main task is to provide right direction to all the aspiring, talented and enthusiastic fashion designers who have the potential to emerge on the horizon of fashion.

For the better implementation of its strategies and to gain the maximum benefits of its mission, the CFDA starts functioning from the very basic level. It provides help and support, by all means, to not only the students of universities but it uses its resources in the high schools too.

The membership of Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) counts more than 300. All of them are leading and famous fashion and accessory designers of America. Most of them were noticed in their aspiring age, thus picked up by the association for their better grooming.

The fashion association has developed a very strong tie-up with Vogue. Apart from working together on fashion front, they raise funds to fight HIV and AIDS. Also fashion the association works for the cause of breast cancer under the banner of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. The CFDA's members take active parts in such human-friendly works.

Moreover, the fashion association gives an annual award to recognize the impressive works done by a fashion designer in the field of fashion. The annual CFDA Fashion Awards are given under various categories such as menswear, womenswear and accessories. Also, the association promotes fashion journalism. Thus it gives awards in the fields of journalism also.

Nov 12, 2008

Clogs : A Medical Boon For Your Feet

Clogs have arrived again with a bang. Tough for last few years the use of clogs had been on a wane, but now we can see people putting on their feet these comfortable fashion footwear. Definitely, the clogs are here to add something special to your personality and extend your charm like never before.

The clogs make your feet one of the most attracting body parts. You will see people gazing at your feet with great admiration. Probably, they need to talk to your feet. This is the magic of your clogs. Are they talking machines? No! No! Exactly not. But what would you call the beautiful low sound which comes out when you move on?

Clogs, made of wooden soles and leather, once supposed to be a footwear of farmers only have now successfully crept onto the shoe stands of many professionals. One can easily see medical personals wearing them all the time. After all who knows their benefits better than them.

Not only that they themselves use clogs, they also recommend patients with feet related problems to use them. They protect feet from many diseases as they are found to be hygienic and they disallow bacteria concentration. Necessarily, they are too supportive for your legs.

The features given above are merely a glimpse of a wide range of benefits a pair of clog can provide us. They help you stand up with a right posture and straight. Unlike high heels, they are found to reduce the pain in lower back and make your calf muscles stress free.

The most striking part of a clog is its wooden sole. The soles are designed by medical experts like orthopedists. They ensure while designing these clogs that the soles make a complete match with the shape of your feet. Thus no extra pressure on your spine.

The other important thing about a clog is its open back. Most of the clogs are designed this way only. Thus your feet become free from sweating as they keep breathing profoundly. Moreover, the specific design of clogs don't allow them to press hard on your feet. So no sore marks!

The wooden soles are very durable and are comfortable in all the seasons. In summers they keep our feet safe from heat and they provide enough warmth in winters. Definitely, everybody knows that wood is one of the best insulators.

Nov 10, 2008

Footwear For Chubby Women : Pairing With Right Dresses

Much have been written suggesting a chubby woman about how to buy befitting dresses. But what I have realized that these dresses might not provide the expected glamor and smartness to a chubby women if those are not paired up with matching fashion footwear.

If not chosen a pair of shoes, carefully, for your chubby legs, the dresses might create a nuisance and all your efforts to hide the chubbiness may fall flat.

Platforms : It is not suitable for a chubby women if she is a tall one. However, it provides the chubby legs of a medium size chubby woman an extreme match. Because, it makes her look taller. Thus the legs look more trimmed. A best match for skinny jeans.

Ankle Straps : You have to be a bit careful while trying to choose an ankle strap for yourself. Though at first I would recommend not to wear it, but even if you are willing to choose a pair then have a careful look upon its design.

While wearing a short skirt, pair it with an ankle strap which touches just below your calf. Also the color of your ankle straps should not contrast with your skirt's color. It makes the chubbiness revealing. Better you choose something which matches your skin tone.

Crocs : Most of the times it is found that the free movement of a chubby woman becomes immensely tough in some types of stylish and designer footwear. Crocs can be an ideal casual footwear for a chubby woman who wants to do a lot of activity with a lot of ease. They help you walk comfortably and let you feel more energetic. Goes well with casuals.

High Heels : High heels, as everybody knows, help a chubby to flatter her figure. What they do that they add certain inches to your height and make you a bit taller. And of course, a taller chubby woman looks less chubby. Thus your chubbiness goes in the backyard. Suitable with pants.

Pumps : If you love to wear fashion apparel like jeans then there is nothing better on earth than a pair of pumps. They are well tested footwear which help to hide chubbiness a great deal. The best part about pumps is that they always come with heels of varying lengths. Thus you get thinner legs cutting down your chubbiness.

Slingbacks : This one is really a boon for chubby legs. Once put on, especially the high-heeled one, will set you free from all your worries about your chubby looks. They make your legs look taller and slimmer. Try to wear with any type of skirts. It will be equally satisfying.

Nov 7, 2008

Applying Facial Cleansers : What Men Should Do

There was a time when facial cleansers were as far from men as London is from New York. They always thought that it was something made only for women.

Hence, they, after coming home from all days hard work, used to splash some water on their face using a soap or something else. Of course, not a facial cleanser.

As a result, they saw their facial skin overladen with impurities and unwanted dirt. That seemed be snatching away the charm of their faces.

Finally, they wanted to get the charm back on their face. Thus, for last many years we have seen an awesome increase in its consumption by men.

Definitely, they have got every right to make their skin smoother, cooler and shinning. However, merely frequent applying of face cleansers will not do any good to them.

It needs some care and guide based on past experiences of others and medials professionals. As I had promised in last posting that I would turn up with tips for men on applying facial cleansers, here are some :

Double Bubble : As men's lifestyles tend to make them carry more dirt on their face, they need to use facial cleansers twice a day. It is compulsory to do the cleaning in the evenings when you come back from office. It will give your face a cleaner look washing all your dirt. The open pores will allow your skin to detoxify itself all thorough the night when you sleep. Thus the second facial cleansing is needed in the mornings.

No Sand On Hand : Before you apply facial cleansers on your face, you get ensured that your hands are clean. Use a good soap to clean your hands. Any dirt on your hands will mar the effect of the cleansers.

Wipe Your Face : To get the best result, you need to use some lukewarm water to clean the facial skin just before you apply the facial cleanser. Dip a piece of washcloth into the water. Then make two to three simple rounds of the wet cloth on your face. Now your face is ready for cleansers.

Apply Softly : Now, you are supposed to take some amount of cleanser on palms. Rub both palms against each other mildly. When the foam comes out, you gently apply on whole of your face except the eyes. Leave it for few minutes then wash off using lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizer then.

Finally, I must say that there is a great resemblance between how a man should apply a facial cleanser and how a woman does so. To know it in detail, you may see applying facial cleansers the best way.

Nov 5, 2008

Applying Facial Cleansers The Best Way

Applying facial cleansers seems to be a very easy task to everyone. However, we have to be careful otherwise it may be a dangerous to us as a slight indifference and carelessness may turn into unwanted skin-irritation and its itching.

Probably, the following list of do's and don'ts will be helpful. Another thing! The following tips are exclusive for women, though many things are suitable for a man also. In few days, I will come with some lines for men on this issue.

Scan Your Skin : This might be the first step towards a hazard-free facial cleansing. Our skin type vary a lot, though not person to person. You skin type may be oily or dry. The third type comes somewhere in between.

Gel for Oily : Choose a cleanser which may absorb this sticky stuff on your face to make it a bit drier. As a result you will not see the dust making layers on your face. Use gel-cleansers.

Cream for Drier : For the drier type, creamy cleansers carrying a certain proportion of minerals and moisturizing elements should be applied. The shopkeeper can help you buy the best product.

Say No to Dr. Chemical : Sometimes, you may feel irritated seeing the excessive oil-flow on your skin. It doesn't mean that you will buy something which promises to remove the oil better than any other products. Beware! It may contain highly toxic elements. These chemicals will squeeze out everything, not only oil, from the skin only to make it look more pale and weaker. They may cause acne etc.

Overuse Never Works : No way you are allowed to apply cleansers excessively. Apply in limits. Neither enough in quantity nor much in frequency. Applying once a day works. Twice in the special cases!

Keep a Tab On the Season : Never forget to apply moisturizers after you wash off the facial cleansers. Do it, even if it is summers. However, in winters you must replace it with a cream based facial cleanser. It works fine.

Keep Irritation at Bay : Many products with great smell are available in the market. They use a lot of artificial elements to give good-smell and fragrant. They may be allergic and cause itching and irritation. Avoid them.

Be on Time : While applying a face cleanser, you are not supposed to be in haste. Not too relaxed either! Don't wash it off your face too soon after applying. However, don't leave it for too long also. In both cases the benefits minimize.

Make it Clean and Wet : Before applying it, you are supposed to give your face some splashes of not-so-cold water. A wet face is needed to apply cleanser. Even wash your hands neatly. On the other hand use lukewarm water to remove the cleanser.

Hop Over the Soap : To get the maximum benefits out of your facial cleansers, never use a soap to clean your face. It cuts down the improvements and may cause wrinkles and linings on your face.

Keep an Eye Over the Eyes : While applying the moisturizer or the cleanser itself, don't allow them to creep into your eyes. It may invite serious damage and irritation.

Toners Come Midway :
This is important to get the maximum result. When you remove the cleanser, please use a toner to derive the best of this cleaning process. Though your cleanser cleans your face greatly, the toner wipes the dirt completely if left any. Also, a face moisturizer must be used only when a toner has been used.

Nov 3, 2008

Latest Winter Wear for Men : What is Hot ?

Unlike a woman a man loves the season of winter. They know that this season arrives with some special blessings to them. It equips them enough to look smarter and attracting. You may agree with my view that a man unlike a woman loves to cover the maximum of his body. So can there be a better season than winters to see one's smartness uplifting ?

Liking for the winter season apart, the other things to be discussed about this season is that what to wear in this season. Though the shelves in the market can be found full with a wide variety of winter fashion apparel, being a bit careful while choosing one will make your winters extremely comfortable and cozier.

Full Sleeve Sweaters : These are liked by all, undoubtedly. These full sleeve sweaters are famous for there natural and cozy comfort they provide a wearer. Most of all, these can be used at any occasion, be it a formal or a casual setting. If you pair it up with jeans or trousers, it would be fantastic.

Turtlenecks : These can be the best buy for a man in winters. They make you look balanced and cool and provide you a trimmed outlook. Choose a light colored one and pair it with a deep colored blazer. Let people to feel the heat and the magic.

Roundneck Pullovers : These full-sleeved roundneck pullovers are one of the most sought after winter garments and you can't manage to have a go in the winters without it. They make you completely protected from chilly wind once put on.

Cardigans : These are one of the most versatile winterwear. Anybody who wants to be casual at its best then the market offers them a variety unseen before. They are slowly gaining a place as the hottest winter collection for men. The interesting fact is that every one, irrespective of his size and shape, can use it.

Sleeveless Sweaters : Called as vests also. Though regarded by many as a feminine winter garment, they have made latest inroads in a man's wardrobe and have become mens sweaters. These are exciting and give the wearer a completely delicate look. Try it with a matching button-up shirt and jeans.

Oct 31, 2008

Winter Wear For Women : Go For Wool Only

Not many fashionable ladies welcome the season of winter from the core of their hearts. This is what I believe. After all if you have a very beautiful body to show then how come you agree to get it covered and wrapped with heavy winter garments.

However, it might be a bit awkward to assume that the arrival of winter may force you to compromise a lot. More clearly, though it may not allow you to go for your instinctive “show off,” it may still leave a line of options which may, surely, allow you to look the sexiest of all.

So it is advisable to step into your wardrobe without losing a moment and have a look what you have stored already on the shelves. Hopefully, you might have many fashion apparel for winters which you have been using for last many years.

Interestingly, many of them, you will find, might have gone outdated and must be seeming worn out. This could be the double jeopardy for someone who has already decided not to welcome the winter season.

But panic not! Here are many ways to look wonderfully beautiful and attracting, only if you manage to choose the winter fashion apparel in a right way and then wear them with a right combination and color matches. Here are some tips to have the right pick :

Buy Wool Only : We know that winter at its peak turns deadly and unbearable chilly. Hence, people start wearing bunches of winter garments altogether. It makes the wearer look very heavy and bulky.

So to avoid this menace, buy winter garments made of wool only. Their natural warmth may reduce the number of dresses on you body. Cashmere too can be tried.

Choose Latest Patterns and Trends : As you are not at all ready to compromise with your looks, you ought to buy only the latest stuffs in the market. They will make you look exciting.

Floral prints are the latest rage for winter garments. You may choose some bright color skirts. Emerald green, scarlet green etc. are advisable.

Tops : The dark color tops make interesting combination with floral lowers. Look out for knitted tops.

Jacket Hunt : Definitely, the jackets along with the coats are one of the most important winter clothings. Though the jackets made of multiple layerings can be the best buy, you can opt for jackets having fur as their inner layers.

If you don't prefer fur coats or jackets, at least choose a stuff which has collar made of fur. It may feel soothing and resist air trespassing. The outer layer of your jacket or coat should be made of either leather or denim completely. However, a combination of both too can do well.

Pants and Skirts : While choosing a skirt, you may go for a flirty one with bright color and floral prints. It seems well-fit for winters. Buy a pant made of cashmere or wool to avoid layerings.

Leggings : If you have got a natural likeness for skirts instead of pants, then your skirts must be paired with leggings. Choose a warm legging of bright color. They look trendy.

Oct 29, 2008

Masako Oka : Helping to Coexist Environment and Fashion

When Masako Oka, a fashion graduate from Sugino Dress Maker Women’s College, arrived with her self- designed range of fashion apparels cashing on their eco-friendly nature, people around the fashion world got well confirmed that she was the next BIG THING on the fashion canvas.

With the basic aim to “ promote the coexistence of fashion and environment”, she designs dresses which are made of eco-friendly fabrics. These fabrics can be made of corn, bamboo, soybeans etc.

Probably, the inspiration to jump onto the green fashion trend was inherited from the geographical conditions of her birthplace Nagano. As a matter of fact, everybody knows the eye-catching natural beauty of Nagano.

Masako Oka, a Japanese fashion designer, is a complete institution in herself. More clearly, she is not only a fashion designer as she is related to Nagano Fashion College, as a principal, also. Even she is a widely acclaimed color analyst. This adds something more to an already fashionably vibrant career of Masako Oka.

So far, almost for last thirteen years or more, she has organized a number of fashion shows which aim to assimilate the environment consciousness and fashion together. Even she has participated in many such fashion shows. Hence, whatever materials she has used in the making of her fashion products are recyclable in their nature.

For example, to make her eco-fashion movement's emergence felt around the fashion world strongly, she organized certain fashion shows being called as “Co-existence of Environment and Fashion,” “Fashion for the Earth” etc. Needless to say, these were the first of their type in that part of the world.

In 2003, she introduced ECOMACO, a brand of her own promoting green and eco-friendly fashion. ECOMACO promises to provide products which are biodegradable and ensure the curbing of CO2. Moreover, she uses, most of the times, a type of specific thread made of fermented corn syrup.

Oct 20, 2008

Maternity Fashion II : Ensuring Comfortable Nine Months

As promised, we now return with some more tried and tested advice on how to style your dresses with panache, while you prepare to become an adorable mom.

Here it follows

First Three Months:

Though it is hardly any need to buy a new maternity pant for first 2.5-3.0 months, if still you have started feeling your pants a little tighter, then you can try some pant extenders. These pant extender easily add some extra inches to your pants.

Second Three Months:

For the next phase, that comes after the third month, buying exclusive maternity clothes becomes essential. The best buy is buying anything stretchable. Because in this phase you start feeling a change around your tummy almost daily.

The maternity chains can provide you a number of such jeans, pants and shirts. The pants or skirts come with stretchy panels.

The Last Crucial Three Months:

However, it becomes a bit tricky what to choose for the last three months. Because whatever you choose, may go to be a misfit. The stomach starts reaching to its maximum and your pant starts going to its lowest and the shirt seems to be nothing but an ill-designed top.

The result; a completely bare stomach! So prefer to buy a pair of sweat pants and don't forget to use a maternity support band. After all your fashion should go along with your safety.

Oct 14, 2008

Maternity Fashion I : Ensuring Comfortable Nine Months

It is pretty natural and normal, if a pregnant women starts gaining some extra pounds during that maternity phase. But it is embarrassingly abnormal to stick to same old clothes used earlier or buying shapeless loose fitting clothes

For help, the market has exclusive maternity apparel , in abundance, refraining you from compromising with your style quotient and fashionable looks.

Start Before it is Too Late:

So if you see your clothes going unfit and tighter as the baby grows within, go out to hit the right stands in any maternity fashion chain near by, before your fashion status goes out of way. Definitely, pregnancy is not a negation of fashion.

Though plenty of designs present, a would-be mother needs to choose her clothes very carefully keeping in view the comfort and ease of both; her and the soon-to-be-arrived.

After all, these maternity clothes are used by two persons, the mother and the unborn baby, simultaneously at the same time. At least literally, if not practically.

Start With Basics:

It is always better to start selecting a maternity dress keeping in mind the basics. The basic means its color and fabric texture. The classic black still remains the best choice, especially for maternity tops and gowns. It has special quality to hide the shapeless curves. However, pink, khaki and white too have crept in the modern days.

Apart from getting any black maternity top , if you get it made of jersey, the stretchable fabric, then be assured that you have the hit the right chord. It flexibility makes it fit around your slowly ballooning belly with ultimate ease.

These days, jeans designed for a pregnancy phase are a common rage. These are not the usual bigger-than-normal-size jeans but come with a sort stretchy panels. With these panels, the jeans not only fits around the growing stomach comfortably, but nicely covers the bare part below the navel too.

In this post we've examined the very basics. In the next, we'll discuss step-by-step, how to be elegant with your dresses, as you go through the different phases of becoming a beautiful mom. Stay tuned.

Oct 8, 2008

Hairstyles for Chubby Women : Exploring Do's and Don'ts

Every now and then, one can see many women exploring the fashion related writings to find a suitable hairstyle for them. And they tend to find the very desired hairstyles galore.

But what if the same hairstyle-hunt is done by some chubby women? Would these chubby women be lucky enough to find some suitable hairstyles?

Even if you take a number of pauses to count all the hairstyles for a chubby women, you may come to see that you have got very few clues.

However, by the time you happen to finish the following lines, you may have many such clues.

Say No To Short : Refrain from getting your hair shorter in length. Unlike long hair, the short hair makes chubby or round face look extra chubby.

Long Never Means “Too Long” : But “long” doesn't mean here to give it a below-shoulder length. Anything touching your shoulders or just above them will be enough to do a wonder.

Say No to Straight Hair Straightway : However, keeping long hair doesn't mean that you will keep it as straight as a stick. Better you give it a curly look. The “curly” type makes a fascinating match with a chubby shape.

Layers, If not Curly : But it could be a possibility that you might not be able to digest a “curly” one. So getting your hair layered can be the best solution. But it is always feasible to have the layers at the front only.

Pretty Pony : Even I have seen many chubby women going for ponytails. Though it is amazing to see whenever they use this particular hairstyle, they do not forget to prefer high ponytails.It looks nice with any type of fashion apparel.

Unique Updos : Apart from ponytails, if you love updos then it is one of the best options to frame your chubby face. But wait... There is something more you have to use with it. The updos should not pull whole of the hair bunch up on the head. It may make you look chubbier. So make sure some curly strands are falling down only to cover you cheeks. This will make you look slimmer.

Use Hairspray : It is ironical that many times chubby women, a sheer contrast, may develop thin hair. Then it becomes tough to retain the layers for long time, so it is advisable to use hairspray, one of the mostly used hair care products. The sprays holds it carefully.

Excellent Extensions : Further, the thin hair is probably the most unwanted thing for a chubby face. Why? They expose the chubbiness even more. So to defy this thinness, you may try to make your hair look a bit “chubby”. Strange it sounds! Try hair extensions. Remember please, the fuller your hair, the slimmer your looks!

Bobcut Too Buries Chubbiness : Most people think that getting a bobcut done on hair is always adventurous for a chubby women, so do I. While sporting a bobcut, you successfully end hiding your chubby looks on the face. It is great to see the tips of your hair covering whole of your face and touching your chins.