Dec 2, 2008

MakeUp Manual : Tips to Applying Lipstick and Its Colors

Just like the beautiful apparel on your body, the lipsticks too play the role of being wonderful and passionate dresses wrapped around your lips. No wonder why each and every word uttered by you seems to be not only sweet but wonderfully colorful too.

Undoubtedly, these lipsticks are too much important to someone's personality, then it can be blasphemous to use them without proper care and guidance. Following is an attempt to make you believe that choosing the right lipstick and applying in a proper way is no less than an art.

Knowing Your Type to Determine the Color:

The coming year will see completely different trends in choosing of lip colors. We have to choose lip colors which resonate with our facial skin type. Thus it is advisable to figure out our lips' shapes and sizes, our skin tone etc. before choosing the right pick.

Thick and Large Lips : If you have a pair of such lips then deep shades of violet, golden, purple, bronze, gray, brown etc are the best options for you.

Thin and Sharp Lips : For such types of lips, just do the opposite. Buy the lighter versions of the above given colors. However, there are some more colors such as; olive, berry etc you can think of.

Olive Face Skin : If the skin tone of your face is olive then use the shades like gray, brown, warm peach.

Reddish Face Skin : In case your facial skin tone happens to be reddish, then use any shade of brown or terracotta.

Applying Lip Liners :

It is something not needed by everyone. Basically, used by those who don't have a clear-cut boundary between the lips outline and its adjoining skin. If you have to go through such situation, it is better to choose out a lip liner which matches your skin tone and the color of your lipstick.

It should be no way different from the lipstick otherwise the visible outline will be embarrassing to you. While applying the lip liner, start outlining from the center of the lips to their edges.

Applying Lipsticks :

Once you are over with the lip liners, it is time to apply the lipsticks. However, you may apply lip liners to the whole of you lips. It works as a base for the lipsticks.

Apply as far as possible the even amount of lipstick on both the lips, using a brush. Once it is over, press both the lips against each other for few moments. It helps to fill the fine gaps left while applying lipstick.

As applying once only doesn't give the desired touch, you need to repeat the process. So before applying it again, use a tissue to blot the lips. Now reapply using the brush again.

After the second application, use again the tissue to blot your lips. Then it is the time to give it the finishing touch. Now instead of using brush, use the lipstick directly on the lips. Now do another blotting of your lips.

Make it Last Longer :

It is always frustrating to see the lipstick fading away only after few hours., making a complete mess of cosmetics on your lips and making it look deserted.

So in order to see it last for whole of the day, you can think of applying lipstick sealant beneath the lipstick. It is too simple. Just apply a bit of sealant on your lips then using a tissue get your lips blotted. Once it is over, apply the color.

The other idea may be of using powder on your lips before the application of lipsticks. Many recommend mixing up the lipstick with the powder. It really lasts longer.

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