Dec 4, 2008

Retro Hairstyles for Men : Past Overpowers 2009

Call it going back to the roots or the old wine in a new bottle, the coming year of 2009 is set to bring hairstyles for men, once donned years ago. Men are ready to wear beautiful, masculine and sophisticated retro hairstyles of 40's, 50's and so on.

However, it doesn't mean that whatever hairstyle you are going to wear is going to expose your fascination for older days. No! Not at all. There are many new things waiting for you too.

Check out the following lines to see what is going to rule in 2009!

Crew Cut :
Undoubtedly, it was one of the most fascinating hairstyle for men last year. Thanks to its masculine nature. Just let your hair grow to an inch or so. Then get it tapered from all the sides but the top. You will rule. After all it is a matter of your masculinity.

Brush Cut : Most suitable for teenagers. Once you wear this type of hair style, there is nothing to stop you from stealing the limelight. Get your hair shortened first, then tell your hairdresser that you want nothing but bristles of your toothbrush on the top.

Curly : It, once famous during 60's-70's, is going to be seen on the maximum of heads. One of the easiest to adopt with the help of electric hair styler . Suitable for those who have thick strands with remarkable density. Donning this style with partially cropped hairs is easier as it needs little care. However, hairs not cropped too can be given this style. Just keep combing!

Business Cut : Hey! Office goers! If you love to look like a true professionals then it is for you. It too has got its root in older days. Keep your hair slightly smaller than what you call mid-length hair. Then comb it parting in sections with one bigger than the other.

Quiffs : Another one straight from 50's. If you love to grow long hairs then keep it confined to the front only. This is required for quiffs. However, its charm is not going to be lost even by an ounce if you wear this style with short hairs. Comb it backwards.

The Styles Expected to Rule Most :

The Casual Long : Most of the the times you love to be free, whether you are hanging out with your friends or just surfing through the monstrous sea waves. Then the long hairstyle will be the best match for you this year. It enhances your trademark carefree attitude.

The Messy Medium Length : More casual. More relaxed. If you love to mess up everything, literally, then catch this hairstyle. Get your long hair trimmed on the sides while in the middle give it semi-long length. After all you need to mess them up. Most wonderful hairstyle of 2009.

The Completely Latest :

Fringe : So what if it is one of the most typical hairstyles for women? Don't you use many things made for women only, such as cosmetics? Get slightly trimmed on the sides and let the hair from the top fall forward to cover the maximum of you forehead.

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