Oct 20, 2008

Maternity Fashion II : Ensuring Comfortable Nine Months

As promised, we now return with some more tried and tested advice on how to style your dresses with panache, while you prepare to become an adorable mom.

Here it follows

First Three Months:

Though it is hardly any need to buy a new maternity pant for first 2.5-3.0 months, if still you have started feeling your pants a little tighter, then you can try some pant extenders. These pant extender easily add some extra inches to your pants.

Second Three Months:

For the next phase, that comes after the third month, buying exclusive maternity clothes becomes essential. The best buy is buying anything stretchable. Because in this phase you start feeling a change around your tummy almost daily.

The maternity chains can provide you a number of such jeans, pants and shirts. The pants or skirts come with stretchy panels.

The Last Crucial Three Months:

However, it becomes a bit tricky what to choose for the last three months. Because whatever you choose, may go to be a misfit. The stomach starts reaching to its maximum and your pant starts going to its lowest and the shirt seems to be nothing but an ill-designed top.

The result; a completely bare stomach! So prefer to buy a pair of sweat pants and don't forget to use a maternity support band. After all your fashion should go along with your safety.

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