Oct 14, 2008

Maternity Fashion I : Ensuring Comfortable Nine Months

It is pretty natural and normal, if a pregnant women starts gaining some extra pounds during that maternity phase. But it is embarrassingly abnormal to stick to same old clothes used earlier or buying shapeless loose fitting clothes

For help, the market has exclusive maternity apparel , in abundance, refraining you from compromising with your style quotient and fashionable looks.

Start Before it is Too Late:

So if you see your clothes going unfit and tighter as the baby grows within, go out to hit the right stands in any maternity fashion chain near by, before your fashion status goes out of way. Definitely, pregnancy is not a negation of fashion.

Though plenty of designs present, a would-be mother needs to choose her clothes very carefully keeping in view the comfort and ease of both; her and the soon-to-be-arrived.

After all, these maternity clothes are used by two persons, the mother and the unborn baby, simultaneously at the same time. At least literally, if not practically.

Start With Basics:

It is always better to start selecting a maternity dress keeping in mind the basics. The basic means its color and fabric texture. The classic black still remains the best choice, especially for maternity tops and gowns. It has special quality to hide the shapeless curves. However, pink, khaki and white too have crept in the modern days.

Apart from getting any black maternity top , if you get it made of jersey, the stretchable fabric, then be assured that you have the hit the right chord. It flexibility makes it fit around your slowly ballooning belly with ultimate ease.

These days, jeans designed for a pregnancy phase are a common rage. These are not the usual bigger-than-normal-size jeans but come with a sort stretchy panels. With these panels, the jeans not only fits around the growing stomach comfortably, but nicely covers the bare part below the navel too.

In this post we've examined the very basics. In the next, we'll discuss step-by-step, how to be elegant with your dresses, as you go through the different phases of becoming a beautiful mom. Stay tuned.

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