Nov 7, 2008

Applying Facial Cleansers : What Men Should Do

There was a time when facial cleansers were as far from men as London is from New York. They always thought that it was something made only for women.

Hence, they, after coming home from all days hard work, used to splash some water on their face using a soap or something else. Of course, not a facial cleanser.

As a result, they saw their facial skin overladen with impurities and unwanted dirt. That seemed be snatching away the charm of their faces.

Finally, they wanted to get the charm back on their face. Thus, for last many years we have seen an awesome increase in its consumption by men.

Definitely, they have got every right to make their skin smoother, cooler and shinning. However, merely frequent applying of face cleansers will not do any good to them.

It needs some care and guide based on past experiences of others and medials professionals. As I had promised in last posting that I would turn up with tips for men on applying facial cleansers, here are some :

Double Bubble : As men's lifestyles tend to make them carry more dirt on their face, they need to use facial cleansers twice a day. It is compulsory to do the cleaning in the evenings when you come back from office. It will give your face a cleaner look washing all your dirt. The open pores will allow your skin to detoxify itself all thorough the night when you sleep. Thus the second facial cleansing is needed in the mornings.

No Sand On Hand : Before you apply facial cleansers on your face, you get ensured that your hands are clean. Use a good soap to clean your hands. Any dirt on your hands will mar the effect of the cleansers.

Wipe Your Face : To get the best result, you need to use some lukewarm water to clean the facial skin just before you apply the facial cleanser. Dip a piece of washcloth into the water. Then make two to three simple rounds of the wet cloth on your face. Now your face is ready for cleansers.

Apply Softly : Now, you are supposed to take some amount of cleanser on palms. Rub both palms against each other mildly. When the foam comes out, you gently apply on whole of your face except the eyes. Leave it for few minutes then wash off using lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizer then.

Finally, I must say that there is a great resemblance between how a man should apply a facial cleanser and how a woman does so. To know it in detail, you may see applying facial cleansers the best way.

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