Jul 4, 2008

Ma Ke : The Pioneer of Futuristic Fashion Trends

chinese futuristic fashion designers clothing clothes trends Ma Ke collectionMa Ke, a profoundly appreciated Chinese designer, loves to make a fusion of fashion statement and the contemporary artistic explorations to come up with a series of futuristic fashion clothing line. Her passion resulted in the establishment of a new brand named WUYONG.

Curiously enough, this Chinese term means USELESS. No need to describe that she deals and explores the concept of 'uselessness' in her futuristic designs and collections. Much to the amazement, she was a big hit on Thursday in haute couture week on the premises of Palais Royal, Paris.

Ma Ke, a name which is enough to stir up any lover's conscience if he/she takes futuristic fashion as a spontaneous poetic expression rather than a style statement.

Ma Ke, a fashion graduate from the Suzhou Institute of Silk Textile Technology, is perhaps one and only contemporary fashion designer who has taken seriously a theme, futuristic fashion trends, mostly untouched by many fashion designers.

She deals with the themes, while designing futuristic clothes line, related to sustainability and future climate through her futuristic fashion designs. She is successful enough to spark a new genre in the modern fashion world, through her futuristic theme wonderfully.chinese futuristic fashion designers clothing clothes trends Ma Ke collection

Her collections more or less look like a futuristic form of painting( read fashion). That,s why they stand out completely in the crowd. The climax is at its prime when you see models creeping past you clad in her artistically designed futuristic collections.

Most importantly, she is the first Chinese designer to be invited over there. Her futuristic designs exhibit a contradiction to the modern luxurious and expensive fashion trends.

Her designs are a tool to raise a sense of nearness towards environment. They have an added value of simplicity. So next time if you see yourself searching for naturalistic clothes...Ma Ke can be the solution. Another thing...you are just a new name in the long list of her admirers. Any doubt....?

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