Aug 6, 2008

Boho Makes You Read Green

Come Tuesday, August 12, we will see a complete “green” magazine. Of course, not green in color, though printed in black and white. Not to leave the possibility of the use of other colors too. Then! How come it is going to be green?

The answer lies in the announcement of Seed Media. They have announced to launch the publication of a fashion magazine Boho dedicated to green fashion.

It is expected to include the whole of the diverse field of fashion. This fashion publication will particularly target young fashionable women with its 55,000 circulation band.

A reader, especially a woman, is set to enjoy the valuable green articles, green news, and all the green activities happening around the fashion world.

A woman who has enough consciousness to make this world greener can be best benefited by this magazine.

It will have everything related to travel, beauty, fashion, modern lifestyle etc. in a green way. Simply, a complete package for an “eco-friendly” fashionable woman.

Not only that it will prescribe how to go green fashionably, it will use green papers , as a token of sincerity and commitment, also.

The magazine pages are supposed to be made of post-consumer waste. Moreover, it will use natural soy ink also, to set a complete green overtone.

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